How To Live a Better Life

How To Live a Better Life: 6 Ideas You Need To Consider

how to live a better life

Tips For Happiness in Daily Life

This is all about how to live a  better life. 

What does that even mean? What does building a better life truly look like?

How does the idea of a better life actually translate into action?

Well, I know one thing for sure. 

There is no one right answer to this. There is no one size fits all approach. 

One of the most powerful things we can do when we set out to improve ourselves is to prepare to practice patience, of course!

But we also need to remind ourselves that every idea we read will not work for us. Every piece of advice we see or hear will not be for us. 

Someone else’s recipe for a happier life will not apply to you. 

This is such a personal journey. No one can take it for you.

And no one can tell you the exact steps to take. We’re not making brownies here. 

We have to be open and willing to welcome change into our lives and then we can begin taking in information and see where that leads us.

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Here Are 6 Ideas All About How To Live a Better Life

1) Dive in

Saying we want to create a better life for ourselves is such a broad statement. That concept is just so incredibly vast.

We really have to hone in a little bit here. 

What does a better life mean to you? Really take your time with this. 

I highly recommend grabbing a notebook and doing a good old brain dump. Words on paper can be so much more powerful and eye-opening than we realize. 

Think about what you want your life to look like. What you want your life to feel like. 

Don’t overthink this. Just write. 

Also, these words are not set in stone. You can always cross something out and move on to a new idea. 

This step is crucial in helping to gain some level of clarity. 

2) Take Care of Yourself

Let me add to that actually. Take better care of yourself. 

Sometimes I forget just how much better of a person I am when I get adequate sleep. Quality sleep is not the magical key to a near-perfect life. (BTW..I know that different seasons of our life do not always allow sleep to be a top priority. I’ve been there and this too shall pass.)

But a well-rested you will without a doubt function and navigate through life much more easily than an exhausted you. 

Go back to the basics. Sleep is a huge one. Also, make sure you’re drinking water. (not just caffeine which is what I realize is all I have consumed some days by mid-afternoon)

Feed your body things that make you feel good. 

Get outside if you can. Don’t underestimate what some sunshine on your face can do. 

Check-in on your social media usage. 

These things that are often viewed as small can actually have quite a large positive impact on us all. 

They play a pivotal role in us building strong foundations. 

3) How Do You Spend Your Time

This is a big one. 

Think about where you are spending your precious time and energy.

Also, consider who you are allowing to take up space in your life. 

Your time is valuable. It’s important to examine where that time and energy is being spent. And it’s ok to raise the bar a cinch.

Giving endlessly and running on empty is not the best path to a fulfilling or thriving life. 

If you have ever struggled with prioritizing yourself or setting healthy boundaries in any area of your life, this book is a must-read. It breaks the idea of boundaries down into terms that are easy to understand and explains exactly how to apply them to your life in a way that serves you. 

4) Don’t Sugarcoat The Way You Feel

All emotions are welcome. That’s a good motto to live by. 

Don’t shy away from the hard stuff. The uncomfortable things. Those things we would rather brush under the rug. Or maybe we feel like we have to brush them under the rug.

The idea of just shining a light on or acknowledging the positive aspects of life is really not the path to a happier and overall better life. 

The truth is that there will always be parts of life that feel a bit rockier at times. Or feel a little off. That’s part of being a human being.

Running from those parts of ourselves will not serve us well. Especially not in the long run. 

Life is not about looking at things with an all-or-nothing mentality. It’s not all bad or all good. All hard or all easy. 

Many truths can be (and usually are) all happening at once. 

5) Focus on What You DO Have

So often when it comes to our lives and how things could improve, we look at all the things we don’t have. All the ways our lives seem to be lacking in some capacity. 

And there are aspects of that way of thinking that can benefit us. It can lead us to discover what we truly want in life or the shifts we need to make.

But on the flip side, we can start to compare our little butts off. And this is not an extremely helpful or productive use of our time. 

Now, I know I just talked earlier about not sugarcoating anything. And I stand by that. However, it’s not one or the other. 

There is room for acknowledging hardships. Realizing things we want to or need to change. We can do that while still seeing the beautiful parts of life. Still being grateful for what we do have. Right here and now. 

You can (and should) appreciate and love your life just as it is today. 

Wanting more or wanting better or wanting a change does not mean you messed up and your life is bad or going wrong.

I recently read this amazing book. It’s all about finding joy and being content with our lives. I think this idea hits so close to home for so many of us that feel like we need to be doing more, more, more.

It really does an exceptional job of helping to reframe what we consider important in our lives.

6) Show Up

The real key to life is showing up. Over and over again.

Show up for yourself and your life consistently. 

Coasting is not the goal here. 

And showing up also entails being willing and able to shift or pivot or adapt. Change is most definitely a recurring theme in all our lives. 

Yay. Something we all have in common. 

Do you ever feel like you are waiting for answers in life? Waiting for signs to pop up and point you in the right direction. 

Here’s the thing. The answers are most likely not just going to pop up like a sign for an exit on the highway. 

We take action and we pick up random bits and pieces of information. Then we turn that into some sort of answer. We uncover the answers along the way.

Here’s one more thing we should all try. Embrace not knowing it all. Embrace learning. 

When we close ourselves off to a new way of thinking, we do ourselves a monumental disservice. 

It doesn’t feel great to feel lost but what if we looked at this as an opportunity? Let’s put on our detective hats (or badges I guess) and do some digging. Let’s normalize having to do some life investigating and not just taking things at face value. 

Have any tips on how to live a better life? Share!

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How To Live a Better Life: 6 Ideas You Need To Consider

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