How to Start a Journal

How to Start a Journal: 6 Tips For Beginners 

how to start a journal

How To Journal For Self Improvement

Ready to talk about every little aspect of how to start a journal?

You’re reading this, so I’m assuming the answer is YES!

Having a journal can seem like such a simple thing.

But I think the benefits of journaling go much deeper. 

The word free comes to mind. It is all about the power of putting it all out there. Not for anyone else. Just for yourself. 

Let’s answer this question.

Why should you start a journal?

Oh, let me count the ways. The reason is different for everyone.

But I think we can all benefit from having open and honest communication with ourselves. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling. And talk about it. Like the most rewarding exhale. 

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Here are 6 Steps on How to Start a Journal

1) Grab Yourself a Journal

You have to have a journal, of course. (Check this one out!!)

Get one you can’t stop looking at!

Do you drink coffee? Picture your favorite mug.

I have a favorite mug. I have a few that I love actually. And I love drinking my coffee out of them.

Grabbing that mug out of the cabinet instantly makes me feel good. It may be just a mug to some but for me, it is much more. It pumps me up and gets me much closer to a positive mindset. 

You want a journal you are super pumped to write in. One that makes you feel something. 

2) What Will it Do For You?

Do you have a goal when it comes to journaling?

What is it you hope to gain from this? 

Maybe you want to gain some clarity. You could be looking for a way to add some organization to all your thoughts.

I like to journal for the purpose of getting to know myself better. To really gain a deeper understanding of who I am and why I am the way I am.

3) Routine

When you first start on your journal journey, it will be easy to keep up with it. But over time, that enthusiasm may fade a little. That journal might start collecting dust at the back of your sock drawer. 

You don’t want that to happen. Make it a part of your day. 

This could mean making it a part of your morning routine or something you do right before bed.

But you know what? Anytime that works for you is the right time.

Scheduling it into your day is not meant to sound like a strict task. It means you are putting a value on this certain thing. Making the decision that this is important to you. 

But let me also say this. The world will not crumble if you miss a day or two. 

4) Special Spot

Now, you can write in your journal whenever and wherever you like. It is all up to you!

But have a little fun with it. Create a special little spot that is your writing spot. An area that is comfy and cozy and gets you ready to spill your guts. 

Create a little space that not only inspires you but also makes you feel safe. 

5) Let it Go

This journal is for you. You can let it all out. That is the point, right? Do not feel like you have to talk a certain way. Some things you write may cause a little discomfort or even make you cringe when you go back and read them. That’s fine.

This is a big step in being comfortable with all of our emotions and thoughts. Full honesty.

You can not make a mistake with this. So be sure you are not holding back. 

6) Self Reflection

Take the time to look back over your older journal entries. See how far you’ve come. See how you have changed and grown as a person. 

How great is it to look back on things you made it through? Memories that made you smile. 

This is the perfect way to be aware of where you have been, where you are and where you are going. 

I also think this is another perfect way to keep up with journaling. Knowing that every so often you get to look back and re-read your thoughts and feelings is super cool!

You and a journal is the perfect recipe for creating your own little therapy session. 

Want to know the best part? You never know what might come out onto those pages. How exciting. To be open to the idea that there is always something new to discover about yourself. 

Now that you are ready to get started with journaling, you need to check out these ideas that will give you some inspiration on what to actually write in your journal!

What are your thoughts on how to start a journal?

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How to Start a Journal: 6 Tips For Beginners 

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