How To Organize Your Closet

How To Organize Your Closet With These 7 Easy Steps

how to organize your closet

How To Organize A Small Closet With Lots of Clothes

Does the idea of organizing your closet make you want to run and hide? 

Well, that is about to change (hopefully).

Ready to learn how to organize your closet? Fed up with looking at a mess every time you go to get dressed?

Closets can be messy. Really dang messy. They are a perfect hiding spot for random things. Not to mention the number of clothes you probably have smooshed in there. 

All this is coming from the queen of staring at a full closet and still saying I have nothing to wear. Well, I should say former queen. Now, I am the queen of a small wardrobe that I love. Most of the time. I am still human, friends.  We are all entitled to a few meltdowns in front of our closets, am I right? 

Decluttering or purging has become all the rage. And for good reason!

Let me get one thing out of the way. I love getting rid of stuff. Purging brings me joy. So get ready to read a lot about saying so long to things. I can almost guarantee you will feel on top of the world when this is all said and done. One thing is for sure. Your closet will be organized! 

Learn How To Organize Your Closet With These 7 Steps

1) Take Everything Out

Roll your sleeves up and let’s get this show on the road. 

Take every single thing out of your closet. I forgot to mention earlier to set aside a couple of hours for this job. You want to put in the time and do it right!

I wrote an article about how to organize your home. And the same concept is used here. You have to make a big old mess before you can even begin to get organized. This can be hard. But trust me it is completely necessary. 

If you have never taken a deep dive into your closet then you don’t really even know what all is in there!

2) Let the fashion show begin

Some pieces you may be able to part with very quickly. No second-guessing! Heck, I remember looking at some things and not knowing how they even made their way into my closet. Maybe they were a gift. Or maybe it was a temporary lapse of judgment.

But this won’t be true for everything. There will be some items that will put up a fight.

When in doubt, walk it out. As in walk your pretend runway. Or look in a mirror and really evaluate a piece. 

If you are on the fence it is probably not worth keeping. Because if it goes back in your closet it will end up in the land of forgotten clothes. 

3) Say Good-bye

My guess is you have quite a few things you threw into the donate pile right away. Lots of things you just don’t wear. And some things you just do not like. And maybe even some things that have seen much better days. I’m looking at you shirts with sweat stains in the armpit area. 

Do you know what I know for sure? There is stuff in that dang closet that just does not fit you. 

Avoid keeping things because you might wear them someday. I mean, someday I would like to hang out with Taylor Swift. But I am not holding my breath. 

4) Put it all back

Do not just put everything back in there randomly. You did all the hard work of trying on pieces (which can be exhausting in itself) and making tough choices. So don’t rush now just to clean up the mess. 

Organize what is going back in. Group things together. I like to do short sleeve shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, pants and then skirts and dresses at the end. 

Fingers crossed this is a pretty painless process because you have a lot less stuff. A lot less!

5) Random things round up

There were probably more than just clothes in your closet. Make sure to go through those things as well. Do not just push them to the back nicely. 

I always say moving things around is not organizing. Getting serious about organizing and decluttering is all about clearing out space in all areas of your life. Out of sight and out of mind is not the goal here. 

So random things either need a home or they need to go. If there is something you have not seen in over six months then it is probably not that important. 

6) What Kind of Wardrobe Do You Want?

When I cleaned out my closet the last time, I realized I had a lot of stuff that was just not my style anymore. We all know our styles change over time. Things I wore five years ago do not catch my eye anymore. A perfect example is jeans. Low-rise jeans used to be the style I chose. Now, 34-year-old me is always in search of high-waisted pants. 

This is an important question to ask yourself during the decluttering process. And it is a great question to ask yourself when shopping for new items. 

7) Only Buy Things You LOVE

Do you want your closet to turn into a mess again in a few months? Of course not!

Do not buy things unless they make you feel like a hot tamale. I love a sale just as much as the next person. But if you do not need a new piece of clothing then steer clear of the sale rack. 

I truly believe that less is more when it comes to clothing. Avoid buying things out of boredom. Or let’s be completely honest, it can feel good just to spend money sometimes. 

But having a mess or too much “stuff” does not feel good! Trust me. Clutter-free for life!

Girl, go purge the heck out of that closet!

Turn on some music. The decluttering party is about to go down.

There is one very important thing I want you to remember. What you wear has a direct correlation to how you feel. You know those things you put on that make you do a double-take. They make you walk a little taller. That is your goal. To have all(at least most) of your clothes give you that feeling. And don’t worry. This does not mean a closet full of fancy outfits. A great pair of leggings can make you feel like a model. 

Oh, one more thing to remember. One sweep-through may not be enough. And that is completely OK!

Really try to get a big chunk done the first time. That first go-round is crucial because you are motivated to get it done. But it may not be the masterpiece you had in your mind after round one. Just keep at it and you will get there.

The key to becoming and staying clutter-free is realizing it is not a one-and-done kind of process. I’m actually off to check on the state of my hall closet right now! 

Got any tips on how to organize your closet? Share away!

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How To Organize Your Closet With These 7 Easy Steps

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