How To Make Your Life Better

How To Make Your Life Better: 15 Tips Sure To Help

how to make your life better

How To Make Your Life Better and Happier

This is all about how to make your life better. That’s a concept we can all relate to in some way or another.

Often when we think of a better life, we think of big changes. Our minds bypass anything seemingly simple and go straight to extravagant. 

I know sometimes I think that once I reach a certain BIG milestone or reach a  specific BIG goal then things will become significantly better. That’s when my life will be everything I want it to be.

But a better life is not about chasing things. 

Our lives change for the better when what we do in our day-to-day life changes. The habits and small actions and choices we make are where it is at. 

Creating and building a better life is not a one-and-done activity. We can’t just cross things off a list and expect miracles to happen. No matter how thought out and well planned that list may be. 

These ideas will not in any way result in a perfect life. Here is your little reminder to take perfection completely off the table. 

But these simple and powerful ideas will help you make consistent progress toward designing a life that you love. A life that you are proud of.

A life that is fulfilling for you

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Here Are 15 Ideas All About How To Make Your Life Better… Starting Right Now

1) Declutter

Your mind.

Your purse.

Heck, every inch of your home if you feel up to it. 

Less really is more. Too much stuff (whether physical or mental) can weigh us down. 

When we make intentional choices on what we allow to take up space in our lives, change is almost inevitable. 

Here are some organizing tips you might find useful.

Also, one very helpful way to clear the clutter in our minds is through journaling. If you have never tried journaling, here are some tips for getting started. (oh, and here are some ideas on what to actually write about if you feel stuck)

2) Sleep

Sleep is something we are often so willing to sacrifice. 

How often do you hear people talk about being tired? How often do you make mention of how tired you are?

This is not at all to take away from people who are not able to get the sleep they need. Anyone with kids definitely knows the reality of being super sleep-deprived. And not by choice. 

But if we have the opportunity to get adequate sleep, we should give it our best shot. 

3) Feed Your Body

Are we giving our body the fuel it needs on a daily basis? Now, I love chocolate cake and chips but if I am not balancing that cake out with an apple and some water then guarantee I will not be feeling my best.

Ok, it will probably take more than an apple. But you get the point.

I have worked really hard to stop labeling food as good or bad. Especially since I had my kids. 

It really comes down to how I feel. So really think about the things that make you feel really good. Try to add more of those.

Oh, and drink lots of water. More water is always a choice that you will benefit from. (this motivational water bottle can help with this)

4) Move Your Body

This is about exercise. But I have a rocky relationship with that word.

So I call it moving my body. For some reason, this takes the pressure off and makes it more fun.

5) What Do You Want?

We can often start living a life that is not truly aligned with what we want.

We can feel this strong pull to make sure our lives and our choices impress other people.

Social media obviously plays a gigantic role in this. 

I know I have fallen victim to the idea of wanting others to view me a certain way. To view my life a certain way.

Do you know what this is? This is looking for validation from people who have no personal connection to our lives. 

It sounds insane when you type it out. We are giving up control to people that we will most likely never even see in person.

It is easy to say we don’t care about the opinions of others. It’s a completely different thing to live our lives in a way where we don’t allow the opinions of others to dictate or hold power over any part of us. 

Is it possible to never give a care in the world to what others think? Truthfully, probably not.

We are all human beings who will continuously face hiccups and challenges. But we also have the power to encounter and handle things that come our way.

6) Protect Your Time

Your time is valuable. Treat it that way.

This boils down to boundaries. If you want to take a deep dive into the world of boundaries, then this book is a must-read. It’s chock full of easy-to-understand and digest information. It’s one of those books that has so many highlightable nuggets of wisdom!

This book is truly eye-opening as to all the ways we sacrifice our wants and needs for the sake of others or the comfort of those around us. 

If you are someone who struggles with perpetually stretching yourself way too thin, then reading this is a must. 

I also found this book to be helpful in how I perceive others and the choices they make for themselves. It just gives a very full-circle view of it all. 

7) Priority Totem Pole

Take a look at the systems in your life. The way things are done. The pressure you put on yourself to make sure things are running according to plan.

Pick those systems apart and really think about what you could change (or let go of) to make your life much less stressful and much more enjoyable. 

Life will feel overbearing and heavy if you are endlessly faced with to-do lists that look like novels. We have to take a step back and prioritize for the sake of our mental health and physical health. 

When we can see the power and the positive impact that can come from giving ourselves permission to do less, our lives will shift in the best ways possible. 

Always remember that everything in your life is not at the same priority level. Everything is not on the code red importance tier. 

8) Go To Mood Boosters

The truth is that no matter what we do, our lives will never be all sunshine and rainbows.

But things will most likely not be all bad or all good. Happiness and sadness can co-exist. Joy and frustration can co-exist.

This is about having some simple ways that you can give yourself a little boost. A hit of the good stuff.

If you wake up feeling tired and not in the best mood, that’s totally fine. (My 1-year-old wanted to party from 2:30 to 4 in the morning so my best self was hidden behind some very tired eyes this morning)

We don’t need to mask when we are not feeling 100%. Sometimes we feel as if we need to plaster a smile on and just be grateful for our lives.

While I am a big fan of gratitude, I am not a big fan of shoving any emotions under the rug.

Here are some simple ways to boost your mood. Small but powerful ways to make life feel a little bit lighter on those off days. 

9) Kick Comparison To The Curb

Comparison is a nasty little thing. It’s like a cockroach that will make itself comfortable and stay awhile if you let it.

We all compare. It’s human nature. But it can definitely take on a mind of its own. And it can start to take over our lives like weeds in a garden. 

While there is no quick fix to make yourself immune to comparison, there are things you can do to help deal with and work through it when it comes around. These tips should help!

10) Take a Social Media Break

Ugh.. social media. We have a love-and-hate relationship. 

On the one hand, it’s a great way to stay connected. It’s also a great resource for all types of learning and development. 

But there is for sure a flip side. And that side can be dark and dangerous. 

Evaluate how much time you are spending on social media. The real kicker here is to be absolutely sure that you are spending more time in your actual real life than scrolling through curated lives on the internet. 

11)  A “When This” Life

Give it your very best effort not to live a “when this happens I’ll be happy” life. 

Once you reach one of your “when this happens” scenarios another one will without a doubt pop right up. 

Life is an ongoing process. This is not Google Maps. 

When we pick a very specific thing as an endpoint, we are setting ourselves up for disaster. This train of thought just does not work. Plain and simple! 

Are there things that will increase your overall happiness and create more joy in your life? Of course. I mean, that’s what this entire thing is about. 

However, this is about not betting it all on that one thing that you think is going to make every piece of your life fall into place. 

Also, none of us need to delay happiness until this or that happens. Your happiness is not on layaway somewhere waiting to be picked up once you make that final payment. 

Give yourself permission to be happy here and now. 

12) Evaluate Your Goals

Whether big, small, or massive, look at your goals and do some serious evaluation. 

Goals change and evolve over time. And if you are anything like me, you might find yourself holding onto a goal or idea way past its expiration date.

Your goals and really any part of your life are not etched out in stone. 

You can put a plan in reverse. You can change course or pivot if you choose to.

I am all about holding ourselves accountable when we create goals or things we want to achieve. But maybe evaluating goals more often and being open and welcoming to change is what we could all use a little more of.

Want to read more about goals? This is for you!

13) Daily Affirmations

OK, if this seems “whoo whoo only positive vibes welcome” then think again. 

I do not believe that your life is going to become spectacular because you think positive thoughts. Happy thoughts are absolutely not the be-all-end-all of life. 

However,  this is more about setting the tone for how we talk to ourselves. Our inner (and sometimes outer) dialogue. 

Grab a pen and jot down some affirmations that speak to you.

You can do this on a Post-it note. Or you can start a habit of writing a few affirmations in a journal every morning. (this beautiful and simple journal is perfect)

Creating this seemingly small habit can really spill over into all the areas of your life and have an immensely positive impact.

Here are a few of my favorite affirmations to use. 

I am doing enough. (I write this one down almost every single day!)

I deserve to live a joy-filled life. 

14) Think Small

It’s tempting to lay out all these grand plans. Here’s the thing. Grand plans are fun to think about and talk about. Not so fun to execute. 

Think small. 

No one wakes up one day and decides to run a 5K even though they have never run for more than 3 minutes in 10 years. That is not realistic. I mean, it is basically impossible. 

Choose something small. Something that is extremely doable. Often we hear about setting the bar high and that’s a great sentiment. 

However, when you want to make changes I think slow and steady and doable is setting the bar high in a way. 

It’s you NOT setting yourself up to fail.

You want to become more financially stable and save money. Awesome. That’s not going to happen by next Thursday.

You want to build a habit of working out 30 minutes a day. Wonderful. That habit is not going to form in the next 2 days. 

Looking to make choices in the kitchen that align with how you want to feel. Deciding to cut out sugar completely starting tomorrow might not pan out the way you picture it in your mind. 

Bigger is not always better. Extremes are not the best route. Going all out sounds great. It can often fall apart in the execution. 

Little changes here and there matter. Small steps add up. 

15) Take Action

Thinking about ways your life can be improved is great. Reading all about changing your life is amazing. 

It gets your mind going and gives you a heavy hit of motivation and inspiration. 

But thoughts alone are not going to change your life.

We have to take actual physical steps to get there. We need to make a move and then another move and then another. You get the point. 

Tiny tweaks can and will create a ripple effect. 

Nothing in life is a straight line. Bumps and bruises are part of the gig. 

Life will be amazing and spectacular and hard and painful. It will always be this way. 

But one of the best things you can do is remind yourself regularly that you have the power to build the life you want and deserve.

OK, that might sound a little cheesy but hot dang it’s true. 

So, live your best life friend. (ok, that was cheesy too but I’m gonna roll with it)

Have any tips on how to make your life better? Let us know!

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How To Make Your Life Better: 15 Tips Sure To Help

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