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9 Life-Changing Habits You Could Benefit From

life changing habits

Good Habits For Adults

Life-changing habits. Hmmm…

Let’s talk about it. Let’s take a deep look into the realm of habits.

Our lives are comprised of habits. So safe to say they are pretty important and we should treat them as such.

We all want to have habits that have a positive impact on our lives.

That sentence rolls off the tongue so easily. But it is not always so easy to actually apply good habits in our lives on a consistent basis.

The good news is that there is no need to feel like you have to strive for perfection. That’s unrealistic (and impossible by the way).

Habits take time to develop. They take time to actually become a habit for us. 

But the payoff of good habits is always worth the time and effort to implement them.

These habits are not magical or mystical or anything like that.  In fact, they are pretty simple ideas. They do, however, have the potential to have an enormous influence on your life. 

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Here Are 9 Life-Changing Habits You Should Definitely See

1) Sleep

Whenever I think about or talk about life improvement, sleep always comes to mind. 

I think so many people do not place nearly enough value on sleep and the benefits of being well-rested.

Let me make it very clear that I know firsthand that every stage of life does not allow for sleep and rest to be a top priority. 

I can still vividly remember the newborn stage with both of my daughters and just existing in a severely sleep-deprived state for a little while.  (and really sleep can be an issue with kids far beyond those first few months.. my 10-year-old has been coming into my room at about 2 a.m. on and off for weeks)

Other than kids, there are numerous other reasons why sleep gets pushed further and further down on the priority list. 

But if you have the ability to work on your sleep habits, then go all in with it. It’s such a massive foundation builder.

Don’t underestimate the power of being adequately rested. 

2) Gulp Gulp Gulp

Do you drink enough water? 

I am a huge water drinker. But it wasn’t always that way.

Now that water is my main beverage (along with coffee, of course), my body always lets me know when I am lacking in H2O. 

Being hydrated can without a doubt make a difference in how we feel.

Check out this super helpful water bottle that has encouraging quotes and time markers to keep track of your water intake. 

3) Be Open To Learning

My favorite way to learn is through books.

I love personal growth books. I love parenting books. Really any information that teaches me something or helps me to view something in a different way is so valuable to me. 

Learning is growth. And growth in any capacity is good for you. It adds so much to your life. 

*If you want to take it a step further with this, you should check out Coursera. They offer a variety of courses on basically anything. They even offer certificates and degrees.*

4) Evaluate How You Feel More Often

A couple of months back, I was having trouble sleeping and just feeling more anxious overall. 

I cut way back on coffee. And I also made sure I was not having caffeine after around 11 a.m. These small shifts were game-changers. 

Think of how your habits or actions are impacting you. It’s one thing to just give how you feel a passing thought. It’s completely another thing to really evaluate what’s going on with you and examine the cause-and-effect relationship your habits have on you and your life. 

We can think of  “should” and “could” ideas all day long. Real change will come when we examine things further. This can get us moving in the direction of making intentional tweaks. 

Checking in with yourself is a habit that will serve you well. 

5) Prioritize

Everything can not and should not be on the same importance level. 

Prioritizing goes hand in hand with placing value on certain things. 

This is no easy feat. It can often feel like everything is extremely important. And many of us are juggling quite a few truly important things in our lives. 

With that said, not having some sort of prioritizing method can inevitably lead to burnout quickly. When we work to fully accept that we can not do it all, positive shifts can begin. 

Give yourself permission to do less. Make it a priority to rest and recharge. Fight the inner urge that tells us we need to be doing something or on at all times. 

Simple things that bring you joy should be a priority. You should be a priority.

6) Say NO

Saying NO is not a problem at all for toddlers, but as we get older it can and does become increasingly difficult. It can be complicated for some people. 

But being confident in your ability to say no can impact your life in countless ways. 

This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn about the ins and outs of boundaries and how to set them in your own life. 

It is very eye-opening. It can help you look at and understand things in a way you maybe haven’t before. The perspective shift is insane. (in a good way)

7) Goals

We hear about setting goals all the time. And I am a big fan of goals.

When done in a way that serves us well, they definitely add to our life. 

The key is to set achievable goals. 

And another crucial aspect is to not put off living until we reach our goals. That old phrase that begins with “I’ll be happy when” is a dangerous one.

Your worth is not determined by how productive or accomplished you are. 

Don’t put off life until a certain goal is achieved. The truth is that as soon as you get to one place, another thing may pop up. And the vicious cycle begins and doesn’t end. 

Take a deeper look at goal setting here. 

8) Write Things Down

I am a huge fan of journaling. Writing has always been an outlet for me. (I won’t even dive into the notebooks I recently stumbled upon from high school)

We all have a lot going on at any given time. And our minds can be stuffed to the brim with things we need to remember. A never-ending thought loop of tasks and responsibilities.

Having somewhere to dump some of this stuff out can be a great tool. 

Sometimes my brain is literally at full capacity. There is no more room for any bit of information. 

Clear the clutter a little. Grab yourself a simple notebook and let it all out. 

Writing things down is also the perfect way to hold yourself accountable. 

9) Phone Time

Our devices have become almost an extension of us. They are so readily available. 

Our phones have become the thing we turn to when we need a break. When we want to escape and mindlessly scroll. And that’s ok…to a point. 

But I think many of us could benefit from putting our phones (or any device) away more often. 

Also, be more selective about what you consume. Especially when it comes to social media. 

This habit is a great way to practice being more present in your daily life. 

Even when we know habits are good for us, it still takes loads of time and discipline to put those habits into play and make them a real integral part of our lives. 

Often we are well aware of things we want to be different. But getting to that point is not a straight path. It takes effort and will without a doubt come with some challenges. 

Slow and steady might not be the most attractive option but it works.

Push through any hurdle and remember you got this.

Which one of these life-changing habits would you benefit most from?

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9 Life-Changing Habits You Could Benefit From

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