How To Make Your Life More Interesting

How To Make Your Life More Interesting: 5 Things To Consider

how to make your life more interesting

Is My Life Interesting

Hi. How are you?

Let’s chat. Find a comfortable spot if you can. Maybe even grab a blanket. (soft blankets are the best)

We are going to talk about how to make your life more interesting.

Interesting topic, huh? See what I did there?

So often we can feel as if our lives somehow got put on the cruise control setting. I know I feel that way a lot of the time.

And then my mind starts being flooded by all these thoughts. Grand ideas. Massive ways I can change things. 

Maybe I will move to Los Angeles and try my hand at book editing. Or become a personal assistant to a celebrity. 

I consider opening my own bakery.

Start running 5 miles every morning. I see so many people that swear running changed their lives. (I might even run into my new best friend while on one of these magical runs)

You get the idea. Grand ideas for the win. It can feel like an escape to imagine these fun and exciting scenarios in your head. 

And let me make it very clear that I am not at all downplaying any of those ideas. They are all doable if that is what you truly want for your life.

But for many of us, those ideas only serve as distractions. They hold us back from making real changes to our lives as they are today. 

It’s the little day-to-day choices that create change. The small shifts in how we show up for ourselves and for our lives. 

That’s where it’s at.

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Here Are 5 Ideas All About How To Make Your Life More Interesting

1) Focus on Yourself

OK, if you are anything like me, you allow outside influences to guide you in some ways. 

Wait. I think most of us do that. Or have done that at some point in our lives?

It is so easy to get caught up in what someone else has going on. And then we convince ourselves that we are lacking or our lives are lacking in some way because we aren’t also doing X, Y, or Z. 

The only way we are going to change anything in our lives is to place the spotlight on ourselves.

Now, this is not to say that you can not use things you see or hear as motivation. But that outside motivation will only do so much. 

I don’t want to spend months fawning over someone else and the life I assume they have. And often, if I really dive deeper into what I want, the two do not align at all.

For example, I recently saw on social media this family that sold everything and travels around the United States in an RV with young children.

How cool is that? I became obsessed with doing something similar. But then I dug into those feelings a little more.

I grabbed a journal and started writing about traveling. And I discovered that my wants were nowhere near continuous RV travel. 

My vibe is more of a weekend trip to the zoo. Or a 5-day beach vacay to Florida once a year. (we actually leave in 4 days for this)

The point is that a lot of things you see or hear about or think about will be extremely appealing. That doesn’t mean they are right for you. 

Not everything is for you. 

2) Get off Your Phone 

I love my phone. She is an integral part of my life. But…

Do I love my little gadget too much? Probably. 

With everything phones can do nowadays, it is as if there is a complete world going on inside of them. Literally. 

If you are feeling even the slightest down in the dumps about your life then social media might not be the best place to spend time. 

You will inevitably find something that makes you feel not so great. Something that solidifies all the ways you see your life as lame. 

Take a break from your phone. 

Do a crossword puzzle or word search. Listen to a podcast. Read a book (these books rock). Have a dance party. 

Life may feel as if it happening inside of your phone but here is your reminder that it is not.

Also, if you want your relationship with social media to change but taking a break is not your thing then there is something else you can try.

Curate the heck out of all your social media platforms. You have a pretty big say in what you take in. Being more selective can work wonders.

3) Learn Something New

Learning is cool. I’m not sure my 9-year-old would be shouting this from the rooftops but I proudly will. 

I have a few teachers in my family and from a young age learning was viewed and talked about in such a positive light. It wasn’t about learning to ace a test or to produce a certain result.

It was presented as this fun thing I got to do. Got to explore.

Now, I was still a kid so there was no rocking learning is cool t-shirts in junior high. 

And while I have nothing against math, I am still not a big fan of fractions. 

But learning is so much more than all that. You can learn about anything. ANYTHING. And you will never learn it all. 

I am an almost 38-year-old stay-at-home mom. Safe to say my life can feel a bit repetitive at times. Stagnant even. 

I never regret learning about something that intrigues me. It’s a great way to break from my usual routine. Mix it up a little.

It also almost always lifts my mood. (even if only a little)

**Also, if you want to take it a step further in the learning department, you should check out Coursera. It’s an online learning platform that offers thousands of different courses on basically anything. You can even earn certificates and degrees. 

4) Try Something New

Get out there in the world. Give something new a try.

I know firsthand that this is so much easier said than done. But amp yourself up and do it anyway.

Join a book club. Try a new exercise class. Give rollerblading a chance. Check out a new coffee shop. Anything is fair game. 

This is great for finding new things you may love and discovering things you may not be especially fond of.

The only way to know if something is for you is to try it. The only way to know if something will add joy to your life is to test it out.

And don’t forget that you can 100% try things and then stop those same things if they don’t serve you well. 

5) Stay in Your Lane

Ok, I know we already talk about keeping the focus on yourself but no harm in mentioning it again. 

Comparison is one of those things that none of us are immune to. We have all dealt with it in some capacity and we probably will again.

The answer is not to aim to never compare yourself or your life to others people’s lives. That is dancing on the line of unrealistic. 

But comparison will not serve you well. 

Everything around us has an impact on how we view our lives. How we measure our lives. 

But our lives are much too valuable to be measured up against the life of someone else. 

I’m here to tell you that most of life happens on random Wednesdays. It’s not this big glamourous thing. 

I don’t know how many times I have seen or heard something along the lines of life being a wild ride. And I immediately think my life is not that wild.

Maybe yours doesn’t feel too wild either. At least not in the way you pictured. 

But I guarantee you and your life are more interesting than you think. And I also guarantee that you are more than capable of making tweaks or shifts if you feel inclined to.

Have any tips on how to make your life more interesting?

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How To Make Your Life More Interesting: 5 Things To Consider

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