Questions to Get to Know Yourself Better

30 Questions To Get To Know Yourself Better

questions to get to know yourself better

Do you know yourself?

That may seem like a silly question. How could we not know ourselves?

I can almost guarantee these 30 questions to get to know yourself better are going to challenge you. They are going to leave you stumped. They may even bring about some feelings that you did not know you had.

We are all guilty of just going through the motions of life sometimes. And I don’t even think we realize we are doing it. Not until we force ourselves to stop. 

How To Fix a Boring Relationship

How To Fix a Boring Relationship: Try These Simple Tips 

how to fix a boring relationship

Are you bored in your relationship? 

Yikes! It just got real.

But where do you start when it comes to how to fix a boring relationship? It can feel as if there is nothing you can do. I know from personal experience the pain of feeling like things are the way they are. 

You feel bored. You start to overthink. Pretty soon your entire relationship is hanging by a thread. And boredom is to blame.

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

The Best Holiday Gift Guide For Her

gifts for her

The holidays are pretty much here! This means most of us have gift-giving on the brain.

Is this exciting? Of course! Can this also be frustrating? DEFINITELY!

This holiday gift guide for her is here to help you with all of your gift buying decisions. 

No more last-minute shopping trips with those horrific crowds. No more spending hours on the internet trying to find something worth buying. 

30 Days To a Better You

30 Days & 30 Choices To A Better You

30 days to a better you

Are you ready for a little challenge? Of course, you are!

You’re a rockstar. DUH!

This challenge is all about choices. Simple choices that will help you live your best life. Small choices that will make you happier. And isn’t that what we all want?

To live a happy and fulfilled life. But this idea can be overwhelming. So we are going to break it down into little bite-sized choices we can all handle. 

How To Be More Confident

How To Be More Confident: 8 Extremely Helpful Tips You Need To Read

how to be more confident

How To Be More Confident in Yourself

Confidence! Wouldn’t it be nice if this was something we all just had automatically? Yes, please! 

No such look though. So we have to roll our sleeves up and take it upon ourselves to learn how to be more confident

Confidence (or our lack of confidence) plays a huge role in how we live our day to day lives. It impacts most things we do. Most choices we make. Everything from trying to reach out and make a new mom friend to putting yourself out there and applying for that promotion you want so badly.

Habits of Successful People

13 Must Read Habits of Successful People

habits of successful people

Ready to talk about habits of successful people! 

Let’s start this off my favorite way. With a question. 

Do you ever feel like successful people know something you don’t?

I do! I convince myself that something just went right for them. They were let into a super-secret group where they were told exactly how to make all their dreams come true. In my mind, they were spoon-fed the secret sauce.

How To Be A Present Parent

How To Be A Present Parent: 11 Tips to Start Today

how to be a present parent

Before I dive into all the ways to learn how to be a present parent, let’s start with a question. One that you may or may not have ever asked yourself.

Are you a present parent?

Do you know what I used to think?

Of course, I am a present parent. I am with my child all the dang time. 

How could I not be present? 

The Best Family Christmas Traditions to Start This Year

21 of The Best Family Christmas Traditions to Start This Year

family Christmas traditions

Christmas is almost here and my excitement is growing every single day!

Do you love the holidays as much as I do? I’m going to assume the answer is yes!

Family Christmas traditions may be one of the things I look forward to most. Most of the traditions on this list are things I have been doing since I was a kid.

Doing them with my husband and daughter brings back so many amazing memories and creates so many new memories. The cold weather that comes during the holidays may not be my favorite. But the time well spent with my family more than makes up for it. 

The Absolute Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The Absolute Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas

best stocking stuffer ideas

Ready for some of the best stocking stuffer ideas?!

I know I can’t be the only one who loves everything about stockings during the holidays! I love to hang them. And I especially love to fill them.

Oh, and I love to look through my very own stocking with more excitement than a child to see what I find!