Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas

Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas You Need To Try

inexpensive birthday party ideas

Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Looking for some inexpensive birthday party ideas

Need some inspiration when it comes to birthday party ideas for kids?

If the answer is heck yeah then this is all for you!

It is time to simplify birthday parties. A lot. 

Do you know what we all have in common?

We all want to give our little ones the best. Especially when it comes to their birthdays. We want to go all out and give them everything we think they deserve. Celebrate them to the fullest. I get it! 

But it is time to put an end to the idea that an expensive party is the only option. Throwing a party that cost an arm and a leg does not guarantee your party will go off without a hitch. We are talking about kids here. Unpredictability is kind of their thing. 

Birthday parties can and have gotten out of control. I am not trying to go into debt for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. And let’s be honest. Our kids are not concerned with the amount of money we are spending. 

I know at the end of the night I am going to be cleaning up a mess so why do I spend so much time making things perfect. 

And you know what else?

Kids can sense when we are stressed. If planning a birthday party is causing you to want to pull your hair out, your kids will notice. The planning aspect of the party should be fun too!

Let’s Dive Right into Some Awesome and Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas


We are starting with the most important thing! You have to set a budget. If you don’t, you may keep grabbing things you see here or there and before you know it you have spent double what you wanted to. And now you are saying the biggest OOPS ever. 

Sit down and decide on a number that you are comfortable with. And stick to that number!

When it comes to invitations, you do not need to take up any space in your budget! The last two birthday parties my daughter got invited to were sent through a text. And that was totally fine with me.

If you really want to hand out a paper invitation, Dollar Tree has some super simple and cute ones. Most people throw out invitations. Don’t forget that!

The real key to the invitations is to give people adequate notice!

Let me touch on venues real quick. I am a big supporter of at-home birthday parties. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon! 

Don’t want to have the party at your house? How about a free place like the park, if the weather allows! 

If you do look for places to have the party, please shop around! Having a party somewhere is usually not on the cheap side so when going this route make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck!


Dun Dun Dun. What do you do about food?

First of all, do not feel like you have to plan this elaborate meal.

To be honest, I always feel like food is more for the adults at the party. Many times kids are busy running around and you have to hunt them down to eat. Well, except for when it comes to dessert.

But I know my daughter loves to say she is starving as soon as the party is over and I start cleaning up! 

You do not even have to feed people a meal if that is just not financially possible.

I will say I like to have some kind of food available for people. 

We go with pizza, which can be very affordable if you look for deals. 

Also, hot dogs and chips are simple and inexpensive options. Or you could just do some snacks. 

Cheese and crackers, chips and dip or fruit and veggies are some great snack options. 

I will say to specify what kind of food is served. This was people know! Hunger and crankiness go hand in hand. And you don’t want either of those at your party.

Another little note about food. Take help! If people offer to bring a dish, say yes. We do not have to stress ourselves out and do everything.

And always make the dessert yourself. Do not drop way too much money on a cake from the store. I promise kids will devour a cake or some cupcakes that cost a couple of bucks to make just as much as they would a $50 cake!


 I think kids would rather do their own thing than play something structured.

The one year I bought all these cute little Halloween themed bean bag games and the kids were throwing the bean bags everywhere but where they were supposed to. 

It is OK to set a few things out but try not to get upset if things are not going as planned. 

Gift Bags

 OK, I am just going to say this. I don’t like them. My kid does not need any of that little stuff. They can look cute as heck sometimes but it is just more stuff. And let’s be honest, this stuff has a very high chance of ending up in the garbage. 


Hello, Dollar Tree! You can find good stuff there. Inexpensive and it gets the job done. Look on Pinterest and you will find some really cool things you can make with streamers and balloons. 


1) Costume Party

This is a favorite in my house.

Show me a kid that wouldn’t be pumped to dress up as a princess or superhero. 

All kids will most likely already have some kind of costume at home too. 

2) Art Party

I should really call this a messy party. What kid doesn’t want to get messy? My child used to paint her body so you can guess how deep her love for messiness runs. 

This can be as simple as grabbing some paint and some poster board. 

3) Favorite Animal

This party idea was inspired by the zoo. The zoo is a family favorite spot. You can rent an area for a birthday party at the zoo but that may not be in the budget. 

Why not have everyone dress as their favorite animal? Adults included! A little face paint is all you need. My personal favorite is to be a cheetah. 

4) Color Theme

We did a pink and gold party a few years back. I got everything at Dollar Tree. 

It was so pretty and it was SO inexpensive. Balloons and streamers for the win! 

Have a kiddo obsessed with camouflage? No problem! The possibilities are endless here!

5) Halloween Party

We have done this three times. My daughter’s birthday is a few days after Halloween so it works out perfectly.

And it gives kids another chance to wear those overpriced costumes! 

Add some orange, green and black balloons and streamers and you are good to go. Oh, and find a recipe on Pinterest for some green punch. Add a few eyeballs and the kids will love it.

6) Water Party

My husband has a Summer birthday and I have always been jealous. My birthday is in the dead of Winter so being outside is basically never in the cards. Unless you want to freeze!

Our daughter is in the Fall so it is a toss up on the weather. One year it was sunny and 70 and one year it was raining and 50! 

But if your party is a time where the sun and warm weather reign supreme, a water party is a great idea.

Depending on the age of the kids, you can throw out a few kiddie pools or a slip n slide. Or maybe you have a pool. Water balloons are another great option that everyone will enjoy.

7) Baking Party

OK, this is one to try if you are feeling brave. Or if you have a kiddo that loves to be in the kitchen. My little lady loves being in the kitchen. LOVES IT! I am not as equally in love with it but for her birthday maybe I could make an exception. 

This is a great idea for letting the kids bake their own little take-home treat. No need to get too fancy here. Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes would work just fine. Or go for the classic chocolate chip cookies. 

If you don’t want to deal with the kids actually baking something, you could opt for them just decorating. 

8) Dance Party

Can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned dance party. 

9) Hawaiian Party 

Tell everyone to come in their favorite Hawaiian attire! 

10) Bonfire

This would be a great idea if you wanted to have a party in the evening. Then you really don’t have to worry about food. Making s’mores will be a hit. 

11) Board Games

This would not be ideal for toddlers but a cool idea for older kids! We all have a closet full of board games. Let’s put those games to use. 

The most important ingredient for a great party is fun. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone is having fun. 

Here is one more very important thing to remember. 

Keep it simple! Pick something to focus on and stick with that. You do not need to go crazy with 72 different things to do at the party.

You can give kids amazing memories at their party without breaking the bank.

With a little effort and creativity, you can throw a low-cost birthday party that is a total crowd-pleaser. A low on cost and high on fun party is very very possible! 

I hope these inexpensive birthday party ideas filled you with inspiration!

Share any awesome birthday party ideas for kids you have!

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Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas You Need To Try

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