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Relationship Rules: 8 Rules To Keep Your Relationship Running Smoothly

relationship rules

Relationship Rules for Couples

The idea of relationship rules may seem a little strange.

Maybe rules aren’t your thing. Maybe you thrive when rules are there. Or maybe you love to push the limits on rules. Shout out to all my rule breakers!

But building a healthy relationship is all about consistency. And rules are a great way to prioritize certain ideas. Rules can help you build consistent patterns in your relationship.

And you know what? If you still are not feeling the ideas of rules, then you can say tips or guidelines instead. 

Relationships take work! Understatement of the year. Right? 

I have found that working on my relationship during the good times is just as important as it is during the more difficult times. 

These relationship rules for couples have made a difference in my marriage. And I really believe they will help you make positive changes to your relationship. 

Here Are 8 Extremely Helpful Relationship Rules Every Couple Should Read

1) Gratitude

Is gratitude a part of your relationship? 

Do you and your partner show appreciation for each other?

Yes. No. Sometimes. 

I think the answer for a lot of us would be sometimes. 

Being thankful is extremely important. Of course, we know this is true. But that doesn’t mean it is always happening. 

Look for things in your everyday life to be thankful for. I’m talking about the little things. The things that may not seem like a big deal so we pay them no attention. 

Tell your partner something you are thankful for. Right now! 

I guarantee that making gratitude a daily habit in your relationship will make such a big difference.

2) Be Kind

Think back to those early days of your relationship. 

I bet you were thoughtful and kind. You were nice. I know I was. 

I was a lot more easy-going. A lot quicker to react with a kind word rather than a rude comment. 

Over time, kindness may take a backseat. People get comfortable. Being nice is not at the forefront of our minds. 

We are pushing through our days and rolling our eyes or snapping at our partner doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. And in reality, it really is not too big of a deal. 

But here’s the thing. We have to make sure there are enough positives to counter the negatives. We need to make sure the scales are tipped in the right direction. 

This doesn’t mean we go around with a smile plastered across our faces. That would be weird! 

Just try to be a little nicer. Try to be more aware of how you are acting. 

Here is a little something I do. 

A few times a day I ask myself a question. Have I been nice? 

Really look back on the day and your interactions with other people. This small exercise might surprise you. I know there are days when I look back and cringe a little at my behavior.

Trying to make kindness more present in your relationship is never a bad thing!

3) Meetings

Have you ever had a marriage meeting?

My husband and I just started having weekly marriage meetings a few months ago and I can not recommend them enough. 

We pick a time every week to go over things. This is a time when we can bring up any issues or problems. Or we plan for the week ahead. Sometimes, we do my least favorite thing which is to go over bills. 

The point is to come together and talk. 

It is very easy for things to get put off or swept under the rug. 

Your relationship deserves better than that. Plan a meeting right now. We can all set aside 30 minutes a week to dedicate solely to our relationship. 

And if we can’t set aside that little amount of time, we need to reevaluate our priorities big time. 

4) Disagree

Listen up, friends!

Disagreeing is healthy. 

And if you are never disagreeing with your partner, there is a problem. 

You should be able to be open with your partner when it comes to your thoughts and opinions. Both people in a relationship should feel as if they can express themselves. 

No one should have to hold in how they feel because they are nervous about what will happen if they speak up.

This is about honesty. 

Now, I am not saying you should be having arguments that turn into screaming matches on a regular basis. Is it possible screaming matches will happen? Of course! 

It would be crazy to say that every disagreement or discussion will go off without a hitch. 

But the point is that disagreeing is a very normal and healthy part of every relationship!

5) Make Time

You have to make time for each other. 

There will always be things that could happen in life that can get in the way. And it is easy to make excuses. But you don’t want to wake up one day and feel so disconnected from your partner that it feels impossible to bridge the gap.

Date. Spend quality time together. Even if it small amounts of time. 

Try your best not to be too busy for the things that really matter. 

6) Share The Load

Our partner is there to help make life better. 

They are not there to watch us struggle. But sometimes they may be watching us struggle. 

Here’s the kicker. They don’t know we are struggling. 

I know sometimes I feel like I should be able to handle it all. I feel like complaining to my husband is a sign of weakness.

How dare I ask him to help with the laundry when he has been at work all day? How dare I need a break from my daughter?

Thoughts like these are so common.

We get so caught up in the idea that we should be fine. We should be able to handle all the things. 

Let me tell you from personal experience that sharing the load with your partner will feel like taking the biggest breath of fresh air you have ever taken.

No need to suffer in silence. No need to pretend everything is fine. 

Sharing is caring anyway, right?!

7) Bad Days Do Not Equal a Bad Relationship

Have you ever had a really tough day in your relationship?

A day that felt like a gut punch. A day that left you feeling bad. Just really bad. 

I’m sure you have. I know I have. 

And you know what? I bet I will have more hard days. You might too.

But it is so crucial to remember that a bad day does not mean you are in a bad relationship. 

Sometimes, a bad day comes along and it knocks your relationship on its butt. Emotions are at an all-time high and your mind is stuffed full of thoughts. 

All of a sudden you are questioning everything about your relationship. It all feels unstable. You are falling down a rabbit hole of negativity. 

We have all been there. 

And those negative feelings are no fun. So, what can we do?

Here are some simple things that help me. 

Take a breath. Take a step back. Put on some music. Read a book.

Do something that will help shift your mindset (even if it is only a tiny bit).

Also, give things time. Let a little time pass and your perspective might change quite a bit. 

8) Self Improvement

I am a sucker for any kind of self-improvement. Any given day, there are at least 2 personal development books next to my bed. And at least one in my car. 

Waiting in the pickup line at my daughter’s school is my favorite place to crack open a book. 

This article is all about relationships. But you are a very important part of that relationship. 

Don’t neglect yourself. 

Work on yourself. Get to know yourself better. Bring the best version of yourself to your relationship.

I guarantee this will help your relationship grow and thrive. 

Check out these books! They are too good not to read! 

A happy and healthy relationship can be like a beautiful dance.

Sometimes that dance may get a bit messy! Toes get stepped on. You get out of sync a little (or a lot).

Have no fear. There is almost always something you can do. 

You and your partner have the power in your relationship. Use that power in positive ways! 

Any relationship rules you follow in your relationship? I’d love to hear it!

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Relationship Rules: 8 Rules To Keep Your Relationship Running Smoothly

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