How To Have A Better Relationship

How To Have A Better Relationship: 7 Tried and True Tips To Help You 

how to have a better relationship

How To Make A Relationship Work

Let’s talk about relationships! One of my favorite things to talk about.

OK, I actually love to talk about anything and everything. The only problem I have with talking is stopping. 

Sorry, not sorry!

But back to the point. We are going to dive deep into the idea of how to have a better relationship.

Are there things we can do that will make building a better relationship a smoother ride?

The answer is an obvious YES!

These simple tips are going to help you discover how to make a relationship work better. 

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Here Are 7 Tips and Ideas on How To Have a Better Relationship

1) Keep Gratitude Front and Center

How often are you expressing gratitude to your partner? 

Are you showing gratitude or appreciation for things your significant other does for you?

We can often be going through our days on cruise control. I know I am guilty of this. We get into routines and it is almost as if we have blinders on. 

We are looking ahead and anything happening on the sidelines pretty much goes unnoticed.

Try to put your gratitude glasses on and look around from time to time. 

Gratitude is one of those things that just makes people feel really good. Making it a consistent part of your relationship can and will work wonders. 

What am I grateful for? Ask yourself this question a couple of times a day. Train your brain to look for something to be grateful for rather than something to complain about. 

You could even grab a notebook and jot things down when you think of them. That way you don’t forget them like I do on a regular basis. (I swear thoughts and ideas enter and leave my brain as if it’s a revolving door!)

2) Different is Not Wrong

I like things done a certain way. My way. I know I’m not alone in this.

There are go with the flow people and then there are people like me. Go with the flow is not a concept I live by. 

Different is not wrong. This is something I repeat to myself over and over when my husband and I disagree. Or when he does something the complete opposite way I would have done it.

The idea of being right or wrong can be toxic for any relationship.

Sometimes you may have to agree to disagree. And this is so much easier said than done.

But the “different is not wrong” approach has made a big difference in my marriage. Try it out and see if it can help yours. 

3) Manners 

Please and thank you will only do good things for your relationship.

Don’t let basic manners go out the window just because you are comfortable. 

Want to know something I do to help with this? I pretend someone is watching me. This may sound a little silly.

But it makes me more aware of how I am acting.

Don’t underestimate the power of being polite and treating your partner with kindness.

4) Talk About Everything

Talk about the big stuff. The little stuff. And all the stuff in between.

I am not saying to have 3 hour long conversations every single night. That sounds exhausting. Even for me. 

But I think making time to talk, even for a few minutes, every single day can help squash issues before they turn into something bigger. 

And talking is such a simple way to connect with your partner. 

Keep those lines of communication open. 

Need some more help in the communication department? This post is for you!

5) Less Blame/More Responsibility

Have you ever played the blame game with your partner?

Ever felt like there was an invisible score sheet in the room during an argument?

Yes and absolutely. Those are my answers to those questions! 

It is easy to see the part someone else has played in a situation. Not so easy to see the part you played. 

I know I have a tendency to be armed and ready when I feel a fight coming on. Ready to go on the defense. Ready to tell my husband all the ways he is to blame. 

But when we get into a back and forth blaming battle with our partner, two things happen. 

The issue doesn’t get resolved. And both people feel worse than they did when the discussion started.

The blame game is tempting. It is easy. And you know what? I might have a moment of weakness and get sucked in again. You might too. 

But there is hope. 

One way I work on this in my marriage is by sticking to the facts. I try to stick to what actually happened.

And you can also try to think of the end goal. The end goal is not to win the argument. It is to come together and find a solution that works for both people involved. 

6) Don’t Forget About Yourself

You are in a relationship but you are still your own person. Don’t forget that. 

You are allowed to have your own life. Heck, your partner should encourage it.

Do me a favor right now.

Name 3 things that bring you joy. Name at least one personal goal you have. 

When we are in a relationship, we can start to only see ourselves as part of a unit. And you are part of a unit. 

But you should be able to take a step away from that unit and still stand strong. 

This can also relate to working on yourself. Here are some personal growth books I literally can’t get enough of. (I have read the second book more than once! What can I say? Reading brings me an insane amount of joy!)

7) Have Fun Together

Life can be heavy. So heavy.

Even day-to-day life can take a toll on you and on your relationship. 

Work, bills, and family life can be a lot sometimes. 

When is the last time you and your partner had some fun? 

Really answer that question. Was it recently? Or are you having to take a deep dive down memory lane to remember the last time you two had some good old-fashioned fun?

Laugh together (these TableTopics are perfect for sparking some new and fun conversations). Try something new together. 

Have a dance party in the living room. Just have some fun.

Sharing a fun experience with your partner can also be great for keeping the spark alive in your relationship.

Do you want to know the secret to have a better relationship?

I wish I had one for you. I really do.

Dang, I wish I had one for myself.

But like most good things in life, it comes down to hard work. 

I might not have a full-blown relationship secret to share with you. I do, however, have a sort of secret that I have learned after 13 years of marriage.

Small things!

I think it’s the small things that make or break a relationship. It’s the little day to day encounters. 

Those little things build on each other over time and that’s how you create a relationship that fills you up.

And one that you can be proud of! 

Oh, and I think every couple should read this book and this one! These are basically secret weapons for your relationship!

What do you think of these tips about how to have a better relationship? Drop a comment!

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How To Have A Better Relationship: 7 Tried and True Tips To Help You

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