Lists To Make To Organize Your Life

 17 Lists To Make To Organize Your Life

lists to make to organize your life


Just hearing the word list puts a smile on my face.

List lovers are my kind of people.

These lists to make to organize your life are game-changers!

Making a list can help with cleaning out your mind. It can get pretty crowded in there. Just writing things down can take some stress away. And then you are not thinking of things and then those same ideas get lost in the mess.

And how satisfying is it to cross things off a list?

Are you a list lover? You probably have a few of these lists made already.

New to the list-making life? Pick a few lists that speak to you and start making them. You may fall in love with lists.

Getting everything out on paper is not only a great brain dump. But it is a perfect way to organize a busy life.

Grab a nice notebook and start on your list journey today. Your brain will thank you.

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Here Are 17 Lists To Make To Organize Your Life

1) Grocery List

Does anyone go to the store without a list? That is just crazy talk to me.

A grocery list is a necessity.

Take a few minutes to sit down and organize meals for the week.

Meal planning will make it easy for you to knock out a grocery list in no time.

You can even leave this in a place where everyone in your household can add items they want to it. I do this because my husband likes to complain there is no food in the house. Now I just tell him to write something on the list if he wants it.

2) Recipes You Want To Try

I am always coming across recipes I want to try.

But I do not want to fill my phone with screenshots. So, I make a list of all the new and exciting dishes I want to make. This is great for those nights when you want something a little different. All you have to do is bust out this list and pick something.

3) Daily To-Do List

What do you need to get done today? Or maybe there is something you want to get done. Either way, it is super helpful to take a few minutes and write down what you have going on for the day. You can either do this the night before or in the morning while enjoying your coffee.

This is a really simple way to add a little organization to your day.

4) Goals

Having a list of personal goals is a great way to stay motivated. And to hold yourself accountable.

You can also make a list of family goals or financial goals!

Don’t miss these tips to help you set and achieve goals.

5) Books You Want To Read

Books are my jam.

Most of us do not have the time to read multiple books a week. Have a list just for books and you won’t have to worry about wracking your brain to remember that book your friend recommended.

6) Restaurants You Want To Try

This is great when you want to change things up on date night.

Do you tend to play it safe when it comes to trying a new place? I definitely do. And I think it is because I am so scared of trying something new and not liking it. But that is just silly.

Make a list of new places you want to try. And then pick from that list the next time you go out.

This doesn’t have to be just restaurants either. I actually love to write down coffee shops I want to try.

7) Home Improvement Projects

OK, this is one of my favorites.

Make a list of all the little and big home improvement projects you want to do.

I love to pull this list out and look at what is next.

8) Cleaning List

Want to assign different tasks to different days? A list can help with that.

This is great to have as a reminder to do the things you might otherwise forget.

You can make a daily cleaning list. I don’t do this. One of my daily habits is a 20-minute cleaning session so I just do that every day.

But I do have a cleaning list that breaks down bigger tasks. I have a day I wash all the bedding in the house. A day I focus on closets. I love to organize my house but closets seem to get cluttered overnight sometimes. Am I right?

This may seem like a small thing but it keeps me sane. Focusing on one big task a day makes things seem much more manageable.

9) Bills

I have a list of all of our bills and their due dates. Now, most of our bills are set up online and come out automatically. But it is still nice to have a written record of all the money leaving your account every month.

This is great to be able to look at if you are working toward saving money. To see all the actual numbers written out right in front of you is super helpful.

10) Things You Are Grateful For

Looking for ways to be more positive? Start writing a list of things you are grateful for. That will definitely get the ball rolling in the right direction.

11) Time Blocking

What is time blocking? It is a kick-butt way to be so much more productive!

A time-blocking list is a way to assign different tasks to different times in your day.

Looking for a way to stop your brain from jumping from one thing to the next. Try time-blocking!

12) Important Dates

I have a list of birthdays and anniversaries for pretty much everyone I know.

Every year, I write them in my calendar. And then they get written in the next calendar and so on. But I like having a master list.

13) Appointments

Write down appointments you need to make. And write down appointments you have already scheduled.

How many times have you said you needed to make an appointment for this or that? And then a week later you remember you never made the appointment. Problem solved with this list!

14) Random Thoughts/Ideas

I get random thoughts and ideas all the time. Don’t we all?

A list of random stuff is like a junk drawer. You never know what you will find in there. And I mean that in the best way possible.

15) Things You Need

Do you know what inspired this list at my house?

Socks with holes in them. I kept putting away socks with holes because I kept forgetting to buy my husband new socks. And I guess he did not mind his toe poking out of a sock!

Need to get a gift for a child’s birthday? Jot it down on this list and you won’t be running to grab a gift card on the way to the party.

16) Phone Numbers/Addresses

I know we have our cell phones.

But make a list of phone numbers and addresses of your family and friends.

17) Place You Want To Visit

I almost forgot to put this list on here! And this is a fun one.

Travel is a beautiful thing. And it doesn’t have to be extravagant. You can visit someplace new that is 20 minutes away or 20 hours away.

Make this list and then look forward to all the joy it will bring you.

Take a few minutes daily or weekly to look over your lists. It may take some time to get used to. But keep up with it and it is sure to make a big difference in your life.

An organized life is priceless. And there aren’t many things better than creating habits that take some stress out of our days.

A list is a simple and surefire way to remember things! So, go get started now. Before you forget!

I hope you feel inspired to go make a list!

Got any suggestions for lists to make to organize your life? Please Share!

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 17 Lists To Make To Organize Your Life

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