How To Have More Fun in Life

How To Have More Fun in Life: 6 Tips You Should Try Today

how to have more fun in life

Why is Fun Important in Life?

This is all about how to have more fun in life. And I could not be more pumped to talk about this. 


Well, first off, what’s not to love about a conversation centered around FUN.

And secondly, I am literally working on this idea in my own life. Big time!

Isn’t there a saying about writing what you know? 

(or in this case.. write what you need to know)

Well, I am not an expert on all things fun. But I am an expert on knowing the need for more fun in my own life.

And I know I am not alone in this.

So many of my friends are in the same boat. We know our lives could use some serious injections of fun.

But it usually doesn’t go much further than talking. The next thing we know there is a kid screaming for us or we have a grocery order to pick up.

We are not lacking in ideas. But it all seems to fall apart when it comes to the execution!

Life is full of so many things that would not be considered fun. SO MANY.

There is laundry to do and doctor’s appointments to schedule and dinners to plan. The idea of fun just doesn’t seem to make it onto the to-do list. 

The truth is that the bulk of our lives is ordinary days. Those days are filled with ordinary tasks. 

And then when all the must-do tasks are done…we are (at least I am) freaking tired. 

Sometimes I feel like I have forgotten how to have fun. I know fun used to be present in my life. There are pictures somewhere to prove it. 

While poking fun at the lack of fun or excitement in our lives may provide a little relief, the truth is that we have to take a step back and really think about how the way we are living our lives aligns with what we truly want our lives to look like. 

Enjoyment of any kind is not something we have to earn. And it shouldn’t be something we so easily sacrifice either. 

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Here Are 6 Tips All About How To Have More Fun in Life

1) Make a List

What makes you happy? What do you consider fun? 

This is a great way to do some research and explore. 

Writing things out is the perfect way to get to know yourself better. (grab a simple notebook and get to writing)

Hello, you are definitely a very interesting and unique person. 

Remind yourself of that.

And for some of us, it has been a long time since we actually gave ourselves much thought at all.

So we might not even know exactly what we would enjoy doing. 

If you need some help getting started with this, I always like to think about what I would write on a dating profile. 

2) Do Something Different

We all grow and change over time.

So it is so important and really so powerful to be open to new things.

Sometimes we can become set in our ways. Or we just assume things about ourselves.

And maybe these things are true. Like I did not want to try skydiving when I was 24 and I do not want to try it now at 39. That has not changed.

But there could be (and most likely are) at least a few things where your feelings might be different. This could be something as simple as a style of food you never tried because you didn’t like it. 

Or maybe there are things you have wanted to try. Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone a little. 

Sometimes we have this idea of ourselves. We have a story about ourselves that we tell over and over again. 

I like this…or I don’t like this.

I would never do that… or I could never do that.

It might be time to do some fact-checking. Chances are that story is not 100% accurate. 

3) Think Small

How often do we hear people talk about how excited they are for an upcoming vacation? Or a holiday? Maybe a wedding or a big gathering of some sort?

These things are definitely fun. 

BUT… they are also rare. 

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to live my life just looking forward to fun. Waiting on big events that will (let’s be honest) come and go very quickly.

The real key here is to keep it simple. 

I would love a weekend away with my best friend! But that is just not doable right now. So what would be doable? 

Going to get our nails done? Maybe. Go out to dinner together? Probably. Meet for coffee? Yes. 

I don’t want to put things off because I can’t have it all. Or I can’t have exactly what I want.

This is not an all-or-nothing thing. 

4) Hide Your Phone

OK, don’t actually hide your phone. But you get the point. 

Put that thing down every once in a while. 

I can usually sense a shift in my attitude when I have been spending a little too much time on the internet looking at other people’s lives. 

One thing I know in my bones to be true is that pictures are not an accurate representation of anyone’s actual life. 

I know this. You know this. We all know this. 

Yet we still look at the lives of others and very quickly come to the assumption that everyone else is living their best lives and we are not.

Which can then make us feel like we are lacking in every way possible. Can you tell I am speaking from personal experience?

The internet is not real life. 

And frankly, our real lives are the things that suffer when we get sucked into false and very unrealistic ideas about everyone else’s lives. 

5) Make Time

Now, I am a big fan of structure and routine. I absolutely love it. 

I am a sucker for a good schedule. So why not add fun to the schedule?

It might seem strange to schedule fun. 

But you need it to happen, right?

Add it to that schedule. 

This is about putting yourself on the calendar. 

Yes, a work meeting and a doctor’s appointment hold importance. That’s why they are on the schedule. 

You also have value. You are also important. 

I want to mention really quickly that being spontaneous is great if that works for you. Who am I to knock spontaneity?

But in my life, I have kids and a husband who works crazy hours and I do not live close to family. Being spontaneous would result in not much at all happening in my life. 

The seasons of life are always changing. Do what you can with the season that you’re in. 

6) Embrace Where You Are

As I just mentioned, there are so many seasons or chapters of life. And they all look and feel so different.

There is no right or wrong idea when it comes to fun. 

We can often think that things should or should not be a certain way.

The “should mentality” sets you up for failure every time.

Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Do you feel good about the choices you are making? 

The only person you have to answer to is yourself. 

One of the best ways you can show up for yourself is to be present. 

Try your best to be present in your life. 

And also recognize progress. Change does not happen quickly. You will not wake up tomorrow and all your struggles will be gone. 

But make one choice or decision that serves you. And then make another. And then one more. OK, keep going. 

These build up over time and one day you realize change did happen. 

Will every single part of every single day be super fun and exploding with excitement? Nope.

It’s not like that for anyone.

I spend the majority of my days playing with my 3-year-old. And then begging my 10-year-old to play with the 3-year-old for 10 minutes while I finish making dinner. 

But right now one is napping and one is at school, so I am going to close my laptop and put some earbuds in and dance around while I put some laundry away.

 We do what we can when we can. 

Have any tips on how to have more fun in life? Please share!

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How To Have More Fun in Life: 6 Tips You Should Try Today

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