How To Make a Vision Board

How To Make A Vision Board: 6 Steps To Help You Create One Today

how to make a vision board

Let’s talk about vision boards!

More specifically, how to make a vision board.

A vision board is basically just a collection of words and pictures that acts as a sort of roadmap that shows your goals and where you want your life to go. 

Having something you can actually touch and look at can make all the difference in your dreams and goals becoming a reality. 

Here Are Some Steps to Help You Learn How to Make a Vision Board Today!

1) Write it out

OK, friends. Let’s start with a little brain dump. 

Grab a pen and paper and start writing down where you want your life to go. Think about your goals. Think about the ways you want to improve your life. 

As the name suggests, a vision board is all about having a vision for your life. So, you have to really take a deep dive into the world of changes. And think about the changes you want to make to create your ideal life.

One more thing to remember. An ideal life is different for everyone. In order to be happy and fulfilled, you need to live yours. It is perfectly OK to look for inspiration and motivation. But make sure you are creating your vision for happiness.

2) Have a why/reason for everything

You might have written 10 things down during your brain dump. Or you may have written 50 things down. 

Here is what you need to do. You need to look at all that stuff and start coming up with a “why” for it. You need to have a reason behind the words. 

Looking at everything written down is also a great time to start categorizing and prioritizing. You want your vision board to be clear. You should be able to look at it and know exactly what each thing on it represents. 

3) Grab some supplies

This is the fun part. You get to create something that is hopefully going to help you make positive changes to your life.

Before you put anything else on your vision board, do one little thing. Find a motivational quote that speaks to you. Words that put a smile on your face and get you fired up! 

Write that quote at the top of your vision board. Preferably, in big, bold letters! You can even write down a few song lyrics you love. A personal mantra is another way to go. 

I just want the very top of your vision board to set the tone. 

Now you can grab your poster board along with markers, glue, magazines and anything else you have to make your masterpiece. A little glitter is always a nice touch.

Oh, and stickers. They are tiny little pieces of positive energy. 

4) Positivity central

You want to create an environment that is filled with positivity. This is not to say you should wait until you are in the most positive mood ever to start your vision board.

Sometimes, we are all guilty of waiting until we feel a certain way to start something. I will start when I am this or that. Let me wait until I am in the mood and then it will be the perfect time.

Here’s the thing. You are not always going to feel like doing the things that will move you in a positive direction. You have to do the things and create those positive attitudes and positive vibes.

I love to read any and every personal development book I can get my hands on. Here are some self-help books you need to read!

Another great tool is podcasts. Listen to a podcast while you are creating your vision board. This will just make you feel good. Chances are you are going to hear something that speaks to you. Something that really strikes a chord.

Light a candle. Play some music. Do a little mindful meditation before you start. 

Get that positive energy flowing.

5) Hang that beauty up

No point in making a vision board if you are never going to see it. Hang that beauty up someplace where you will see it every single day. 

This is great to keep you inspired. And especially great for holding yourself accountable. 

You can even take a picture of your vision board. This way you can take a peek at it throughout the day and use that as a little boost. 

6) Check up

Don’t just hope for the best. You need to help the best come along. 

You are putting these thoughts, ideas, and goals out into the world. You are making the choice to give them value. 

Are you making choices in your day to day life that gets you closer to reaching your goals? Are you being intentional in how you spend your time?

Did I make choices today that aligned with anything on my vision board? Ask yourself this question daily. 

This vision board should be the beginning of your journey. Not the end. 

A vision board is a way to put actions behind your ideas. We can talk all day about our goals or things we want to change or improve on. But we have to actually do something to make any of these things happen.

Now, making a vision board is a really good start. Give yourself a pat on the back after you have made one. And then try every day to live your life in a way that is literally going to make that board come to life. 

Let’s talk more about how to make a vision board! Drop a comment!

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How To Make A Vision Board: 6 Steps To Help You Create One Today

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