How To Improve Your Life

How To Improve Your Life: 19 Ways To Get Started Today

how to improve your life

How To Improve Yourself Every day

Live your best life. Four words that seem pretty straight forward. 

But how do you go about doing that?

How is your life going?

Looking for some ideas on how to improve your life?

Welcome to the club. Let’s chat!

First off, let me say just one very important thing. 

A journey of life improvement has a starting point but not a final destination.

And that concept can be a tough pill to swallow. 

Many people (myself included) love to have a list of things we need to do. And then once we do those things we have achieved what we set out to do. Mission accomplished. Onto the next thing. 

Life is a little bit bigger of a task to tackle. It takes a lot more than crossing a few things off a list. 

But there are so many small actions you can take on a daily basis that can help you in making big improvements. 

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Here Are 19 Ideas on How to Improve Your Life

1) Pick Up a Book

Books are like little easy-to-carry therapy sessions.

In terms of tools, they would definitely be the hammer.

Check out these self-help books that are too good not to read. Oh, and here’s a few more I can’t get enough of.

2) Listen to a Podcast

Not a reader? Podcasts are another great tool to put to use. 

They can provide that little bit of inspiration or motivation you need. 

3) Watch a TED Talk

Have you ever watched a TED talk? If not, you need to!

4) Write Down Your Goals

Put those puppies out there. Give them value. They deserve to be somewhere other than in your head. 

And once you put them on paper (like this notebook), find out how to achieve them!

Goals are also a perfect journal topic. Read all about how to start a journal!

5) Write Down Your Doubts

Write down every little doubt donut you can think of. Every fear. Every excuse that comes to mind when you look at those goals. 

I think getting those out on paper is good for you too. 

Just looking at them can give them less power. Maybe even help in starting to make those doubts not seem so huge. 

Now do one more thing. Cross those excuses out. Write down these three words instead.

No more excuses. 

6) Be Open

Our mind is a pro at getting in our way. It does a pretty bang-up job of not helping us do the things we want to do. Live the life we want to live. 

Be open to new experiences. New opportunities.

And this is obviously easier said than done. But really put in the effort to give things a little thought before shutting the idea down. 

7) Be Positive

This is all about that cup half empty/half full mentality. 

Being positive does not mean you are bright and cheery every second of every day. It does not mean that you never feel down or get bitten by the negative nancy bug. 

But it does mean that you make an effort to find the positive in situations. Even the situations that suck. 

And a positive mindset will help you find a solution much quicker. 

8) Travel

What do you think of when you think of traveling? Hopping on a plane to somewhere halfway across the globe? Spending a nice chunk of money?

You could do those things. Or you could do a day trip to a town an hour away. 

New surroundings don’t have to be 3,000 miles away to make an impact. Any change of scenery can can be like a monumental breath of fresh air. 

9) Are You in Good Company?

Spend your life with people who build you up. People that make you laugh. And maybe even inspire you to be better. 

Listen up. You don’t have to spend your valuable time with people that feel like a dark cloud. Or people that make you feel bad or sad or uncomfortable. 

It’s okay to be a tad picky about who you allow to take up your time. 

10) Who’s in Control?

I’ll give you one guess. If you are pointing at yourself, then you are correct!

You have to take full responsibility for the way things are going. 

You are in control of your life. Make sure you are acting like it. No more coasting through on autopilot.

11) Make Time for Something New

New! Not my favorite word. Unless we are talking about a new pair of shoes. 

New is exciting and terrifying at the same time. 

But you need to be pushed out of your comfort zone every now and then. This can remind you of what a bada*s you are!

12) Mantra

Give yourself a mantra. Repeat it over and over!

13) Take Care of Yourself

Do you take care of yourself?

Better yet, do you take good care of yourself?

Eat foods that make you feel good. Drink water. Get sleep. Be aware of your mental health. All that jazz.

And always make time for a little self-care.

14) Clean Up

Look around you. How do your surroundings make you feel? A messy home can equal a messy mind. And a messy mind can be overwhelming. 

Do not underestimate the power of organization. 

This guide will help you declutter your home starting right now!

15) Don’t Settle

It is what it is. Not true. You do have a say in how it is.

We often just settle for the way things are going. Maybe this is because nothing, in particular, is really going wrong. Or the thought of changing things gives us that pit in our stomach feeling. 

But I know none of us want to look back and have a list a mile long of things we wish we had changed or things we are kicking ourselves for not doing. 

16) Make a Vision Board

You read that right! Get that poster board and go crazy. 

Make your masterpiece and then hang that baby up. 

Being able to actually see and touch something can help with holding yourself accountable. 

Read all the details on how to make a vision board here!

17) Unplug

I love my phone. But some days I love it a little too much.

Designate some time every now and then to take a break. 

Be present in your life rather than scrolling through someone else’s!

When it comes to how to improve your life, this one may seem small but it is so dang important!

18) Blast Your Jam

Yes, I just said jam. My teenage self would roll her eyes at me. 

Here’s what I want you to do. Pick 5 songs that make you feel good. So good that you can’t help but shimmy your shoulders and bob your head.

When you start to feel down, all you have to do is play them. I mean most of us have our phones pretty close to us most of the time. 

I used to think this seemed silly. And I am not saying a song is going to solve all your problems. I wish that was the case. But I have decided that if playing even 30 seconds of a song has any type of positive impact on me then doing it will always be in the pro column.

19) Keep Going

You can do every single thing you read here (and everywhere else) and a perfect life will still not show up on your doorstep.

You can apply every nugget of advice and wisdom that is available to you. And you will still not see that beautifully gift-wrapped package of a dream life waiting for you like a dang Amazon package. 

You get days now and then when you can throw a little fit, maybe hide in your room eating the most delicious junk food and watching reality TV.

But then you keep going.

Hey, you could even make that your mantra. Keep going. Short, sweet, and to the point. 

It is not one thing that will improve your life. It is a handful of little things coming together. Mixing them all to create a pretty good personal growth soup. 

Pick a time every week to do a check-in with yourself. Schedule it and stick to it. Because it is one thing to say you are going to do something. You need to actually do it! 

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How To Improve Your Life: 19 Ways To Get Started Today

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