How to Work on Yourself as a Person

How to Work on Yourself as a Person: 7 Powerful Ideas

how to work on yourself as a person

How to Improve Yourself in Life

OKAY! Let’s skip the small talk and get right to it.

This is all about how to work on yourself as a person. YAY! Something we can all relate to in some way or another. 

Now, let’s make one thing very clear. Working on yourself is not a simple step-by-step process that will provide you with fantastic results in no time at all. 

This isn’t a recipe for a bundt cake. 

Think more lifeline journey vibes. 

We’re not just aiming to check a few boxes and move on. We’re aiming to make lasting change. And lasting change requires maintenance. 

Hence why it’s a lifeline journey

So let’s dive on in.

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Here Are 7 Ideas All About How To Work on Yourself as a Person

1) Dissect Your Life

Really dive in. We’re talking way below the surface.

Get in all those nooks and crannies. 

Ask yourself some questions. How are you feeling? What’s going on in your life? What are you proud of? Is there anything that feels a little off?

Then answer those questions.

I highly suggest grabbing a notebook for this. Thoughts on paper are powerful. 

This is also great for clearing the clutter from your mind. Writing our thoughts out can work wonders in providing some clarity. 

If we keep everything inside, things can become jumbled and that can lead to feelings of overwhelm. Getting all that out can provide such an immense level of relief for us. 

View this as something fun that you get to do. You get to explore your life in a way that you maybe don’t usually make time for. 

2) Face it All

This is where there can be some discomfort. Some awkwardness. Maybe even a little fear.

But there is no way to bypass this step. At least no effective way. 

I mean, you are more than welcome to brush everything under the rug. Hide that notebook of thoughts in a sock drawer and never look back.

I don’t think you want to take that route though. It’s tempting to take that route. I know it is for me. 

It can feel so much easier to hide things away and tell yourself you will deal with them later. Yet, that easiness is only temporary. 

Out of sight, out of mind is not a long-term plan. 

A long-term plan would be acknowledging and accepting what we have going on in our lives. (and doing this on a continuous basis)

We are playing the long game here, my friend. 

3) Step Back From Social Media

Taking a break from social media is a good thing. 

While I love social media as much as the next person, breaks are absolutely necessary for me and my mental health. 

Social media is a highlight reel. It is not a true representation of real life. And spending too much time on the internet can deeply impact us and the way we view our lives. 

An overload of social media can hit you hard with the comparison bug. And that dang bug can wreak havoc on your life. 

What you consume has a massive impact on you and your life. 

So be sure to step back every now and then. Be fully present in the life happening right in front of you. Not the life happening on a screen.

4) Learn

Learning is good for us. It’s healthy. 

When we learn, we grow. And growth plays such a pivotal role in our lives. 

Reading is my personal preference for learning.

But there are unlimited resources out there. Podcasts, TED Talks, books (obsessed with this one and this one) and let’s not forget what a simple Google search can lead us to. 

The best thing about learning is that there is no end to it. We will be (and should be) learning for our entire lives. 

**Also, if you want to take it a step further in the learning department, you should check out Coursera. It’s an online learning platform that offers thousands of different courses on basically anything. You can even earn certificates or degrees. 

5) Take a Chance on Something

Is there anything that you have wanted to do but haven’t? Anything that seems to be taking up permanent residence in your mind?

Have any ideas weighing heavy on your heart?

Taking a chance or putting yourself out there is scary. Yes, it can have amazing benefits. But I’m not going to sugarcoat it in any way or make it seem easy. 

I will say that most times it is not nearly as terrifying as our minds make it. Especially after we do it. Have you ever looked back on a situation or experience and realized it wasn’t that bad? (This happens to me on a regular basis)

Sometimes we just have to do the dang thing! And keep doing things or taking chances or putting ourselves out there.

6) Take The Pressure Off

You only get one life. Have you ever heard or seen those words? Of course, you have, Silly question.

I like quotes like that. But I do think that sometimes they can make us feel as if we have to make the most of every single second of our lives. And that is just not realistic.

There’s no deadline here. You don’t have to “fix” everything by next Thursday. You’re not a home inspection.

Remind yourself often that you have time. Life is not meant to be lived as a race. 

7) Seek Outside Help

Is there still a stigma around finding and using outside help?

Have we said so long for good to the days where the word therapist was whispered?  I really hope so. 

Listen up! Outside help is not a bad thing. 

If that feels like the next step for you then take it. 

If that feels like what you need then do it. 

Doing what is best for you will always be a good choice. Not necessarily the easier choice. But a good choice nonetheless. 

Want to know a secret? Well, calling it a secret might be a bit of a stretch but a fun little tidbit of information. 

Reading this article is working on yourself. Yep, this small thing you did counts. 

Often we think in terms of big things. But the small stuff is where it’s at.

Small things inevitably snowball into big things.

Have any tips on how to work on yourself as a person? Share!

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How to Work on Yourself as a Person: 7 Powerful Ideas

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