Self Care Ideas for Moms

Self-Care Ideas for Moms

Self Care Ideas For Moms

Self Care Tips

Self-care ideas for moms? Hold up. What’s that? Anyone else let out a little chuckle?

Make dinner. Finish laundry. Clean the bathroom. Go grocery shopping. Read to the kids. Brush the dogs.

What about you, mama?

It is so important to take care of yourself. We tend to put ourselves on the back burner. At the end of the day, everything that needs to be done may very well be done. But many times we don’t even think about ourselves.

Or maybe we do think about ourselves. But then we stop. We start to feel a twinge of guilt. Why?

Fill your cup! You deserve it.

Think about the things that bring you joy. Peace. Things that keep a little distance between you and insanity. The things that make you feel refreshed.

It is not easy. But dang is the pay off worth it.

Do you ever feel like you could scream? Or maybe you are screaming! Like you are literally hanging on by a thread and you are going to snap. Sometimes, it can be the smallest thing that ended up being the one more thing you couldn’t handle. This statement could not be truer when it comes to me. My husband mentions something about work and I want to scream at him. “I don’t care.” The me that lashes out is in the driver’s seat.

This happens when I am just done. Mom burnout has taken over. I am cranky and short tempered! Watch out, everyone.

I don’t know any mama out there that looks forward to these feelings. So, why do we let this happen?

How much better do you feel after you have taken a little time for yourself?

Taking care of myself has a direct connection to how well I take care of those around me. I need to love myself. And you should love yourself.

I am important. You are important. Make yourself a priority. And don’t for one second feel bad about that.

Oops. I almost forgot to mention. Let’s stop waiting until we have a bad day or until we have turned into a full-blown monster to do something for ourselves. Instead, let’s TRY and get ahead of the momzilla in all of us making an appearance.

We all know she is going to come out sometimes though. Gotta keep people on their toes!

I really hope this list inspires you to start some kind of self-care routine!

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Here Are 10 Self-Care Ideas For Moms To Try Today

1) Face Mask

Give me a good playlist and an even better face mask. Don’t neglect your skin ladies.

Add a nice glass of wine or some chocolate! This is great if you only have a few minutes for yourself.

Sometimes, we have to take the time when we can get it. And make the best of it. Even if that time is short!

2) Take a Bath (without an audience)

A nice long hot bath. YES! Maybe light some candles. Put on some music. Grown-up bubble bath. I’m a big fan of bath bombs.

The key here is to not have an audience. Shout out to all my fellow mamas who have completely forgotten what privacy is. Wait. People still go to the bathroom by themselves. No one is staring at them asking them questions. Making comments about their body parts. Unheard of. I have gotten so used to this that I actually feel strange in the bathroom alone.

I am fully convinced my husband goes into the bathroom to get a few minutes of peace and watch Youtube videos. Brooklyn will tell me that Dad is in the potty and needs his privacy. Oh, thanks, child.

3) Read a Book

There is always a stack of books on my nightstand. I love when my daughter is in bed and my husband is at work and the house is silent. I think even my dogs know when I need a break and they stay pretty quiet. Smart boys.

I am currently reading Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. Get yourself this book!

Books are a great way to gain a fresh perspective. Change your mindset.

Snap yourself out of a funk (read more tips for this here)!

This is another great option when time is limited.

How to be more positive by reading

4) Plan a Friend Date (and actually go on it)

Being a Mom can be really lonely. You can’t just pick up and do whatever your little heart desires like you once did. I have some ladies that I text on the regular. But sometimes I feel like I have gone way too long without an in-person adult conversation.

One where it does not take me 17 minutes to get one sentence out because I had to pause to wipe a butt and then pause again to get food. And then pause again because my child has something very important to show me. Let’s add one more pause for no good reason at all.

Mamas everywhere know how this is!

Plan a friend date! Only have a few minutes to grab coffee?

Make it happen!

5) Journal

If this is new for you then start small. Try writing down a few things you are grateful for. Or 1 or 2 things you want to accomplish. Hey, write down a new recipe you want to try. Whatever you want, girl!

My favorite part of journaling is picking one out. Yeah, you could write in a regular old notebook. And that is completely fine and dandy. I just like to make it a special occasion. I believe if you love your journal you will be more likely to write in it.

Just a few minutes of getting your feelings out can make a huge difference in your day!

Check out these tips for starting a journal!

6) Manicure/Pedicure

You don’t have to go to a salon for this. Grab some nail polish and a ped egg (if your feet are in need of a little help like mine) and there you go. Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel is great too! I just did this last week after thinking about buying it for months. I had a coupon and figured why not. My feet are not as soft as a perfect brand new baby but there is a huge difference.

An at-home spa night can make you feel rejuvenated.

Or plan a friend date to actually go to the spa. Let someone else do the heavy lifting every once in a while.

7) Listen to Music

A three-minute song has a lot of power. We all have those songs that make us feel a certain way. They make things seem a little better. At least for a few minutes. Find your songs and play them when you need a boost. Make them your anthem!

8) Organize

Okay, this may seem a little strange. But I have found that clutter is not good for my state of mind. I’m not talking about doing the dishes or laundry or any of the things we do daily. Think of something you have been wanting to organize for ages.

For me, this was all the closets in my house. They were a great place to throw random things when cleaning up. The perfect little hiding spot for miscellaneous clutter. But looking at them for longer than 10 seconds would raise my blood pressure. Getting all of them cleaned out and organized felt like such an accomplishment. I was proud and relieved.

I wrote an article on easy steps to organize your home. There is nothing quite like a clutter-free space!

9) Netflix and Chill

Watch a romantic comedy. Binge-watch a show. Watch a documentary.

Don’t forget a pint of your favorite ice cream and a cozy blanket. This alone time is priceless.

Great way to zone out and turn your brain off for a little bit. Well, try to turn your brain off!

10) Look up Some Inspirational Quotes

I am a sucker for a good quote. Find some you love and write them down. Put them on post-it notes and hang them all over.

Maybe write self-care on a post-it so you don’t forget how important it is!

Take Care of Yourself, Mama!

How Do You Do Self-Care?

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