How To Slow Down in Life

How To Slow Down in Life: 7 Ideas To Consider

how to slow down in life

How To Slow Down and Enjoy Life

This is all about how to slow down in life.

And I don’t know about you… but sometimes that concept feels borderline impossible. 

It’s one of those things that sounds great in theory, right?

We can easily see the reasons why slowing down is beneficial. 

However, the gap between something we might want for our lives and actually implementing that idea into our lives can be pretty vast. 

Do you know what doesn’t seem to move slowly? Um…everything. Everything around us. 

Seriously. This world can feel so busy and noisy. It is go go go. Well, to be fair, things are constantly going. That’s how it works. Movement is necessary. 

But maybe everything doesn’t have to be so fast-paced. 

Do you ever feel like you have two contradictory ideas thrown your way? Being busy and having jam-packed schedules seems to come with bragging rights. 

Accomplishing more and always doing more garners such high praise. 

On the other side of that, we see or hear from outside sources that we need to make sure we are slowing down and enjoying life. Savoring the little things. Really living. 

OK… so the answer is to move fast and slow at the same time. 

Not exactly. 

I think there is one very important thing we truly need to consider in this scenario. Ourselves.

This comes to down us and what we want our lives to look like. What we want our lives to feel like. 

You’re the driver here. You choose what speed works for you. Don’t forget that. 

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Here Are 7 Ideas To Help You Learn How To Slow Down in Life

1) What’s The Rush?

Often times I feel like I am just vrooming through life. I feel this urge to get more done or move faster.

I feel like I am always moving toward something. Or that I need to be looking ahead for some reason. 

So I started asking myself this question. What’s the rush? Really. What is it?

If I take a step back and think about the answer to that question, I usually come to the same conclusion.

I have no real good reason to be in a rush. 

Maybe the speed of the world has gotten a grip on you too. Maybe go go go has become your default. 

Grab a journal and start writing down how you feel about your life. About specific areas. Really anything. 

Words on paper can be really eye-opening and can help guide you in a new direction if you’re feeling off. And sitting down with a pen and paper really encourages the idea of slowing it down a little. 

Also, always looking ahead can cause us to miss things right in front of us. And we don’t want to miss that. That’s our life. 

2) Phone Break

Phones are great, right? I know I am pretty thankful for mine.

Without it, how would I find my way around a new town I visit? (I am a little embarrassed to say that the thought of looking at a physical map scares the heck out of me)

Other than helping us all not get lost, it also keeps us connected to our friends and families. It takes pictures and videos. 

You get the gist. Phones are cool.

But they also have this way of sucking us in. We start scrolling and……

Practice spending time without your phone. Without any device. 

Being present in our actual lives matters. 

The world inside of our devices can also be a huge factor in how much we compare our lives to others. (comparison may not always seem like a giant deal but it can become dangerous)

If you struggle with comparison like I do, read this

3) What is Productive?

We all need to take a serious look at what we view as productive. 

Rest is productive. Having fun is productive. Doing something that brings you joy is productive. 

Slowing down is definitely productive.

Downtown is not pointless. It’s good for you. 

I know one thing that is definitely not productive and that is burnout. When burnout sets in, we are just going through the motions. 

It is so vital to change the narrative you have in regard to getting stuff done.

Yes, some days you will get so much done and be super impressed with yourself. That’s great. I am not at all taking away from all the amazing things you do all the time.

This is more of a reminder that you are just as awesome when you get 2 things done as when you get 17 done.

And you are also awesome when you give the to-do list the middle finger and enjoy life in whatever way you want to. 

4) Prioritize

Everything will not be in perfect order in your life every day. 

I used to make these long and elaborate lists of things I needed to get done. Guess what? There were always so many things that did not get crossed off those darn lists.


Well, because I am human. And my lists were basically like short novels. Completely unrealistic. 

Everything can not be categorized as urgent. The “must get done” column should not be full. 

This sets us up for failure. And even if we were defying the odds and getting a ridiculous amount of things done, what would be the price? 

Our sanity. 

Prioritizing is so crucial. 

Try picking two to three things to get done. And maybe on Mondays, you pick one. 

I love this simple to-do list notepad. The best part is the area it has for top priorities. 

5) Less is More

There is always something new that we need. This is especially true thanks to social media. If I see one more person trying on some “must-have” jeans, I’m going to lose it. (or I’m going to buy those dang jeans…it can go either way)

The point is we can get a lot thrown our way.

This is where “less is more” comes into play. 

Less stuff around us.

Less crowded calendars. Cross things out. Just try it and see how it feels. 

Say no to something. 

It is ok to be pickier about what comes into your home.

It is ok to be pickier about how you spend your valuable time. 

Less noise around us will without a doubt help us to slow down and actually be present in our daily lives. 

6) Gratitude

This is a small habit that can have a really positive impact on your life. 

This gratitude journal is a winner. It might take some time for this to become a habit but keep at it. 

I especially love that this little activity encourages me to look for the good. Even on hard days or particularly stressful days, I still have that thought in the back of my mind to keep a lookout for the good stuff. 

Now, I am not at all saying to plaster a smile on your face and only acknowledge the good. No way. And that would never work anyway.

This is just about having a tool to come to turn to. This is about having something to remind us that all emotions can co-exist.

And doing this always reminds me that a bad day (or week) does not mean I have a bad life. 

7) Check-in

One powerful way to build lives we love and enjoy is to check in with ourselves on a consistent basis. 

This is true for any relationship in our lives. But especially the relationship we have with ourselves. (which is the most important one)

The best of intentions still need some backup. 

This isn’t a one-and-done sort of thing. 

Pick a day to check in with yourself. Check in with how you are feeling about your life. 

Our lives will always be a work in progress. This isn’t a race we are trying to win.

Have any thoughts on how to slow down in life?

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How To Slow Down in Life: 7 Ideas To Consider

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