It’s My Birthday

It’s My Birthday! 34 Watch Out

Holy moly, I am 34! In my mind, this is basically 40. Just kidding. Kind of!

I can remember being in my 20s when I started saying I was getting old. Silly me.

Time is a funny thing. I was talking to my husband the other day about being a teenager and realized that was 15 years ago. Say what! It just didn’t seem like that much time had passed.

But somehow the countdown for our trip to Disney World, which was only 187 days, seemed like it took 3 years. BTW.. we leave in 3 days and now I have 79 things to do. That’s how I roll I guess.

The truth is (at least in my opinion) 34 year old me is way cooler than 24 year old me. And hopefully, I just keep getting better with age.

I know I am not the only nosey rosey person out there. And I mean that in the best way possible. You guys are my kind of people. So, I thought I would share 34 things about yours truly.

Here We Go!

1) Without glasses or contacts, I am basically blind. For real. I wouldn’t be able to recognize my husband from across a room.

2) I love Harry Potter. Like really, really love! Thank goodness my husband shares my obsession. And my daughter is all about it too! YES!!!

3) I write with my left hand. But I do everything else with my right!

4) I can burp really loudly and my husband is not a fan of this. I feel like I should say I don’t do this in public. I am no animal. But sometimes being ladylike goes out the window when I’m on my couch. I always say excuse me so that counts for something.

5) Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I have been known to stay up way too late reading. Or reading so much I get a headache. But sometimes you just HAVE to finish one more chapter.

6) I could eat Mexican food every single day. Why is it so dang good?!

7) Winter is my least favorite season. The cold just brings something out in me. Summer will always have my heart.

8) I love almost all the shows on Disney channel. Those tween dramas get me every time.

9) I love to make lists. Grocery list, to do list or even a bucket list. The only thing better than a list is crossing stuff off that list. So gratifying!

10) I’ve known my husband since we were young kids. We were never really friends though. He asked for my phone number at our High School graduation. I told him I didn’t have a pen and he has never let me forget this. We reconnected when we were 20 and the rest is history.

11) I would love to learn Spanish and Sign Language.

12) I have a huge sweet tooth. I have no control when it comes to Reese’s!

13) Coffee is VERY important to me.

14) I love the beach but the sand is annoying. I don’t like walking on it. And I really don’t like how you seem to find it everywhere for days and days after you leave the dang beach.

15) I love music. All kinds of music. I can’t get enough. Music has been known to get me out of a funk on many occasions.

16) I have a major girl crush on Busy Philipps.

17) I laugh at inappropriate things. I can’t help it.

18) I do not like driving. I would love a chauffeur. Preferably someone named Winston who never showed up without coffee and made me laugh uncontrollably.

19) I feel naked without mascara. I definitely do not wear a full face of makeup every day. But I always wear some mascara.

20) Spiders creep me the heck out. They are just a no for me. If I find one in my house, their life is over.

21) I am obsessed with my daughter’s feet. They are just so tiny and scrumptious. This will probably change in a few years. I hope I’m not trying to kiss her feet when she’s 12!

22) I don’t like blowing my nose. Even at home. I am always paranoid some bats were left in the cave!

23) I tried to jump on the celery juice bus and could not do it. Not sure I gave it a fair shot. I choked a glass down one morning and decided right then and there that was not happening again. If anyone has a secret, fill a sista in.

24) I overthink everything. I mean EVERYTHING!

25) I sleep with a stuffed animal. Her name is Muffy. She is a mouse my grandparents gave me over 20 years ago.

26) I can’t sleep without a fan on! I have no idea how people sleep in silence.

27) I love to talk. Give me snacks, endless coffee, some lovely ladies and I could go all day.

28) I love SO many shows. Modern Family is one of my favorites. I’m also a sucker for any show on the Food Network. How amazing would it be to judge an episode of Chopped?

29) I like even numbers. Do not even try to put the volume at 19! This is part of the reason I’m okay with turning 34. I might lose it next year!

30) I LOVE an afternoon cat nap. Self-care, right?

31) My house is covered in dog hair thanks to my two dogs. They are Siberian Huskies and I adore them but never again. A hairless cat may be our next pet.

32) I can’t sing or dance but I pretend pretty hard that being on Broadway is in the cards for me.

33) A clean house makes me happy. The only thing I despise is putting laundry away. Why is it the worst?

34) Leggings and jeggings! No explanation needed.

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  1. Jennifer Avatar

    This is a cute idea, love it! But I’d have to disagree with #22. Something about a good blow is very satisfying ?

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