How To Get Unstuck in Life

How To Get Unstuck in Life

how to get unstuck in life

Feeling Stuck in Life? Here Are 6 Things To Try

Help. I’m stuck. 

I screamed this to my husband once while trying to climb out of a ball pit gracefully with a bunch of preschoolers staring at me. 

While that wasn’t my finest moment in life, it was a walk in the park compared to how to get unstuck in life. 

A few pulls and I came out of that ball pit with just a smidge of smeared mascara and most of my dignity. All in all, a great Saturday as a mom.

That situation, although a tad embarrassing, was funny. 

Feeling stuck in our lives is not such a laughing matter.

It might take a little more effort than dragging yourself out of a good old ball pit but you can definitely do it. 

We just have to get a little creative and also change the lens through which we view getting stuck.

Flip the script and look at getting stuck as an opportunity rather than just something negative or unpleasant that is happening to you. 

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Here Are 6 Tips All About How To Get Unstuck in Life

1) Brain Dump

We have to start this entire process off with a brain dump. Empty out some of those thoughts in your head.

We can have a mess going on in our minds. And this does not help us do any moving or shifting.

This can actually add to that feeling of being stuck.

Grab a notebook and just start writing. (This one comes in so many different fun and beautiful designs)

If you don’t know where to start or feel yourself putting off getting started at all, start with this for sure. 

This is a step that can take even a snippet of the guesswork out of things. It can provide you with some clarity. It can steer you away from the ” I have no idea where to start” frame of mind. 

Honestly, this can really become like a mini therapy session with yourself. 

2) Learn

Look for opportunities to learn something new. Or be introduced to a different perspective.

Become a sponge ready to suck up helpful and practical and valuable information. 

Reading a book is something simple you can try that can have a significant impact.

Books are like tools. They arm us with a plethora of knowledge we can use in our real day-to-day lives. They provide us with actionable tips. 

Here are some of my favorite personal growth books. 

I also just read this really beautiful book. I fell in love with the way the author presents ideas about life and the “why” behind how we prioritize and make choices. 

Don’t limit yourself though. In the learning category, there are so many options. (books and podcasts are my go-to’s but find what you like)

When we are on the lookout for opportunities to learn, it really leaves the door wide open for growth. And growth is a very good thing. 

3) Don’t Fight Change

Welcome it. I know. I know. 

This is so much easier said than done. 

So often we know that a change needs to happen. And we might even have a semi-clear vision of what that change is.

But then something happens. Everything inside of us starts fighting that change.

We start coming up with excuses and endless reasons why this change or simple shift is not the way to go. It’s just not for us.

Big (and small and every size in between) shifts can be scary. Pivots in life, even when we know they are necessary, are still challenging. 

That’s ok. 

Life is not about having to always make black or white decisions. Or live in all-or-nothing scenarios. 

There is wiggle room. 

Make no mistake. Change in any capacity is not easy. But it is doable. 

4) What’s On Your Plate?

Sometimes feeling stuck can be a response to having too much going on. 

Or maybe too much of the “wrong” stuff. 

We can not do everything for everyone every single day of our lives. This is going to catch up with us at some point.

I know we have all heard of that dreaded term. Burnout! 

And I know I am not the only one who finds myself vrooming through life. One thing to the next thing and then this thing pops up and… oh wait, I almost forgot about this. 

What really comes in handy here is prioritizing. Everything can not and should not be viewed at the same importance level.

This is also the perfect time to look at those closest to you. 

Is there someone that could help you with things? Do you have someone by your side to share the load?

So often I put pressure on myself to do it all and handle it all myself. My husband doesn’t put this pressure on me.

And when I talk to him about these things it always makes me wish I would have said something sooner. There is always a massive gap between what I assume he expects and how he actually feels. (this is just another reminder that assuming is never a good idea)

Remember that a full plate or a full calendar does equate to a fuller life.

Also, here is your reminder that (for the most part) the people who love you want to be there for you and help you. 

5) Have Fun

Dance it out. Twerk around the kitchen.

Watch another cheesy (yet always uplifting) romantic comedy.

Go for a bike ride. Curl up and read that book you rented from the library for the 3rd time. 

Build a big old messy fort with your kids and play dragons. (this is a favorite in my house)

Plan a date night with your partner. (I understand many of us do not have sitters on standby… if this is the case for you have no fear, here are some fun at-home date night ideas to try out)

Fall in love with the little moments of your life. 

Looking for or creating or finding joy is something that can sadly take a backseat in life. It’s so easily forgotten about. 

We don’t have to earn happiness or joy or any kind of fun. 

Let’s start seeing the value in doing things we enjoy. In things we have fun doing. Or in doing absolutely nothing at all.

These things may not be considered productive but they matter and they deeply impact our lives.

6) Watch Your Words

It is what it is.

I can’t do this.

I’m such a mess. 

Our inner dialogue has so much power. Truly so much. 

And it is hard to get away from that voice. I mean, we can’t just hang up the phone or walk out of the room. That pesky voice in our head will come right along with us.

So, there is only one option. Practice correcting that voice in your head when it is being the opposite of friendly. Practice listening to what it is saying and then responding to it. 

Yes, I am telling you to talk to yourself. So often we are told to just think positive thoughts. And while I love that idea. It does not always work out.

Instead, I find it much more helpful to let the conversation flow. Don’t just let the negative come spewing out. Question it. Dig deeper to see where it is originating from.


Organize something. Declutter a space in your home. This can be something as small as one drawer or cabinet in your kitchen. Or you can be a little more ambitious and tackle a messy closet that’s been on your list for a while.

Cleaning out a space (big or small) is satisfying. And we get a pretty quick motivational hit from it. Oh, not to mention that we have a sense of accomplishment which almost always has a way of clearing the fog a little.

Let’s get real here for a second. There is no one piece of advice that will “fix” your life. No one magical tip that will “fix” a less than favorable situation.

The truth is that not everything you read will speak to you. Not everything you try will have an impact. At least not in the way you might have hoped. 

Do some exploring about what works for you. And then lean into those things.

It’s as simple (and as complicated) as that!

Have any ideas on how to get unstuck in life? Definitely share!

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How To Get Unstuck in Life

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