Relationship Advice For Couples

Relationship Advice For Couples: 6 Must-Read Tips

relationship advice for couples

Best Relationship Advice For Couples

When it comes to relationship advice for couples, I know one thing to be absolutely true. 

There is NO SHORTAGE of tips or advice out there in the universe. 

But I also know something else to be absolutely true.

Not all relationship advice is created equally. And, more importantly, not all advice is going to resonate with you. (oops, that was two things)

Think about what you are looking for when you go on the hunt for relationship tips. 

Now, I am not a mind reader but there are some things I believe most of us are looking for. 

We want practical tips. Advice that actually feels doable.

We need simple, straightforward, and easy-to-understand information. 

With that said, working on your relationship might still feel a little uncomfortable at times. Especially when introducing something new that has not been done before. 

It’s like when you change up your hair after it has been one way for a while. It can feel a little foreign.

But give it some time and your comfort level will steadily climb. 

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Here Are 6 Pieces of Helpful Relationship Advice For Couples

1) Make Time for Yourself

You are part of a relationship. This is true, right?

But you are also a complete person all on your own. 

Making yourself an afterthought will not be good for your relationship. (and it is definitely not good for you)

Relationships are these big and beautiful and messy things. Don’t lose yourself in there.

Having your own life will serve your relationship well.

Along with making time for yourself, I also highly suggest working on yourself. Nothing wrong with a little personal growth.

Here are some books that will help you out big time in the life-improvement category. 

I also recently finished this book and can not say enough good things about it.

Also, this book is really stellar! (like so good I want to read it again already)

2) Check-in Frequently

In my marriage, we have meetings. 

On Sundays, we make time to come together and talk about anything that either of us wants to. Sometimes we just go over what we have going on for the week ahead. 

Think of it as maintenance. Necessary maintenance. 

If we don’t check in with each other then little issues may get (temporarily) forgotten about. But those issues are not really gone. 

They are lurking in the shadows. Waiting to come out and wreak havoc.

Checking in frequently will in no way make your relationship void of any arguments or disagreements or challenges. 

It can, however, help to nip a lot of issues in the bud!

3) Comparison…

Comparing is such an easy thing to do. It’s a trap that so many of us fall victim to.

The word that comes to mind when I think about comparison is dangerous. When we get stuck in a whirlwind of comparison, things can get dangerous. 

It can take us on all these emotional twists and turns.

And all of this is happening because of assumptions we made about others. This is not coming from a factual place. 

Isn’t it crazy to think what a picture or video on the internet can do to you?

Is there a way to rid your life of comparison altogether? I don’t think so. 

What we can do is recognize when the comparison cloud is coming in hot and work on learning to redirect. 

First off, remind yourself that things you see on the internet are not real life. And secondly, remind yourself that the only relationship you should be concerned about is the one you are in!

4) Communication is Crucial

Communication will play an enormous role in the health of your relationship. It is truly such a vital piece of the puzzle.

The longer I am with my husband, the more I see how important it is. And I also have experienced firsthand that neglecting communication is bound to have some not-so-great ramifications.

A lack of communication leaves the door wide open for assumptions. And we all know that assuming and healthy relationships don’t mix well. 

When we don’t communicate, we create our own stories and versions of everything. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we all just said exactly what we felt or wanted or needed? Oh, and always in the calmest way.

Too bad we are all flawed humans which means we will not get it right every single time. But we can strive to consistently make communication a top priority.

Here are some super crucial communication tips. 

5) Power of The Pause

For so many years, I was under the impression that you should never go to bed angry. This was due to the fact that I saw that advice everywhere.

But after being married for 15 years, I can safely say that advice is not practical or realistic. 

The idea of never going to bed angry implies that every disagreement can and should be solved on the spot. 

Sometimes a pause is needed. Sometimes stepping away is the better option. 

Pausing is not easy. It’s really hard. But pausing is easier than saying something or doing something that you can’t take back.

6) Love Languages

Are you familiar with love languages?

They are the different ways people give and receive love. And knowing your and your partner’s love languages can work wonders for your relationship. 

When I read this book a few years ago, it was really eye-opening. 

I actually read it every 6 months or so as a little refresher.

When it comes to relationship advice, treat it like a buffet. Take what serves you and leave the rest. 

But also be sure not to knock something until you try it. 

Do you have any relationship advice for couples to share?

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Relationship Advice For Couples: 6 Must-Read Tips

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