How To Get What You Want

How To Get What You Want: 11 Simple & Effective Tips

how to get what you want

Want. Get. Two simple words.

But these simple words can carry a lot of power in life.

Think about how many times we say those words. So many times!

But this is about not just saying the words.

This is about actually discovering how to get what you want!

This is about putting some weight behind those words. 

What you are about to read is not the perfect combination of steps to magically help you get everything you want. 

There is nothing out there that is guaranteed to get you that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Try your best. How often did you hear that growing up? How often do you say that?

Try your best is a frequent line I use with my daughter. 

I hope you read this and then I hope you try. 

And if one path gets a little shaky I hope you try something else. 

Maybe we can’t crack the code to get all the things we want. But showing up and trying is the next best thing.

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Here Are 11 Tips To Help You Discover How To Get What You Want

1) Name it

And be super specific! 

I want to be happy with my job. That’s a great start. But a little too general.

I say the more details the better. I mean, we all want to be happy with our career choices. No one is out there trying to figure out how to dislike their job more. 

Grab a pen and some paper and organize your thoughts. 

Write something you want at the top of the page. Now make two lines coming off of that and write a couple of things that are more specific. Similar to making a family tree.

This is a cool way to not only organize your thoughts but narrow things down a bit more. 

And just naming and writing down what you want is extremely powerful. For me, actually seeing the words lights a fire under my butt.

2) Vision Board

Put it out there. 

Does this mean you have to scream your dreams from the rooftops? 

Heck no! Let’s start things off on a more personal level. 

I’m talking about a vision board. Yes. friend! We are busting out the vision boards. Serious middle school and high school vibes, I know. 

And if you are on the fence about them, here is my advice. Don’t knock them until you have tried them.

Plan a date night with a poster board. Bring some wine and some glitter and get to work.

I always look at my creation and think about how I put in the time to create something and I am really proud of it. 

Check out this post that is all about the power of vision boards!

3) Picture it

Daydreaming is fun, right? I have had some epic daydreams that involve me being an amazing hip hop dancer. And maybe a daydream or two about sailing on a yacht with a celebrity. 

Now, don’t start thinking I am delusional. Those daydreams are just for fun. Those have nothing to do with what I want for my actual future.

OK, maybe I am still holding out a tiny sliver of hope for the yacht and celebrity scenario!

But try picturing what you want your actual future to look like. This does double duty. It is fun but it can also give you a heavy injection of motivation.

What would reaching your goals look like? What would it feel like? 

Put your imagination into overdrive and see where it takes you!

4) Plan

This is the part where things start to get really real. They were real before, of course, but this is the step that you put your head down and get serious. 

A plan takes effort. A plan takes time to put together. 

The planning stage is an acknowledgment that you want something and that something is important to you!

Brainstorm out actionable steps. Break that plan up into bite-sized pieces.

Here is one little warning. 

Do not keep breaking it up into smaller and smaller pieces when fear kicks in. You can keep yourself pretty dang busy with 526 tiny steps.

Remind yourself of your goal. And make sure your plan reflects that goal. 

Try checking in with yourself every now and then and make sure your actions and choices are still aligned with your goal.

5) P & C

Practice and consistency.

You are most likely not going to hit it out of the park from day one.

We have all heard that practice makes perfect. I’m not sure perfection is in the cards.

It is much more realistic to put practice and consistency in the same sentence. 

Consistently trying and consistently putting in the effort is a huge part of getting what you want. 

6) Feel Your Feelings

Have you ever been called an emotional person? 

I have many times. And to be honest I used to think it was a bad thing. I used to try to downplay emotions that I thought wouldn’t be received well by others. Emotions that were bad. 

But as I got older, I realized that we are all emotional. Sure we all express and process our emotions differently. But we still all have emotions.

And one of the best things you can do for yourself is to fully allow yourself to navigate your way through any emotion that comes up. 

Feeling scared doesn’t make you a scared person.

Feeling sad doesn’t make you a sad person. 

Acknowledge and feel all the feelings rather than letting those feelings fester inside of you. 

I think we all could use a little reminder sometimes that it’s perfectly OK to feel how you feel. Here is your little reminder.

7) Stay Motivated

Remember how we talked about daydreams earlier? Well, those do get two thumbs up in my book, but they alone are not enough to keep your motivation tank full. 

One of my favorite ways to stay motivated is with books. There are so many books out there and they are bursting at the seams with valuable information. They have the power to shift your mindset and completely change your perspective. 

This book is hands down one of the best out there! Check out the amazing reviews!

There are also podcasts. TED Talks. 

Honestly, taking a few minutes to look up some motivational quotes can do the trick.

Find one of these things that really speak to you and make that thing a part of your day every single day.

8) Don’t Focus on One Destination

This can make us blind to other opportunities. 

And too much focus on the end result can do some serious damage to your journey. 

I’m all for being focused and determined. But be careful not to let tunnel vision take over.

Instead of cruising along with the windows rolled up tight, keep them cracked a little. 

9) Recognize Progress

I am the type of person that is very black and white. There is not much gray space in my book.

Sometimes, this personality trait gets the best of me. 

I find it hard to recognize my accomplishments if I haven’t reached that goal I am shooting for. 

When I get stuck in this mindset, I have to go visual.

I literally have to write things down. I mean, I love to make lists for just about everything so another list is right up my alley.

But for me, seeing the words does something. 

Try writing down the progress you made. Write out the things you have accomplished. Even things you tell yourself are small and insignificant. 

Recognition and acknowledgment are crucial parts of your journey. And this really comes in handy when you are not in the most positive or productive mindset.

10) Setbacks Will Happen

What do you think the chances are that everything will go off without a hitch?

How likely is it that your plans will unfold perfectly?

This is not about waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I do think that if you accept right off the bat that things could go wrong it allows you to take a breath of relief. 

11) Be Willing To Reevaluate

This may be the most important step of all. OK, I actually love all these steps but this one is just a smidge more special. 

This is the step that requires you to go back to the drawing board. Or in our case, your vision board. 

This is the step that requires us to pivot. We get to reflect back and maybe move some puzzle pieces around. 

Moving puzzle pieces sounds pretty easy. But this is the hard part.

While we are doing the actual work we planned out, we think that is the challenging part.

But think about if you got what you wanted your very first try. You would say your hard work was totally worth it. 

Being on the other end of that makes it seem like your hard work was for nothing. It’s so easy to get down and want to quit. 

The willingness to try again is extremely powerful. Not everyone tries again. But you will!

We all look at things differently. We all perceive things differently. 

Words can and will have a different impact on every single person. 

A piece of advice that sparked a light bulb in my head could be something you skimmed over without looking twice. 

I always love it when I read something and I literally start shaking my head in agreement. Those pieces of advice that feel like they were written just for me. 

I hope that is how you felt reading this!

Now, go make a choice that will get you one step closer to what you want!

Have any tips on how to get what you want in life? Let’s chat!

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How To Get What You Want: 11 Simple & Effective Tips

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