How To Live a Simple Life

How To Live a Simple Life: 8 Things To Consider

how to live a simple life

How To Live a Simple Life and Be Happy

This is all about how to live a simple life. And you know what?

Doing that is anything but simple. Especially if it requires big changes to our habits and choices. 

Building lives we love and enjoy is a challenge. It takes a lot of intention. 

We kind of have to go all in and see where the journey takes us. These tips and ideas are perfect starting points and then we branch off. 

Look at this advice as mini-launches!

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Here Are 8 Ideas All About How To Live a Simple Life

1) What’s Important To You?

This will (obviously) be different for every single person out there. 

And this might seem like a really broad question to answer. However, with all the clutter and noise around us, this question is such an essential one to ask yourself. 

What is important to you? 

We have access to so much these days. More specifically, the amount of access we have to the lives of others. While we know that everything we see on the internet is not real, this doesn’t mean we can not be influenced by it. 

Feeling as if we know the ins and outs of other people’s lives can start us on a slippery slope. 

Our lives can feel as if they are not enough. They don’t measure up. They must be lacking in some way.

This narrative can create a dark cloud over our lives. Our view of our lives becomes so clouded. It’s vital to take a step back and evaluate what we want our lives to feel like. 

Grab a notebook and get to writing. I love using a specific question to get words flowing. 

2) Less is More

There is an abundance of things thrown our way daily. 

Again, just look at the impact and influence social media has on us. 

We can be fooled into partially believing that more things will make our lives better. These messages of “get this” or “you need this” can be a dangerous one. 

The truth is there will always be something else we could purchase. ALWAYS.

But do we truly need more things? Will these things add anything substantial to our lives? 

Minimalism seems to be all the rage. And to be honest, I don’t particularly like to strive to put a label on something. 

I am all about putting the focus on quality over quantity. Decluttering has also become one of my passions. (this came after my family moved 3 times in 3 years)

Learning to be content with less has also made me appreciate the things I do have so much more. Not to mention the massive benefits on our mental health that come from less physical stuff. 

3) Live in the Now

Live in the moment. Practice being present where you are. 

Being present is hard. Sitting back, relaxing, and simply being where you are now can be so tough. 

I have a toddler who loves to be as close to me as possible. This makes it tough to get all the things done that I want to or feel I need to.

But cuddling with my kids is important. And you know what? It adds so much joy to my life. 

Do I still need to do laundry and other random household tasks? Of course. But I highly doubt I will look back in twenty years and wish I had kept up with laundry better or had mirrors without little fingerprints all over them. 

The idea of balance is thrown around quite a bit. To be honest, sometimes searching for balance can just be another thing added to our already full plates. 

Let’s try our best to practice being right where we are. Experiencing what’s right in front of us. 

4) Down Time

Having a full schedule or a busy calendar can often be paired with this idea of having a full life. And those things can go together.

This is not at all to say that busy people don’t have happy lives. 

But there is something to be said for skimming things down a little bit. 

Meaningful activities are where it’s at. You have to practice some serious prioritizing to try to have your schedule reflect the way you want your life to feel. 

Learning to say no or pass on something is an awesome skill to build. (This book on boundaries is a stellar read.)

It’s challenging yet very necessary to push back against the idea of go-go-go. There will always be things you could be doing. Always. That will never change. However, remind yourself often that you are not a machine. 

Your time is valuable. Invest it wisely. 

5) Get Outside

There is just something about sunshine and fresh air. Depending on where you live, you might not be able to bask in the sun year-round. But even some chilly air can be refreshing and mood-altering.

While immersing yourself in nature can not fix every issue in your life, it can work wonders for your mindset. 

Think about how kids view the world. My toddler looks at every stick, rock, and tree with such joy. There is nothing on her mind but what is right in front of her. 

Now, she does have the privilege of not having to do laundry or worry about what’s for dinner but you get the point. 

There is so much beauty in nature.

Something as simple as going for a walk can improve my mood tremendously. It can also help to gain clarity or shift perspective in even the smallest way.

6) Back To Basics

Strip it down and look at how you take care of yourself. 

Small tweaks in your routines can be absolute game changers for the overall vibe of your life. 

How is your sleep? Are you staying hydrated? 

I like to see if my habits are aligned with how I want to feel.

Recently, I have been tired all the time. Now, I have a tween and a toddler, and my husband travels consistently for work. So I know that being tired is not an unheard-of thing.

But that was not a reason for me to just accept it and keep chugging along. I started going to bed much earlier (turns out my 38-year-old body needs more sleep). 

I also started making sure I was drinking enough water. (I use this to measure out water in the morning)

Oh, and I also started taking a deeper look into the foods I was eating and making some adjustments. (especially in the protein category)

These are not mind-blowing concepts but they greatly impacted my life in positive ways. 

7) Digital Detox

Get off that phone. If you are reading this on your phone, then finish reading first and then put that thing away.

Phones have taken over the world. Doesn’t it seem that way? Go anywhere and you will see people glued to their phones. Either looking at something or making a video. It’s insane. 

As I mentioned earlier, the internet can have a profound influence on us and how satisfied we feel with our lives. 

Spending significantly less time in the digital world can be such a game changer over time. I used to think it was silly when people talked about being addicted to phones or social media.

But man do I get it now!

Here is your reminder that life is not happening inside of a screen. 

8) Gratitude

Being grateful for what we have sounds easy enough. It sounds like this feeling that should just be with us all the time. 

We all have eyes and can easily see that there is so much ugliness and tragedy in the world. When we see something horrible on the news, we can get hit with a sense of gratitude.

That fades, however. I don’t want to just be grateful when I am smacked in the face with the suffering of others.

Grab a gratitude journal and write down a few things you are grateful for every day. These can be (and should be) small things. Simple joys or pleasures in life deserve their time in the spotlight. 

*I want to just say quickly that being grateful for your life does not mean you should never be sad or mad or feel any sort of way about your life. The goal is to create sort of a baseline to circle back to when life is not rainbows and unicorns. (which is pretty much always)*

For me, a simple life means I am experiencing life and not just going through the motions. Not trying to do it all or have it all. 

Not striving for perfection or everything being “right” all the time. 

Enjoying our lives matters. (duh, right) 

There is no one way to simplify our lives. No strict regimen or set of rules to follow. But we can take bits and pieces of information and implement them in a way that works for us. 

Which one of these ideas on how to live a simple life stood out to you?

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How To Live a Simple Life: 8 Things To Consider

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