How To Improve Your Relationship

How To Improve Your Relationship: 6 Things You Can Start Doing Today

how to improve your relationship

How To Strengthen Your Relationship

No relationship out there is perfect. No relationship is free of challenges or struggles.

So the thought of how to improve your relationship is something that has crossed all of our minds. 

And that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing to make your relationship a priority. It’s a great thing. 

Wanting to work on your relationship does not mean there is anything “wrong” necessarily. 

Waiting until something is “wrong” may be one of the big issues in relationships. 

No need to wait for a problem to smack you in the face. No need to wait for a mouse-sized issue to morph into a hippo sized issue. 

These tips are a great way for you to get ahead of the game and make some positive improvements to your relationship. 

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Here Are 6 Tips on How To Improve Your Relationship

1) Check-in Time

Sit down with your partner and do a little check-in. Have an open and honest conversation about how you both feel.

Make this a safe space for both of you to speak freely. 

If we aren’t communicating with each other then we might be doing quite a bit of assuming. 

Has your partner ever brought up a problem to you and you feel like it came completely out of the blue? I know this has happened in my marriage. 

This is what happens when we don’t make it a point to talk to each other. 

We either assume things are fine or we assume we know how the other person is feeling.  

Making time to sit down and check-in with your partner is going to be a game-changer for your relationship. 

My husband and I do something we call marriage meetings. It is a set time every week where we come together and talk. No phones. No distractions. 

We come together and talk about our marriage and how it’s going. We talk about how we are feeling. No topic is off-limits.

Setting up a meeting for your relationship might feel weird at first. But give it time. 

Push through any communication discomfort and I promise your relationship will come out healthier and stronger on the other side. 

2) Remember the Little Things

Those early days of relationships are full of little things. 

Sweet texts. Hand holding. Kisses and hugs constantly. Cuddling. Compliments.

Over time, the frequency of those little things may go down a little (or a lot).

Take a minute right now and think about a couple of things that you did early on in your relationship that you don’t do much anymore. 

Now, do one of those things. 

Don’t underestimate those little day to day interactions. They may be called little things. But they are the things that build a strong foundation in a relationship.

3) Get off Your Phone

Your partner should not have to compete with your phone. 

Technology is one of those things that land on both ends of the spectrum depending on how it is used. 

Phones are amazing. They can be like a lifeline to the world. I mean, I just placed an online order to have my groceries delivered. 

But there is a flip side to that. Think about how many times a day you check your phone.

How often are you on your phone when someone is talking to you? My answer to this question is cringe-worthy sometimes. 

Make sure your relationship has some tech-free time. 

Take a break from looking down at a screen. Your relationship thanks you in advance.

4) Read a Book

Are you a book lover? 

I am. Big time. There are 3 books on my nightstand right now. 

I am open to reading any type of book. But personal development books and marriage books hold a special place in my heart. 

My two favorite marriage books are not only super helpful but they are super easy to read.

This one is a must-read. It is all about the different ways people give and receive love and it is amazing and truly eye-opening. 

And this gem of a book is extremely relatable. It tackles those common issues that all couples go through.  

These books can give you a deeper insight into your relationship and also a fresh perspective on the ins and outs of the things you and your partner go through. 

5) Space

This is about you and your partner each having your own lives. 

You don’t have to spend all your time together.

You should each have things you do just for yourself. 

One big thing I did for myself was to start this blog!

Sometimes it can feel as if a bubble has formed around you two. And as time goes on it can feel almost uncomfortable to break out that bubble. 

It can feel strange to stand alone and make choices that are just for you. 

I think we have all gone through this in one way or another. 

A healthy and happy relationship is great. But don’t lose yourself in the process of building that relationship. 

6) Less Blame/More Responsibility

How often when an issue or problem comes up do we go on the defense? I know my hand is raised. 

It can sometimes be hard to see the part we have played in a situation. But it is pretty dang easy to see the part our partner has played. 

I think a lot of arguments could be avoided if each person involved took responsibility for their part, apologized and moved on. 

But we live in the real world and not a fairytale. So the chances of that happening are slim.

I mean, this may happen sometimes.  But we sure like to take the hard road. Don’t we? 

We are humans. We are flawed.

I’m sure you can think of a few disagreements that have lasted longer than they should have. Maybe even some arguments that never should have started in the first place. 

The blame game is easy. The responsibility game isn’t. It takes practice. 

Next time you and your partner are at an impasse, try to look at the part you played. 

Relationships are not always the pretty picture we wish they were. They’re messy and complicated. They bring out the best in us and they definitely can bring out the worst in us. 

But rough patches don’t mean your relationship is doomed. It means your relationship is just like every other relationship out there. 

So strap in, throw your hands up and enjoy the ride!

Have any tips on how to improve your relationship? I’d love to hear it!

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How To Improve Your Relationship: 6 Things You Can Start Doing Today

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