Positive Things To Say To Your Child

Positive Things To Say To Your Child

positive things to say to your kids

Do you want to say more positive things to your child? Of course!

We all do.

How do you talk to your kids?

I wish I could say I am always positive and encouraging. But that is not the case. I find myself behind quite the opposite actually.

Enter this list. These are things I am trying to say to my daughter on a daily basis.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to positive things to say to your child!

But these phrases are simple and effective. Powerful words that will make a difference!

We are all doing our best. And no matter what, we will never be perfect. But I do think it is important to want to do better. Especially in areas that you feel you are dropping the ball a little.

Words are my area.

Think about how you like to be treated. How you like to be talked to.

Yikes. If someone talked to me the way I talked to my daughter I would not feel very great. And I would wonder what I did to them.

Will my daughter remember my words? Most likely. She heard me whisper one bad word from the other side of the house the other day. Really, she did!

At least I know she has great hearing!

I want her inner voice to be a positive one.

I don’t want her to feel so much negativity from me.

These are great things to say but also really great conversation starters. They set a great tone and feel for the day.

Our kids are learning how to communicate. Let’s be a great example for them.

Here are 13 Positive Things to Say to Your Child

1) I love you

This is an obvious one. But I love to see my daughter’s happy face when I say it randomly. Not just at bedtime or when we are saying goodbye.

2) I’m proud of you

I love this one. Our kids do so many amazing things. Big and small.

This really makes me pay more attention to my kiddo. Be mindful of the little person she is becoming and everything she is accomplishing!

3) I’m sorry

Do you ever apologize to your kids? I have really been working on saying sorry. If I rushed Brooklyn in the morning, I will tell her I am sorry. And explain how I was feeling.

I think it really makes me reflect on how I acted and try to be different in the future. But also to just show kids that adults make mistakes too.

This is great for accountability.

4) I’m so lucky to be your mom (or dad)

Don’t you feel so lucky to be a parent? I do.

Most of the time!

So, if we feel this way why not say it. Rather than just think it when we are staring at them sleeping. Please say I am not the only mama staring at her kiddo ALL THE TIME when she is sleeping?!

5) I love spending time with you

Most people are living very busy lives. We want our kids to know they are not just another thing on the list.

And I really do love spending time with my kid. Maybe a little less when we are playing baby dolls for the millionth time. But what are you gonna do?

6) You’re so funny (kind, brave, etc.)

There are endless options for words that can be plugged into this. My favorite one to use is kind. Does this encourage her to be kind more often? I think so!

And who doesn’t love a compliment?

7) Thank you

This is just a part of basic manners. Right?

But I feel like those manners can slip through the cracks. Especially with those closest to us.

8) I’m here for you

I think every day there is an opportunity to say this. Our kids, no matter the age, go through at least one hard thing a day. Or have trouble with a decision. Whatever it may be.

This lets them know you are here and can be great for opening the door to have a deeper conversation.

9) Yes

OK. Let me explain. I know it is not possible to say yes all the time. And this is not to say you should never say no.

But I have found that barking out the word no all the time is not solving the issues going on.

So, I try to say yes much more often!

Even if the yes does not apply to right that minute. Yes, we can do that. How about tomorrow? Better than just flat out saying no.

10) What do you think?

This is especially great for giving kids some power. Make them feel as if what they think and their opinion is important.

Your words matter to me. That is what this says to them.

11) What was your favorite part of today?

I love asking this when we are eating dinner.

Sometimes, it can feel as if everyone is just going through the motions.

How was your day usually gets a one-word answer? But this question opens the door to so much more.

12) Tell me more

Do you ever rush your child through something they are trying to tell you? Basically, tell them to spit it out already. Guilty mama right here.

This is great for slowing down. Listening. Really listening.

Instead of just say, “oh yeah”.  And having no idea what they are even talking about.

13) Let’s Play

Our kids want our attention. They want to spend time with us.

Every single day I hear these words from my little girl.

What if we said this first? Show them that we love to play with them too.

I guarantee this will make any kid feel really special.

Here are some super simple ways to have fun with your kids daily!

Our words hold more power than we give them credit for.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Parenting is trying. Trying over and over again.

And messing up. Over and over.

There is no secret sauce here, friends.

But putting effort toward a little more love and positivity will always be a step in the right direction.

What positive phrases do you love to use?

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Positive Things To Say To Your Child

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