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The Best Relationship Advice: Things Every Couple Should Read

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Relationship Advice For Couples

Do you know what is always easy to find?


Any and every type of advice. All out there waiting for you. 

Relationship advice is especially easy to find. It is literally everywhere!

But you know what?

I like advice. I really do. 

Here’s the thing with advice.

You don’t have to take it. Let me be more specific. You don’t have to take ALL of it. 

It’s like reading a self-help book (check these out). Every word may not give you chills. Every piece of advice may not feel like it is for you. And that is just fine.

Advice is something you can be open to and then you get to pick and choose what you take away from it.

Like a buffet! 

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Here is Some Relationship Advice You Need To Read

1) Put in the Work

I am a hopeless romantic. I am that person that gets butterflies from those movie scenes where the men are saying all the right things.

To be completely honest, I may have a problem when it comes to rewinding the lovey-dovey parts of any show or movie and re-watching them a few too many times. My bad!

So it is safe to say that work was never the first word that came to mind when I thought about my happily ever after. 

But every relationship really does take work.

Relationships can be messy. At the end of the day, things are not always wrapped in a pretty little bow. 

Your relationship may be magical and stressful. Amazing and challenging. So many things that are on completely different ends of the spectrum. 

Make sure you approach your relationship without rose-colored glasses! Be positive but also be realistic. 

Not a fan of the word work? How about effort? Does that sound a little better?

2) Communication

I can not speak for any relationship besides my own. 

But communication is a star player when it comes to how well my marriage is doing. 

So many misunderstandings can be avoided with better communication. And effective communication will significantly improve your relationship. 

Lack of communication can be a relationship crusher. 

Want to take a deeper look at some super helpful communication tips? Read this

3) Compromise 

If you are in a relationship, you have had to compromise before. I guarantee it. 

You know what I am talking about? Give and take. Push and pull. 

One person can not always be getting what they want. Just like one person should not always be giving in. 

Compromise is about both people coming together to make a decision. Will it always be easy? I wish!

But try to be open when approaching any situation where you or your partner are not on the same page. And don’t have the mindset that you want to win.

Winning will not help your relationship grow in any way. 

4) Laugh

Especially at yourselves. 

It is not a good sign if laughter has made a dramatic exit from your relationship.

Humor and playfulness play a huge role in keeping the spark alive and adding real joy to your life and to your relationship.

Check out these ways to reconnect with your partner

5) Realistic Expectations

You are human and your partner is human. Hopefully!

And your relationship is not going to play out like a fairytale. 

Glad we got that out of the way.

If you are aiming for perfection from your partner or from your relationship, you are going to miss every time. And in your eyes, things will never be good enough.

You want to build a solid relationship that will last? Have realistic expectations. This will help you appreciate all the stellar aspects of your relationship.

This will also help you to better navigate your way through any rough patches you face. 

6) Have Your Own Life

Some space can be good. My husband is somewhere doing a slow clap right now for that short and sweet sentence. 

I, on the other hand, find joy in invading my husband’s space every chance I get. 

But I have learned after a decade together that there is no need to treat your partner as if you two are conjoined twins.

Don’t forget about yourself. I did. Who was I without my husband?

I really had no idea. 

This blog has made such a difference in me finding myself again. 

7) Pick Your Battles

You do not need to go 12 rounds over a wet towel on the floor or the kitchen cabinet being left open. 

Neither of those things is relevant. 

Save your energy for things that are truly important. 

8) Watch Your Words

Words are so powerful. Always make sure you are treating them that way.

It is easy to let words fall out of your mouth in the heat of the moment. Words that you almost instantly regret saying. 

Sorry is a word that can fix some things. But it is not a magical cure for those words that crossed the line and cut a little too deep.

9) Love Language


I highly recommend reading this book

And you and your partner HAVE TO take the love language test in it. 

This will be a game-changer for your relationship!

10) Little Things 

The grand gestures and huge milestones will not happen on a daily basis.

The happiest and healthiest relationships are built on small day-to-day interactions. The little ways you show your love.

Check out these little things your marriage needs. They are so simple but they can make all the difference!

11) Keep Some Things Private

Am I saying not to have a good venting session with your best gal pal? Absolutely not. I’m not a monster.

But there are some things that should be kept between the two of you.

Not everyone needs to know every detail of your biz, friend!

12) Be a Kind Human

I think we could all benefit from a little more kindness. 

Try being kinder to others and also kinder to yourself. 

This seems like such a simple idea. But this can be hard in relationships. Being nice seems to take a backseat a lot of the time. 

It takes real concentrated effort to lead from a place of kindness. 

Challenge yourself to be kind even when it is hard. Even when you feel angry or frustrated. When kindness is the furthest thing from your mind.

You can disagree and be kind. You can express your opinion and still be kind. 

In life and in relationships, there will always be room for a little dash of kindness. 

13) Schedule a Meeting

Not a business meeting. A marriage meeting. 

Talk about feelings, issues, goals, and any other topic that happens to come up. 

Here is a little tip. Bring donuts (or whatever yummy treat you want). I just happen to be a sucker for a blueberry cake donut and an iced coffee.

Everything can be made a little better with donuts. And sprinkles are a bonus for lightening the mood if the conversation is headed down a serious route.

The point is to check in on your marriage on a regular basis. This gives you the chance to talk things out. Work together to solve little roadblocks before they become giant boulders that seem impossible to move.

BTW: I highly suggest grabbing a notebook that is solely dedicated to writing down things you want to discuss at these meetings. 

14) Don’t Compare

This is so much dang easier said than done! I know. 

But you really have to try. 

Think of it like this. Comparing your relationship to others does not help you make positive changes. It usually just makes you feel bad. It makes you feel as if your relationship is lacking in some way.

And you want to know the kicker? You have no idea what goes on in other relationships. 

Try putting effort into worrying about your own relationship. This will serve you and your relationship so much better. 

15) No Relationship is Perfect

I know you know that. But we can all use a little reminder from time to time. 

Now, it is true that no relationship is anywhere near perfect. But that doesn’t mean you let things slide. That doesn’t mean you just shrug your shoulders and let things be.

This means you take note and be grateful for the wonderful parts of your relationship. And then you accept the fact that there will be ups and downs on your journey.

Keep your marriage a priority and never stop striving to make improvements. Then you can handle anything. 

Have any relationship advice that you swear by? Please share!

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