How To Live Your Best Life

How To Live Your Best Life: 11 Valuable Tips You Need To Read

how to live your best life

Smart Tips on How To Live Your Best Life

Live your best life.

Add that to your to-do list. Right under do a load of laundry and grab milk from the grocery store. 

Sounds easy enough, right? Maybe.

But when it comes to how to live your best life, it most likely takes a little more effort than just writing it on a to-do list. Okay, it 100% takes more effort than that!

We see those words everywhere. Best life. But actual life is going on and the idea of making it the best tends to fall by the wayside. 

There is not a  one size fits all in the best life category. My best life and your best life might not have too much in common. 

It is so vital to make sure that you are working to create your ideal version of life. Your dream life. Your best life. 

These tips are going to help you do just that! 

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Here Are 11 Tips on How To Live Your Best Life

1) Get To Know Yourself

Do you know yourself? That may sound like a strange question.

But how often does it feel like we are just going through the motions? We spend our time handling whatever the day brings us. Crossing things off of lists. Making sure things around us are running smoothly. 

It can start to feel like we are watching over our lives rather than actually living them. And this is not to say that the day-to-day things are not important. They most definitely are.

It is so crucial that we take a step back every now and then and evaluate how we are and how we feel about ourselves and the lives we are creating.

Try asking yourself these 30 questions to start getting to know yourself a little better

Grab a cute little notebook (like this one) and write down the answers. Or write anything down that comes to mind. 

2) Stop Comparing

If you are thinking easier said than done, then you are right there with the rest of us.

I can not speak for everyone but I think the idea of comparison is an area a majority of us struggle with. If you do not ever deal with this, then I beg you to share your magical ways with me!

A comparison mindset will have you believe you should be this or that. You should be acting a certain way. You should want certain things.

Check out this post that will help in your journey to stop comparing yourself to others

3) Name Something Good


Make it a habit to point out something good in your life. 

It is easy to notice things that are not going the way we would like. It is almost too easy. The hard stuff likes to sit in the very front row in our brains. 

Am I saying you should throw a blanket over any struggles to hide them? No way. That is definitely not going to make them magically disappear. 

I am saying that there is something good in your life. Right here and now, name that thing. Say it out loud. Write it down. Just acknowledge it in some way.

Ever heard that saying about when it rains it pours? Silly question. Of course, you have. 

Here’s the thing. That saying is true and here’s why. When something goes wrong or not according to plan, our minds are going to notice any and every other little speck of frustration in our lives. 

Fight this urge. Do better.

Make it a point to find the good in every day. Find joy in every single day of your life. 

4) Be Open To Fresh Perspectives

Have you ever read, seen, or heard something that just spoke to you? Words that literally felt like they were just for you. I know I have. And I really hope you have too!

It is such an uplifting feeling. 

I am a bookworm through and through. Give me a stack of personal development books and a never-ending supply of coffee and I am set. 

I truly believe that reading a book or listening to a podcast can help you make big, positive changes in your life. If you have an open heart and an open mind, a fresh perspective may be exactly what you need. 

Check out these amazing books! They are too good not to share!

And while you’re at it, check out this book and this one. They are truly too good not to read. 

5) Don’t Fight Fear

Invite fear in. Sit down. Have a talk.

Keep fear locked up and it will grow into a monster that is taking up every bit of space in that head of yours. 

Do a fear purge. Get it all out. This may mean filling up pages in a journal. Talking to your partner or best friend for so long that you start to lose your voice. And for the record, this has happened to me. What can I say? Talking is my jam. 

Fear is a real thing. But we don’t have to run for the hills. We don’t have to wrap a pretty bow around it and call it something else.

Acknowledging it will make that fear shrink. And it will make it seem more manageable. 

6) Lead With Kindness

Kindness to others and kindness to yourself. 

Do not make the mistake of underestimating the power of being nice. 

As you are going through your day, think about little acts of kindness. You can even give yourself a mini-challenge. 

Smile at every person you see. Hold the door for 3 people. Give out a compliment a day. 

This will make other people happy. And it will make you feel better about yourself. 

7) Take Care of Yourself

Do you have kids you take care of? Pets? Other friends or relatives?

We all have people in our lives to whom we feel a responsibility for. We work to be there for others and help in any way we can.

But how are we treating ourselves? 

Do you get enough sleep? Do you drink enough water? How about your eating habits? Your mental health?

Love yourself as well as you love others. 

8) Stop Being Busy

If I had a dime for every time someone said they were busy, I would be pretty darn close to owning my own private island by now. 

We ask someone how they are and the word busy comes out at lightning speed. 

It can seem like being busy is a measure of how well your life is going. Busy equals a full life. Not busy means something is not right. 

I am going to have to call bullsh*t on that idea. 

Now, there are loads of very busy people. Being busy is a real thing.

But do not think that the busier you are the better your life is going.

Try taking a deep look at how you are spending all of your time.

Make sure you are being intentional with that valuable time of yours.

9) The Little is as Important as The Big

Do you have big dreams? Big plans? Gigantic goals taking up space in your head? I hope the answer is yes. I am here cheering for you and all those big and beautiful things. 

But to get there is going to take a lot of little stuff. The big stuff is fun to think about. Probably even a little scary (in the best way possible of course). 

The little stuff is where it’s at though. 

We beat ourselves up when those big things do not happen as quickly as we want. But we forget to give ourselves a pat on the back for the baby steps.

Those little steps forward are going to get you where you want to go. You just have to keep taking them!

10) Have a Mantra

For real. Do it! 

It will take you about 1.6 seconds to find one. So no excuses on time being an issue.

Find yourself some words that motivate and inspire you. Words that put a smile on your face. 

Repeat those little gems as often as you need to or want to. Put those babies on a note and stick them to your bathroom mirror. Your front door. Heck, stick it to your forehead if you need to. Just remove it before leaving the house. 

This is all about how that inner voice sounds. Make sure your inner voice is encouraging you and rooting for you every day!

11) Start Now

Do not start tomorrow. No putting things off until Monday rolls around. Until next month. Until you are completely ready.

Excuses are not hard to find when you are looking for them. 

Think about how often you add the word “but” to things you say.

I would but…..

I wanted to but…..

I’m sorry but…..

The life you want is not out there waiting to be found. You get to create it.

How lucky are we all? We have the privilege of creating our dream life. 

Here is one thing you absolutely need to remember. The bottom line of all of this. 

It is up to you to create the life you want. The life you deserve.

So start doing it! I dare you!

How are things going for you? Share any tips you have on how to live your best life!

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How To Live Your Best Life: 11 Valuable Tips You Need To Read

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5 responses to “How To Live Your Best Life”

  1. Sandy Cummins Avatar
    Sandy Cummins

    Thank you. Sometimes I feel fake in my own life. I am looking for more articles to remind me to live in the moment. To not be so hard on myself. And to remind me to find my own joy. I think seeing your article will lead me back to who I was and who I’d like to be again.

  2. Irene Madrid Avatar
    Irene Madrid

    This EXACTLY what I am now doing with myeline….celebrating, loving and caring for me first. I am still kind and generous to others but now I have healthy boundaries.

  3. Amanda Avatar

    This was one of the best posts I have read in a long time – thank you! Your perspective and way of writing is refreshing. Would you mind if I share a link to it with my email list?

    1. Janet Avatar

      My mantra is “choose”. Choose your hard. I just want to thank you for a very inspiring post. It falls in the very line of what I am working to do. Change is hard, but sometimes staying the same is even harder.

  4. Dymma Avatar

    I am in the phase of getting to know myself. And so much I didn’t know all this while. I’m glad, I am opening up more to myself so I can give me the time me needs and take better care of myself.

    Ps- your pins are beautiful ♥️

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