Imposter Syndrome

How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

how to overcome imposter syndrome

11 Ways To Deal With Imposter Syndrome

Let’s talk about how to overcome imposter syndrome. I mean, that’s why we’re here, right?

Do you ever feel like an imposter? A fraud? 

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Like you were not worthy of saying or doing something?

Yeah, me too. 

That is good old imposter syndrome.

I wish there was a simple cut-and-dry answer. Do XYZ and your imposter syndrome will be gone. 

We all know it doesn’t work like that. But hot dang it would be great if it did. 

Imposter syndrome is basically like a dump truck of self-doubt being emptied onto you. 

Imposter syndrome is rude. You know those people who don’t smile back at babies. That is what imposter syndrome is like. Just super unpleasant. 

Let me take a second to remind you that you are not alone in this. When these dark and dreary feelings hit us, it most definitely feels like we are the only ones going through this.

But rest assured you are not alone. And next time you feel alone in your battle with imposter syndrome just pop back over and read this again!

Here are 11 Awesome Tips on How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

1) Stop Comparing Yourself to EVERYONE!

Easy, right? Not so much.

Does this sound familiar?

You constantly have a thought that everyone else is killing it and high-fiving themselves in the mirror ten times a day and you are the only one feeling the complete opposite of awesome. 

That my friend is what I call falling into a comparison rabbit hole. 

Comparison is normal. We all do it.

But when we are already doubting ourselves, comparisons can blow up into irrational thoughts that consume us. 

Instead of using a comparison to fuel or inspire you, it just weighs us down and makes us feel really bad about ourselves. 

Here is a simple truth that always helps me.

Everyone’s journey is different.

Those four words don’t immediately solve all my problems and make me feel like a million bucks. But they have helped pull me out of some pretty gnarly pity parties. 

There will always be someone that is further along on their journey than you are. There will be someone with more experience and less experience. Someone that knows more or knows something we don’t. 

That is just the way it is. 

I also like to partner comparing with a compliment. And that compliment is for yourself. 

Instead of listing off a handful of positive things you see in someone else, name something positive about yourself. 

This might be hard. REALLY HARD! But give yourself a dang compliment.

2) Feelings

When imposter syndrome strikes, we have a heap of emotions going on. And all those feelings and emotions can be overwhelming and so frustrating.

And being overwhelmed and frustrated will just make things worse. Neither of those things is a great motivator to help move you to a more positive mindset, right?

So what happens next?

A shutdown. System overload.

In my case, this looks like closing the door (or the laptop) on an idea I was passionate about and hiding it at the top of my closet. 

Imposter syndrome creeps into your brain and turns excitement to fear and doubt so quickly.

This calls for a feelings dump. 

Talk about how you are feeling. And yes, this can be talking to yourself. 

Or write out how you are feeling. 

Just make sure not to bottle those feelings up. That never ends well. 

Open the flood gates and let it all out. This always helps me think a little more practically when I have gone off the rails!

3) Confidence

Imposter syndrome and doubt go hand in hand. 

Even the most confident person can struggle with imposter syndrome. 

But confidence can be like a dangling rope that will help you pull yourself out of an imposter syndrome funk quite a bit quicker. 

So many of us often do not see our own potential.

It is extremely common to struggle with believing in yourself.

And the journey to becoming more confident is not linear! It is more zig, zag, hill kind of vibes. 

I have always struggled a tad with confidence but I have found some things that help me manage all that. Take a look at this!

4) Failure (is an option)

No one has a perfect batting average. Ok, might have to fact-check that one. 

But you get what I mean! Everyone out there is not hitting it out of the park every single time they do something while you are giving your best effort and coming up short.

When people say failure is not an option, it doesn’t really resonate with me. 

Failure is always an option or a possibility. 

It is more about what you do after a failure. How you respond and pivot after things don’t go just the way you planned. 

Failure can seem like a big, powerful, and scary word. 

I like to say figuring it out with openness. 

Be willing to reassess when you hit bumps in the road. 

5) Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

I know. Being uncomfortable is not a feeling I strive for.

I mean, if I have to choose between panty lines and a thong I am rocking those panty lines 9 times out of 10. So safe to say comfort is my JAM!

For a majority of people, any level of newness can feel uncomfortable. Whether it is dipping your toes in the water with a small step or jumping off a cliff yelling YOLO!

Comfort zones are warm and cozy. What’s not to like about them?

But avoiding any kind of discomfort will not help you accomplish your goals. It will not help you get things done.

I strongly feel that acknowledging that something is uncomfortable will work wonders. 

It’s all about knowing and accepting that some choices or actions you take won’t feel awesome. They might feel strange or awkward but that doesn’t mean you quit!

6) Take a (Dance) Break

Any kind of break will do. But I do highly suggest a dance break. 

Clear your head. Twerk around your living room. Line dance like your life depends on it. 

Do not underestimate the power of 10 minutes of feel-good music. 

Now, one dance break is not going to change everything miraculously. But it can help you finish one small task. And maybe an exercise break will help you finish another small task. 

Creating small habits that bring you joy can (and will) snowball into something much bigger. 

7) Slow and Steady

One foot in front of the other. 

It is very easy to bite off more than you can chew. 

I tend to do this with ideas and planning. I get fired up and ready to go with all these amazing ideas and then it all falls apart in the execution. 

Bite-size steps! A little chomp here and there will add up. 

Slowing down can actually get you where you want to be much quicker. 

8) Words of Wisdom

Affirmations are popular for a reason!

Think about how you talk to yourself. I know I am not the kindest to myself sometimes. Especially not when I am feeling like I have nothing to offer and maybe should just find a cave to live in for the remainder of my life. 

That cave thought is a little dramatic. But my thoughts can go to some strange places sometimes. 

The point is that negative self-talk happens. And it can quickly spiral out of control.

Change the conversation going on in your head!

Find some positive affirmations that speak to you and make you feel good. 

Write them down on post its and stick those puppies somewhere you will see them. (I like to put mine on the top of my laptop!)

9) Plan

I am a planner through and through. 

Planning makes me feel more confident in what I am doing.

Preparation brings me JOY! 

And planning along with preparation can work wonders when dealing with imposter syndrome!

It’s like walking into a room with your entourage behind you. It gives you that “I got this” attitude.

10) Learn

Hello, growth. Nice to meet you. 

Search out opportunities to learn and grow!

I am always reading some sort of self-improvement or life improvement book. ALWAYS. 

I try my hardest to read for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes, I get lucky and my kids go right to bed and I might get to read for longer. 

But I never regret the minutes I spend reading. I feel better when I close the book. I feel inspired or just more informed or aware of an idea or concept that I wasn’t aware of before. 

OH, here are my favorite motivating books!

If you do one thing from this article today, go on a hunt for information.

11) Keep Going!

Imposter syndrome is like a spider. Even when you don’t see it or feel it, it can be hiding in the shadows… ready to crawl across your leg any second.

What does Dory say? Just keep swimming!

Will reading this eradicate imposter syndrome from your life forever? Ummmm… Most likely not. But reading this will give you tools to better work through and handle imposter syndrome when it pops up. 

It’s like that whack a mole game. You might have to hit it a few times but keep at it and you’ll get there in the end. 

Imposter syndrome wants to steal your joy. It feeds off of negativity and wants to crush your enthusiasm.

Don’t let it. At least not for too long. 

Imposter syndrome is something that will probably come and go for you. And that is fine. That is normal.

The real key is to have some tools or skills in your back pocket that can help you fight those feelings of imposter syndrome when they come knocking at your door ready to fight.

Because let’s be real. It will be a battle. And the battles we have within ourselves are tough.

Have any tip on how to overcome imposter syndrome? Drop a comment!

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How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

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