Indoor Activities For Families

15 of The Best Indoor Activities For Families

Best Indoor Activities for Kids

Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

On the hunt for some fun indoor activities for families? We got you covered.

Indoor activities for kids are especially necessary when the weather is less than perfect.

Why is January 47 days long? FOR REAL! You know what I mean, don’t you? February is not much better but dang that January is evil.

Christmas has come and gone. You have to take down all the decorations(or not… no judgment here). UGH! The weather is cold and blah.

Coming up with fun indoor activities for families becomes an absolute necessity!

Winters can really be brutal in my neck of the woods. I am not a fan of the cold weather. Not at all. My husband has not agreed to move us all to California just yet. I need to up my nagging game I guess.

This means we are stuck inside a lot during those winter months. Things can get ugly very quickly when you haven’t left the house in days.

We had a day this year when it was -50 degrees with the wind chill. Thank goodness this is rare. I am not a polar bear.

Summer Please Hurry!

My daughter takes after her mama and does not have a soft spot in her heart for cold or snow. On those days when she does ask me to take her out, it lasts about 5 minutes. So I spent more time bundling her up than we even spent outside. Awesome.

Part of her daily routine is staring out the window and asking if winter will be over tomorrow. You’ve got to love her optimism.

You have to fight the good fight against boredom!

This list is full of things that we do to keep us from going stir-crazy. I hope they help in curing your cabin fever a little. And if you live someplace where your winter is a balmy 45 or higher then my jealousy is off the charts.

I was inspired by winter when I wrote this. Well, I should say I was angry with winter. But this list also works for rainy days or days when the thought of putting a bra and real clothes on just seems painful.

P.S. If you are someone who enjoys the cold weather then I am not sure we can be friends. Okay, we can be friends. I’m in no position to turn away potential friends. But one comment about loving cold, snowy weather and I may lose it.

(Update: My family recently relocated to Tennessee for my husband’s job and I am pretty stoked about not going through another Wisconsin winter.)

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Here Are Some Simple and Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

1) Game Night

This is our go-to and for good reason. The options are endless and there is something for everyone. We try very hard to have a game night once a week no matter what the season. Winter just happens to be the perfect time to bust out a stack of games. Silly Street is our current favorite. We are also very into card games right now. My daughter loves Old Maid!

2) Ice Cream Sundae Sundays

Last year, we started doing ice cream sundaes on Sundays and it became a hit. This can be done on nights other than Sunday. I just like how catchy it is. Sundaes on Tuesdays does not have the same ring. It will still be just as delicious though.

And yes we love ice cream even when it is freezing out. Don’t you?

Grab some cute ice cream-themed bowls to really make it a special occasion!

3) Dance Party

I am a sucker for a good song. Our absolute favorite to jam out to is The Greatest Showman soundtrack. There’s just something about music, am I right? And my daughter thinks I’m a great dancer. Bless her little heart.

I also consider this a workout! So win-win.

4) Make Dinner Together

Grab a kid-friendly cookbook and get your butts in the kitchen. I’m going to be really honest here. I normally do not enjoy having my kid in the kitchen with me. It feels like a recipe for disaster. The first ingredient is stress followed by a heaping cup of annoyance.

With a little planning though, it can turn out to be fun. You may just need to crank up the music and have a glass of wine ready!

*Now that my daughter is older, we bought her this awesome cookbook for young chefs and it is full of super simple and delicious recipes our entire family loves.*

5) Build a Fort

My husband is a pro-fort builder. I am actually shocked at what he can do with just a few blankets and chairs. Forts can provide hours of free, family fun. (this fort building kit is a cool option to check out)

We like to hide inside and pretend an ogre is trying to get us. Sometimes, we get so in character here that I am legitimately scared. I may be a little dramatic.

6) Movie Marathon

Harry Potter is the go-to for us when it comes to a movie marathon. We also love all the Toy Story movies and Shrek. Grab some blankets and cuddle up on the couch. Maybe you can even lay in a blanket fort. Don’t forget the popcorn.

7) Crafts

Most kids enjoy doing art of some sort. In our house, the messier something is the more it is loved. I like to take out a bunch of random things and see what happens. You can really let kids go wild with this one.

This usually ends with my sassy girl painting her body. Self-expression?

A less messy option is paper snowflakes. I used to love doing this when I was little. We would make loads of these and cover the windows.

(This year for my daughter’s 10th birthday, I got her this really cool jewelry-making kit!)

8) Hide and Seek

This game can get pretty intense in our house. Despite being six feet tall, my hubby can really squish himself in some surprising spots!

My daughter has not caught on fully and is not a very quiet hider. She may be the loudest hider in history. But doesn’t that make it even more fun? Hearing those little giggles is the best.

9) Read Books

Make some hot chocolate and dive into a pile of books. This is my favorite. Especially when I just want a relaxing, lazy day. I know, I know. Having kiddos and lazy days don’t really go together.

This is another time a fort comes in handy. Reading books in the fort is just so much better than reading them on the couch. Make sure to bust out some goofy voices to use and you’re set.

*We have a teepee tent in our bedroom closet and call it a cozy corner. Perfect for reading and cuddling.*

10) Legos

My daughter got Legos for her birthday and the rest is history. First of all, one of the Lego sets she got took me 3 hours to put together. Secondly, she then took it apart an hour later. Really, child!

They are pretty cool, though. How awesome is it getting to watch kids let their creative juices flow?

11) Video Games

My 5-year-old likes to watch other people play more than she likes to play herself. But I know there are some little ones(and big ones) out there kicking butt on video games.

This is actually something the hubby and I do for at-home date nights.

12) Nerf War

My husband might go a little overboard when we play with Nerf guns. They hurt! Maybe I am just a delicate flower. But really they hurt.

Pain aside, they are a fun way to blow off some steam running around the house.

13) Play Dress Up

I am not against putting on a tiara. No matter your age, dressing up is FUN! Kids get to use their imaginations and pretend they are someone or something else.

My kiddo is always wanting to paint my face with eyeliner so I can be a cheetah. This is a great time to just roll with things and let the kids take the lead.

14) Indoor Safari

My husband came up with this one day and it has become a favorite. He stacks pillows and blankets on our bed. This makes a little nest in the middle. He goes on YouTube and finds some good safari-themed music. It is as simple as that. You can take it up a notch by having someone pretend to be a lion on the prowl.

When it comes to indoor activities for families, this is our favorite!

15) Puzzles

This is a fun and educational activity! Enough said.

And seeing kids proud of themselves is pretty special.

Check out these fun-themed puzzles that kids are sure to love!

What are some of your favorite indoor activities for families?

Share any fun indoor activities for kids you love!

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15 of The Best Indoor Activities For Families

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