How to Wake Up Early in the Morning

How to Wake Up Early in The Morning and Be (Mostly) Happy About it

how to wake up early in the morning

How to Wake Up in The Morning

Does the idea of how to wake up early in the morning seem like a problem with no obvious solutions?

Have no fear. You have found the solution. 

And here is the icing on the cake. These tips can help you wake up early and not be as tired or nearly as cranky. 

This is about getting up early in the morning and making that time count. 

I always thought of people who got up early as the cool kids. It seemed like those people had it all together. (I know that’s not true… nobody has it all together) 

But something about people waking up early and diving right into their day was appealing. It not only made their life seem great, it made them seem like they knew a secret I did not. 

So how do we become one of those awesome people that is out there killing it in the morning?

Here Are 8 Tips on How to Wake Up Early in The Morning

1) Choose a Time

What is your ideal time that you would like to be able to get up? 

This could be a “have to” or a “want to” for you. 

Maybe you have some life changes going on and sleeping past 8 is not in the cards anymore. Or maybe you want to wake up and get more done in the mornings.

This is all up to you and what works for your life!

Let me say one very important thing.

Please try not to go too extreme. Ease yourself into waking up early. Especially at first. 

2) Your Why

Why do you want to learn how to wake up early in the morning? 

What is this going to do for you?

Will this get you closer to your goals? Maybe it is just necessary for your lifestyle. 

It is one thing to have good intentions. Acting on those good intentions is where it can get tricky.

So I highly suggest having a “why” that really motivates you.

Write this “why” down somewhere to hold yourself accountable. 

3) What Do You Gain?

This is going a little deeper into your “why.”

When I wake up an hour before my daughter, I get so much done. Notice how I said when. I am not perfect people. Every once in a while I let me rebellious side out and stay under the covers. Funny thing is I hardly ever fall back asleep. And the times I do I feel groggy when I get up. 

Be specific with this. 

Maybe this gives you more free time with your family later in the day. Maybe this helps you get some alone time which can be crucial. 

Being fully aware of the ways this is improving your life is an essential part of this journey.

You can also do a weekly check in as a reminder of all the ways getting up early is doing good for your life.

4) Plan

You are more likely to stick to this if you have a plan in place. 

Taking a few minutes to go over your plan for the next day may even help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. I know there have been many night where I lay my head on the pillow to go to sleep and instantly have about 237 thoughts pop in my head. NOT COOL. 

Sit down and write out a detailed plan with all the things on your agenda for the next day. And think about how many of these things can be done within the first few hours of you being up!

5) Mindset

Think of how you talk about an event you are looking forward to. We say “get to” when referring to said event.

Now, think of something you are not looking forward to as much. We say “have to” and I don’t think we sound too chipper when we are saying it.

Before you go to bed at night, think of something you “get to” do the next day. 

5) Routine

Chances are you are not waking up crazy early for the fun of it. 

Create a routine. 

This is the way to stay consistent. I like to get up, get dressed and brush my teeth! Then I usually drink a big glass of cold water. The colder the better. 

Making this my routine makes these things a habit and I do them without even giving it much thought. 

6) Go to Bed Earlier

This is an obvious one, right? But no matter how obvious it is, many people struggle with getting to bed at a reasonable time. 

Ask yourself this?

How do I feel when I don’t get enough sleep? What does being exhausted do to me?

My answer to lack of sleep is two simple words. It sucks. Being tired and sluggish sucks. No nice way to say it. No way to twist it to a positive. 

Sleep deprivation is a beast. 

7) Sleep in 

Allow yourself to sleep in every now and then. 

Some days when you are really not feeling it, take a mental health day. It is OK not to perform like a machine. 

But also do not fight it if you wake up early naturally. I tend to wake up at around the same time every day without my alarm even going off. It feels better to just get up. Laying there or falling back asleep usually results in a groggy mama! 

8) Set Yourself Up For Success

Have things ready. 

The one thing I always have done is my outfit picked out. It is something that takes me literally two minutes to do the night before. But it makes all the difference for me. I set them on my dresser. When I wake up, I look over and they are in my direct line of sight. 

Another thing that makes a huge difference for me is having my house clean. I always do a quick run-through of the house before I go to bed. Waking up to a mess may not seem like a big deal when you are ready for bed and tidying up is the last thing on your mind. But in the morning, that mess could put you in a bad mood!

One more thing! I highly suggest having a pleasant alarm sound. Not one of those obnoxious sounds that literally creates rage. And put it out of reach if you are a snooze button lover. That way you have to get up and hopefully, at that point, you stay up!

I promise you can wake up early and not hate your life. 

Side note: You might hate your life a little at first! Just stick with the plan and keep pushing through. 

Waking up early has to do with not just one habit. But a handful of habits that create the outcome you desire. 

I can not promise your mornings will be glamorous. But they also won’t be filled with dread. Somewhere in the middle is good enough.

And don’t forget, just like everything else, it will get easier if you stick with it. 

You got this!

Have any tips on how to wake up early in the morning? Share away!

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How To Wake Up Early in The Morning and Be (Mostly) Happy About it

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