How To Make Mom Friends

How To Make Mom Friends: 7 Tips To Help You Out

how to make mom friends

How To Make Mom Friends as a Stay at Home Mom

Find your mom tribe. 

Having friends is so important. 

Yeah, we know this. 

But when it comes to exactly how to make mom friends, it needs to be a little more specific.

Actually, a lot more specific. A detailed step by step guide is what I’m talking about!

I wish it happened like it does in the movies and on TV. No real effort needed. Two women bump into each other and instantly bond over their shade of lipstick. A life long friendship is born. End of story. 

Reality does not always align with this scenario. I’m not saying it is impossible. Anything is possible. Except for the return of my pre-baby boobs. But that is an entirely different conversation.

My point is that making mom friends is necessary but it’s gonna take a little effort from you. 

OK, friends!

Before we talk about how to make mom friends, let’s talk about one very important thing.

Why having friends is so dang important!

Being a mom can be lonely. Just being a human being can be lonely. 

Life is better when it is shared with others, right? 

And we need friends to talk to when our husbands and kids are driving us bonkers. Maybe they help calm us down or maybe they encourage us to have a full-on venting session. 

We need people in our lives that know what it’s like. People that fully understand the season of life we are in. 

I can not stress enough the importance of mom friends!

Here is the thing. Making a new friend is hard. But you know what I tell myself? If my kindergartener can do it, then so can I! I encourage her to be brave and try new things. So I should be able to do it too.

What’s that saying? Put your money where your mouth is. Walk the walk. Something like that. 

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Here Are 7 Tips on How to Make Mom Friends

1) Get Out of The House

The first step in making new friends is all about getting out of the house. You have to actually walk out the door if you want to make some real connections.

This could be something as simple as taking a walk. My guess is you probably already do this. 

Try taking a walk to the park. 

The park is a perfect place to eavesdrop on other conversations. Just listening and waiting for an opening. 

Kids make it a lot easier to join a conversation and share your experience. 

2) Take a Class

My best friend is a fellow mama I met at a free library class I took my daughter to. We actually didn’t become friends right away. It took a couple of months. But after the first time we hung out away from the library, I just knew. She was my kind of people.

I had almost given up on making really good mom friends. I was actually starting to get jealous of Cinderella. How nice those little mice friends must be?

But that class changed it all. 

3) Family-Friendly Places

Go to places where kids are.

Going to a place with an abundance of little ones automatically means there will be an abundance of parents. 

You could even sign your little one up for some kind of weekly class such as dance or karate. This would be beneficial for your kid and for you!

4) Say Yes

If someone invited you to a play date or a birthday party, say yes. 

This will mean getting pushed out of your comfort zone. But it will get easier. 

You need to say yes and then follow through with that yes!

5) Awkward

Yes, there may be times when it will be awkward. But think of it this way. If you never get over the awkward hump, then you are just hiding from awkward. With no friends. 

The hardest part for me is putting myself out there. And being OK with the fact that not every mom I meet is going to be a good fit and become my BFF! I am the kind of person who wants everyone to like me. And if they don’t then I want a 10 page paper explaining why. Please and thank you and also be thorough.

Go into this process being fully aware that awkwardness is going to be a part of it. 

6) Make a Move

Put yourself out there. Approach someone. 

Yikes. I know. This seems terrifying. Even typing it gives me a nervous feeling. 

But I try to think of it this way. Most people want some human interaction. I know I do. 

What do you have to lose? It may feel like you are going to faint but you got this!

7) True Connections

Be real. Be yourself. 

That is the only way you are going to make true connections and friendships that last. 

I know many time when we are out we are putting our best “mom face” out there. There is nothing wrong with this. 

But when it comes to getting to know someone, let your guard down a little. We all know motherhood is not amazing every second. No need to act like it. 

Every mom you encounter from here on out is not going to be your new BFF. But don’t give up if a cosmic friend connection doesn’t happen within 3 minutes of you being out and about.

There is no magic wand. But these tips are a great place to start.

Maybe you have so many mom friends you can’t find time to schedule them all in. If that is the case, share your secrets, please!

Having mom friends is essential for your sanity, mama! 

You got this!

Share any tips you have on how to make mom friends! Let’s chat!

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How To Make Mom Friends: 7 Tips To Help You Out

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