How to Find Your Passion

How To Find Your Passion: 9 Steps To Help You Figure it All Out

how to find your passion

How To Find Your Passion and Purpose

Let’s take a deep dive into how to find your passion!

I want to say one very essential thing first.

This is a journey. I am not about to give you the secret sauce. The answer. No pot of gold here. 

We are told to find our passion. OK, thanks. Let me get right on that. 

And then you can feel a little down on yourself if you don’t have one. You start to think you are the only out there that has a passion that is hiding from you. And in terms of hide and go seek, this passion of yours is killing it. 

Oh, I see my passion. That pesky little thing was hiding behind that tree over there. 

Passion. Check. Perfect life. Check.

Yeah, not so much. 

Here Are 9 Tips on How to Find Your Passion

1) Be Open

We spend a lot of time shooting down ideas like it is our job. Dismissing things before we have even formed a complete thought about them. 

What if we gave every single idea a chance to develop?

What if we were open to new and different opportunities and possibilities? 

2) No Pressure

Do you ever feel pressure to do things by a certain age?

I think there are time frames put upon us from the outside world. 

Get married by this age. Have kids by this age. You need to have your life figured out by the time your 30’s roll around or what’s the point.

There is so much pressure to be a certain way. Live your life a certain way. 

Let me tell you something. You do not need that kind of pressure in your life. NOT AT ALL!

3) Stop Talking Yourself out of Things

My guess is there have been a few things that have sparked your fancy.

But tell me if this sounds familiar?

You worked really hard to convince yourself that there was no way that was happening. You had excuses rolling off your tongue. All-day every day!

This reminds me exactly of someone I know. I am pointing directly at my sassy self doubting self.

What can I say? We are all a work in progress.

But I guarantee you there are enough naysayers out there. No need for you to be one too. 

4) Grab a Pen

And some paper. What good is a pen without paper?

Unless you were about to go wild with this and write on the walls. Now, I would love that kind of passion. See what I did there. But just grab the paper and call it a day. 

What do I love?

What could I talk about all day?

Name something right now that gets you fired up!

Start thinking about what gets you excited. This is not a time to just scratch the surface. Really dive deep here. 

This is also a time to compliment yourself. There are things you rock at. Embrace those things instead of brushing them off as if they are meaningless.

And this does not just need to be a one-time thing. Writing is a great way to get to know yourself better. If you don’t already do it, you should start a journal (these tips will walk you through how to start a journal)!

5) Listen Up

Has anyone ever complimented you on the way you do something? Of course this has happened. Did you just laugh awkwardly and move on. My go-to reply. 

Think about the things that others have pointed out to you. 

You could even go as far as to ask people what their opinion is on this topic. Ask those around you what they would say is your passion. What could they picture you doing? This may feel like really putting yourself out there. 

But think of what you could gain. I will take a chance at some insight whenever I can get it. 

6) Do You

Do not get caught up in what everyone else is doing. I know. I know. Saying that is a hard task is a massive understatement.

Let me give you a little something-something here to break this concept down. 

Once upon a time, I saw a picture of a flight attendant. I was just aimlessly scrolling on social media so don’t go asking for specifics.

But what I do remember is instantly feeling jealous. I started thinking about how amazing that she gets to do those cool hand gestures to people. You know what I’m talking about? When they point toward the exits and all that jazz.

Anyway, I started falling down this rabbit hole. I was on the verge of a DEEP dive!

And then I slapped myself and snapped out of it. Because you want to know a secret? I am not a fan of flying. Not at all. Yet, I was getting so worked up over someone who spends quite a bit of time on planes. 

Do you, friend! Find things that get you fired up and see where it takes you.

7) There is No Wrong

There will be things that will end up not being a good fit for you. You know what? That does not mean the end of the world is coming. I promise. 

But I think this relates directly back to #1. You have to be open to try things. And open to the fact that everything will not pan out the way you want it to.

The most important part is to not let this derail you. Something not working out does not automatically equal a failure. Instead, look at everything with the attitude that it was just a stepping stone. 

Be grateful for the learning experience and then move on to bigger and better things!

8) Research

When you decide on some things that interest you, do some dang research. 

You know what is great? There is so much free information just sitting out there. Use the tools that are right in front of you.

Read books. Listen to podcasts. Take in anything and everything you can find. 

This is a great way to explore an idea further and gain some real clarity as to whether you are on the right path. Or if you need to take a few steps to the left and jump on that path.

Another really cool option is to talk to someone who is in the field that interests you. You may have some connections already. Put yourself out there! 

9) Take Some Action

Now, research is my jam. But you know what is even better than hours of research.

Taking some action. 

There are free courses you can check out for almost anything. So no excuses!

You have to try. You have to give your interests a fair shot. 

Choose a direction. Then you have to take steps to move further in that direction. 

Following your passion will take some time and it will most definitely take some work. 

You want to find your passion?

You have to look for it. Maybe for some, it is super obvious. This is not the case for everyone. This was not the case for me. Not at all.

My passion for writing and sharing how to live your best life took some time to come to me. 

I hope you use these tips to find your passion. I hope reading this inspired you. But more than those things, I hope you do something. 

Just do something. 

You got this!

Let’s talk more about how to find your passion! Drop a comment!

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How To Find Your Passion: 9 Steps To Help You Figure it All Out

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