How To Have a Long Lasting Relationship

How To Have a Long-Lasting Relationship

how to have a long lasting relationship

Rules For a Long-Lasting Relationship

Does happily ever after exist?

I think it does. 

But when it comes to the idea of how to have a long-lasting relationship, happily ever after is not just a given. 

Relationships are like onions. Lots of layers. 

And relationships require us to keep peeling back those layers and doing some exploring. 

Here is something I know to be true.

Life is going to throw some wrenches at your love story. No relationship is exempt from this. 

Any long-lasting relationship will be put through the wringer at some point. The key is to have some tools and relatable information in your back pocket. 

It is so vital to make an effort and dedicate time to working on your relationship even when there is nothing particularly wrong. 

And you want to know something else?

You could ask 100 different people or couples for advice or ideas on building a long-lasting relationship and you could get 100 different answers. 

My favorite thing to say when it comes to any type of advice is to take what serves you and leave the rest.

But I also encourage you to push and stretch yourself a little. Give an idea a shot or a deeper look even if you don’t immediately connect with it. 

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Here Are 7 Tips All About How To Have a Long-Lasting Relationship

1) Love Languages 

Up until a few years ago, I had no idea what love languages were. Never heard of them.

And holy moly, am I glad I found them. 

Love languages are a deep dive into the way individuals give and receive love.

I am not even exaggerating when I say that this can be a massive game-changer for a relationship. 

This book is a must-read for couples. Many misunderstandings can be avoided once you have this information in your arsenal.

And this is a really simple but powerful way to connect with your partner and discover things about them that you maybe had no idea about. 

The conversation about love languages can act as a gateway to so many other amazing conversations. 

2) Communication is Crucial

Communication plays a pivotal role in every relationship. 

We all understand that a lack of communication really can be destructive. 

I am going to assume that you are not a mind reader. And I am also going to assume you are not in a relationship with one.  

But sometimes we behave as if our partners are mind readers. 

Does this ever end well? Not usually.

Communication especially comes in handy if your relationship has a tendency to fall victim to assumptions.

I know assuming happens more often than I’d like to admit in my house. (Even when you know better, it still takes lots of practice to make changes stick)

Communication plays a key role in the state of your relationship. 

If communication in your relationship is in quite a rough patch, read this! It takes a deep dive into all things communication. 

Want to know another thing I feel can be super helpful when it comes to communication in relationships. 

Meetings. Set up a marriage (or relationship) meeting. 

This is a really awesome way to consistently shine a spotlight on communication. Make sure it gets the attention it deserves. 

Side note here… I like to think that we should all be perpetually curious about our partners. This is a person you should want to know, right?

This idea has a way of putting things into perspective about why communication is not just something that would be nice to have. It really is a need. 

3) Keep Kindness at the Forefront

Kindness is powerful. 

Those little day-to-day interactions matter. 

The words we use matter. And they have a massive impact on the overall health and happiness of our relationships. 

We treat those closest to us the worst. That is because we feel safe with them. And because of course, the person we are sharing our life with is going to be there for the highs and the lows.

So it is safe to say they will see parts of us and experience emotions from us that are not kind. Absolutely fine.

What I am referring to here is just the overall way we interact with our partners. 

I know I want to be treated with kindness. We all do.

Will it happen all the time? No.

But can we check in with ourselves every now and then and really examine how we are treating our partners? Definitely. 

4) Date

Make time to connect. 

You are not just roommates existing in the same house. But the truth is that over time it can begin to feel like that.

Especially when life keeps barreling on and you barely have time to look each other in the eyes. 

Date each other. 

This does not have to be these huge, extravagant outings. In fact, most things in your relationship will not be extravagant. 

But having time with your partner with no distractions is so necessary.

Have a simple at-home date night and bust out these TableTopics. They are great for sparking some new and exciting conversations. 

5) Don’t Forget About Yourself

You and your partner will inevitably share so much of your lives. 

But you are your own person.

Make space for yourself. And encourage your partner to do the same. 

This will only strengthen your marriage. 

Having hobbies or interests of your own is healthy. 

And spending time apart can be like a huge breath of fresh air.

6) Look For The Good

The bulk of your marriage is ordinary days. 

Create a habit of finding and pointing out gratitude for the small day-to-day things. 

There will always be annoyances or inconveniences that pop up. And it is so easy to remember those, right?

And we are all human. So we don’t need to plaster a smile on our faces and act like all is right in the world and our lives.

While looking for the good may not seem life-changing at the moment. I think it truly can help tip the odds in a more positive direction. 

Don’t underestimate the power of the seemingly small stuff. 

7) Stay in Your Lane

Comparison is a beast. It can hit you so hard at times. It gets ahold of you and then doesn’t let go. 

Social media has really taken this to the next level. 

There is no shortage of seemingly perfect images out there. 

You can not compare your relationship to another couple’s highlight reel.

Relationships are complex and multi-faceted. Most times you are seeing the best version of a relationship.

Next time you feel that comparison bug coming on strong, remind yourself of something extremely important. 

The only relationship you should be worrying about is the one that has an impact on you. The one you’re in!

Relationships are really wonderful. They really are.

Sharing your life with someone is such a gift. 

But don’t forget that behind those amazing relationships are two people that put in some heavy-duty effort to make it that way.

Have any tips on how to have a long-lasting relationship? Definitely share!

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How To Have a Long-Lasting Relationship

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