How To Get Over A Bad Day

How To Get Over A Bad Day: 15 Practical Tips To Help You

how to get over a bad day

How To Deal With A Bad Day

The struggle is real. I’m having an off day. It’s one of those days. 

Send help!

Have you ever said any of these things?

I may have said them a time or two or 57. But who’s counting?

We are going to take a jump smack dab in the middle of how to get over a bad day.

We’ve all had our fair share of bad days. Yep, every single one of us. 

Even Rachel from social media that you think has a life free from everything ugly. 

No one is immune to a day that feels gray!

It is so easy to throw yourself a pity party when a bad day is going on. 

But you have the power to flip a bad day around. You always have more power than you think you do.

There is no way to completely fix a bad day. And this isn’t even about fixing anything. It’s about doing little things that help you make moves in a better direction.

Next time you hit a rough patch, you will have some tools in your back pocket that can and will help you out. You just have to give them a chance. 

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Here Are 15 Tips on How To Get Over A Bad Day

1) What’s Going on?

OK, so we all know that a bad day can pop up out of nowhere. No reason. They just happen.

But sometimes there are underlying issues. 

Give yourself a few minutes to comb through all the thoughts in your head. You could even try writing them down in a notebook. 

This is a better option than walking through your day in full rage mode. 

Now, this step is not going to make you suddenly smile from ear to ear. It can, however, take the edge off a little bit. 

Don’t underestimate the power of acknowledging how you are feeling.  

2) Gratitude

If you do one thing on this list, let it be this one!

An attitude of gratitude changes everything. It may take some time. There’s no shortcut with this. 

But if you practice walking through your days with your gratitude glasses on you can bet on the fact that your life will change for the better.

Gratitude is the perfect way to shift your perspective to a more positive place. 

3) Have a Go To

Have a go-to song that always does wonders for your mood. 

Pick a quote or affirmation that speaks to you. Take a glance at it when you need a boost.

Watch something funny or inspiring on YouTube. Call someone that has a way of always making you laugh.

Have a few little things that you can turn to. Even if these things only make things a tiny bit more bearable. 

4) Positivity Central

Be overly positive. Fill your day with upbeat stuff. Try to lift yourself out of the trenches. 

If you’re going to dwell on something, dwell on the good. Dwell on your wins. 

You need to make an attempt to better the bad day you are dealing with.

What better way than with an overkill of positive vibes?

Try repeating these phrases over and over.

I can do hard things. I am doing my best. Things are going to be OK. 

Bad days and negative thoughts make a pretty happy couple. Try swapping out any negative thoughts with something more on the positive side. 

5) Have a Good Cry

I am a strong supporter of dancing it out. Talking it out. And definitely crying it out. 

There is no shame in letting it all out. I am talking about those deep cries that come from the belly and make your face look similar to a pufferfish. 

A good cry is a healthy way to let your emotions out. A good cry just feels good. 

6) Journal

This is another way to let it all out. Pour your feelings out onto that paper. 

This is great if you are not ready to share what you’re going through with anyone else. 

Talking it out with yourself can really put things into perspective.

I use a journal to process my feelings. Try it!

Ready to get into journaling? Read this!

7) Vent To Someone

A good vent session is good for the soul. 

You could plan to go to dinner with a bestie. Or go get coffee. Maybe a nice bowl of frozen yogurt. Dang it, now I want some frozen yogurt. 

Friends are the spice of life. Family is great too!

Just having someone listen to you can change your mood. 

8) Don’t Let it Snowball

Having a bad day can easily turn into you feeling like you have a horrible life and nothing ever goes your way.

I am a pro at feeling like something going wrong is basically a gateway to the end of the world. Literally. 

Don’t make things worse than they are.

My husband always says this one thing that may sound a little weird. He says, “Did someone die?”

You don’t have to use that question. You could just ask yourself if your life is really horrible. 

Answering that question can get things back into perspective. 

9) Take A Break

Do you need a break? Do you need to take a step back, take a deep breath and clear your mind?

I know. I know. The idea of taking a break may seem laughable. Especially if kids are in the picture.

But maybe an hour in silence will help you. Maybe you need to ask your partner for some help. 

When I notice a cluster of bad days has happened, I usually know that a break is exactly what I need. 

10) Get Outside

Go out and breathe some fresh air in your lungs. Some sunshine on your face can feel amazing. 

How much time you spend outside will vary depending on the weather. It is winter in my neck of the woods and that means a heavy coat is a necessity.

But no matter the temperature, being outdoors has a way of improving my mood. 

If you are feeling down, try changing your scenery. 

11) Hobby

Do you have a hobby?

Maybe you like to color (this adult coloring book is so cool) or scrapbook. Maybe puzzles or video games are more of your things. You could go for a run or have a good cuddle session with your dog. 

Maybe you are a complete bookworm like me! Great! These books are some of my absolute favorites to read. 

Having an outlet can help keep your stress levels in check.

12) Learn

The older we get, I think the idea of learning can take a backseat. 

Why not try to put learning in the front seat for a little while?

The best thing about learning is the possibilities are endless. 

Learn a new language. How to bake. How to ballroom dance.

My personal favorite is learning how to better myself and my life. I do this by reading self-help books

Really make it a point to actively better yourself.

13) Declutter

Your physical environment is important. 

Your surroundings should calm you not stress you out. 

Look around and then name how you feel. How exactly does your space make you feel?

If the answer is not a positive emotion, it may be time for a change. 

These home organization tips will help you!

14) Goals

Set a goal for the day. 

It doesn’t matter how small. Just set at least one. 

I promise just the act of crossing something off of a list will cheer you up. 

Need some more help with goals? Read this!

15) Dance it Out

I had to put this on here. It may seem silly. But we all know how powerful music can be. 

A dance party will not make a problem go away. But you know what a dance party can do? Change your mindset. It can shift your thinking. 

I try to have dance parties on a regular basis. They are lifesavers when my daughters and I are both having bad days. LIFE SAVERS!

The bottom line is this. Bad days will happen. It is all about our reactions to them. 

A mental funk is sure to pass. You just have to help it along a little. 

If you have ever felt hit by life or run over by the day, you’re not alone. 

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. These tips are steps toward that light. 

Have any tips on how to get over a bad day? Drop a comment!

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How To Get Over A Bad Day: 15 Practical Tips To Help You

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