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7 Killer Personal Growth Books You Need To Read

personal growth books

Top Personal Growth Books That Can Change Your Life

This is all about some kick-butt personal growth books.

And the book lover in me is having trouble containing her excitement. 

I love books. All kinds of books. Every kind of book. But personal growth books hold a special place in my heart.

So sharing these has me pretty pumped. You know that feeling when you discover something and you know you have to share it.

Like a great pair of jeans. A bra that is comfortable for the girls. A magical parenting hack. Oh, wait… those don’t exist.

Well, these books do exist and while they might not be magical, they are pretty amazing. 

Let’s get to it…     

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Here Are 7 Killer Personal Growth Books You Need To Read

1) Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

I have read this book twice and I will without a doubt read it again at some point. 

It is chock full of tips, ideas, and advice that feels extremely doable.

Also, it is broken down in a way that makes it super easy to read for a few minutes and then come back later for more. 

2) Radically Content: Being Satisfied in an Endlessly Dissatisfied World


This is a beautiful book. It will make you re-evaluate your life and what is really important to you. 

The entire book feels like a therapeutic conversation with a good friend. 

3) The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life With One Simple Habit


This book is all about celebrating yourself.

I mean, there is obviously so much more to it than giving yourself a high five. But this book will make you think about and take a closer look at how you treat yourself. 

Here is another book by this author and it is also worth a read. 

4) Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide To Reclaiming Yourself


This is one of those books that I think every single person should read. (probably more than once)

Every page is filled with anything you could ever want to know about healthy boundaries and how to set them in your day-to-day life. 

5) Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear


It’s hard to find words to explain this book. 

The author just has this unique and really special way with words.

This book just left me feeling really inspired and joy-filled. 

6) At Your Best: How To Get Time, Energy, and Priorities Working in Your Favor


This is one of those books that surprises you in the best way possible.

It was full of really practical advice yet it was also full of so many “aha” moments. The words in this book will definitely change how you decide where your time and energy get to or need to go. 

My husband is not a big reader at all and I hounded him until he read this book. 

7) Embrace Your Almost


This book is great for helping you put things in perspective. Especially when it comes to life and where you are or think you should be.

It’s like a reassuring little pat on the back. 

(This author also wrote another book which I thoroughly enjoyed.) 

As I mentioned earlier, books are not actually magic. But they can most definitely introduce you to ideas that can impact your life in positive ways. 

They can adjust the lens in which you view things. And I have learned not to underestimate the power of small adjustments.

Which one of these personal growth books will you read first? 

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7 Killer Personal Growth Books You Need To Read

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