How To Have a Good Day

How To Have a Good Day (pretty much every day)

how to have a good day

How To Have a Good Day No Matter What

Good days. Bad days.

I’m sure we could all say we have had both. 

What comes to mind when you think about how to have a good day?

Here is a better question for you.

In your mind, what would qualify a day as being a good one?

Is it about everything going according to plan? Maybe it’s just about how you feel all day?

I think many of us tend to base how our days go off of outside forces. Which makes sense. 

I mean, obviously the situations and people we encounter throughout our day are going to impact us. 

But this is about recognizing the power and control we have over our days. 

You are in charge of your day. Having good days starts with fully acknowledging that!

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Here Are 7 Tips on How To Have a Good Day

1) Good Morning

How do you start your day? 

Those first few minutes awake can really set the tone for your entire day.

Let’s be real here. You are not going to jump out of bed every morning happy as a clam. 

But waking up in a bad mood does not mean your day is going to suck. You can wake up cranky and still have a really good day.

I know this for a fact because my husband is not a morning person. He is one of those people that wakes up and acts like a troll under a bridge.

But he puts on some music, jumps in the shower and comes out of the bathroom a different person. Literally! 

That’s what works for him.

I like to wake up, make a cup of coffee, and read for at least 10 minutes. That’s what works for me.

Oh, and I always make my bed right away. I actually just started doing this in the past few months. I was really indifferent about making my bed before. But now I am a firm believer that making your bed every morning is the way to go. 

Find your thing. Find something that makes you feel good. That thing that gets those positive vibes going.

Dare I say something that makes you look forward to getting up.

There is no right or wrong answer here. 

But really think about what you do in those very first minutes in the morning. 

And just to be clear. It should not be mindlessly scrolling on your phone. 

2) Set The Mood

Want to know the major way I do this?


Whenever I have the chance, I have music playing. 

Even having music playing quietly in the background makes me feel better. 

You can also set the mood with a book or podcast. I read first thing most mornings so you already know I am a huge bookworm.

A good book is just good for the mind and the soul.

(I highly recommend you get your hands on these AMAZING BOOKS)

Books. Podcasts. TED Talks. Music. These are really awesome tools you can easily get your hands on and they are sure to inspire you in big ways. 

And hits of inspiration will only make your days (and your life) that much better!

3) Gratitude Check

There will always be things on a daily basis that annoy us. Things that we just wish did not happen or we wish they happened differently. 

But focusing on those things can and will create a negative mindset.

I am not saying to never acknowledge when something bothers you. I am not saying to walk around with a fake smile plastered on your face.

This is about recognizing more good things in order to offset some of those little nuisances that are out of your control.

And that is where gratitude comes in. 

Name something you are thankful for. Name something you appreciate. Do this throughout your day every single day.

I can guarantee it will make your days a heck of a lot better.

You could even start using a gratitude journal. Try writing in it first thing in the morning or right before you go to bed. 

Putting gratitude front and center has the power to be a huge life changer. 

4) How Are You?

Here is one surefire way to have better days.

Take care of your dang self. 

If you can get a full night of sleep, then do it!

Drink all the water. Eat an apple. Move your body.

These may seem like small and obvious things. But sometimes we could all use a little reminder to take better care of ourselves. 

These things set the foundation in your life.

And they really are the basics in setting you up to have really good days. 

5) Watch Your Mind

Watch your mouth. We have all heard this.

But what about watching your mind.

How do you talk to yourself? How is that inner dialogue of yours?

Would others cringe if they heard some of the thoughts going on in your brain?

I know my inner voice is not always the kindest. She can actually be pretty cruel. 

Try to be aware of those inner thoughts. They carry a lot of power.

And this can be a challenge. I think it takes constant and consistent effort. 

You want to get to a place where you notice when the negative self-talk is getting out of hand and then you take a breath and course correct. 

6) Words of Wisdom

Do you know what almost everyone loves?

A good quote. And for good reason.

Quotes are usually short, sweet, and to the point. And the really good ones get deep in there and yank on the heartstrings. 

Find some inspirational quotes that speak to you. 

Take screenshots of them. Write them on a post-it note or in a small journal you keep close by.

Just make it so these words are basically at your fingertips at all times. 

Need a little afternoon pick me up. Coffee is always a great option. But make sure to pair it with some feel-good words. 

You could even come up with your own little quotes or personal mantras!

7) Plan/Schedule

I am a planner. 

And I have a deep love for lists. If you are a fellow list lover, you need to read this!

Now, don’t go thinking I plan out every minute of my day. That is not how I roll.

But I do think that forming a loose plan can help you navigate your days a little better. Planning is also a great way to lessen your stress levels. It cleans out your mind a little bit. 

A little sprinkle of structure just really works wonders for me. 

And if you do plan make sure to include a few goals for the day.

Small, attainable goals on a daily basis are where it’s at. 

It can feel magical to cross things off of a list or accomplish goals of any size.

And it is always an instant mood booster. 

Every single day of your life will not feel amazing or fantastic. But I think aiming to have a good day is a solid goal. 

And don’t forget that a good day does not mean everything goes perfectly. A good day does not have to mean there were no problems or mishaps. 

In life, perfection is rarely going to happen. 

The true test is when we can see past the spilled coffee, the traffic jam, or the long line at the store and still consider it a good day.

Have any tips on how to have a good day? Definitely drop a comment and share!

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How To Have a Good Day (pretty much every day)

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