Simple Habits For a Happy Marriage

6 Simple Habits For a Happy Marriage

simple habits for a happy marriage

Habits of a Healthy Marriage

Alright, let’s chat about some simple habits for a happy marriage. 

While these habits are simple, they are not always easy to practice consistently. And that’s it right there. Consistency. That’s where the magic happens. 

Many of us might be aware of things we would like to work on or goals we have in our relationships. 

But awareness in no way means that we will get it right all the time. (that’s completely unrealistic)

Knowing better does not always equal us doing better. At least not right off the bat.

And that’s ok. We are human beings just trying to do our best. The goal is to practice incorporating these habits to the point where they almost become second nature. They act as the baseline for how your relationship functions. 

The littlest things in your marriage will have the biggest impact. This is not about grand gestures or extravagant acts here. 

We are focusing on the small things we can do daily.

Grab your favorite comfy blanket and let’s get to it. 

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Here Are 6 Simple Habits For a Happy Marriage

1) Gratitude 

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Feel seen. 

Acknowledging something your partner has done is important.

I know in my marriage, it makes a world of difference when my husband openly recognizes my contribution or actions.

Relationships can get put in the cruise control setting all too easily. It becomes two people going through the motions. Doing all the things they need to do.

It’s like two ships passing in the night. You might give each other a little honk but you keep it moving. 

And I am not saying you need to be dishing out praise left and right. But when practiced regularly, gratitude can work wonders in building and sustaining a connection between you and your partner. 

*A gratitude journal could help tremendously in building this habit.*

2) Listen

Let me be more specific. We are talking about active listening. This means we put away any distractions and show our partners that we are genuinely interested in what they have to say, 

Your partner wants to be heard. And I’m sure you do too. 

Talking to someone that you know is not giving you their full attention doesn’t feel good. Especially if you are being vulnerable. 

*Let me just say real quick that this type of listening will most likely not happen 100% of the time. We are real people, living real lives that require a lot from us. I know I am not always actively listening during mornings in our home getting everyone ready and out of the house*

This is more about creating the habit of prioritizing our partners and what they are trying to express to us when we can. And also expressing when we aren’t capable of giving our full attention so we can circle back to the conversation instead of someone feeling ignored. 

Truly listening will change your marriage. It can help with understanding each other’s perspectives and coming together to find mutually beneficial outcomes. 

3) Date Your Spouse

This sounds like an obvious one. But I think it’s also something that is very easily put on the back burner. 

What this comes down to is spending quality time together. Dating your spouse does not have to involve putting on fancy clothes and going out on the town. It doesn’t need to be flashy or extravagant at all.

I mean, it can be if that’s what you want. But this doesn’t need to be complicated at all. 

I am all about creating and enjoying a very low-key date night at home. 

Put on a comedy show or funny movie and laugh together. Have a dance party. Do a puzzle. Play a game. One of my new favorite things is these TableTopics. They can be great for sparking conversations. 

Prioritizing time together helps to foster a deeper connection. That is something that can dwindle over time if we don’t make an effort to connect with our partners. 

4) Marriage Meetings

This is all about promoting healthy communication.

Having a safe space for open and honest conversations is crucial.

I must admit something. When I first wanted to incorporate these into my marriage, my husband was less than thrilled. I think he thought I was just looking for more time to talk my little heart out. (I am all about sharing and my husband falls pretty far on the other end of the spectrum)

Now, while I may do a little more of the talking at the meetings, I am happy to say he has come around. These meetings do not have to only entail serious issues. 

They can be a great way to look forward to the week ahead. Heck, sometimes all my husband and I talk about are dinner ideas.

But the more you create a time and space to talk about anything and everything on either of your minds, the better your overall communication will become. 

5) Right or Wrong

This boils down to something that may not come easily to all of us. (myself included)


We can often get so stuck in being right. And I don’t want that to be the hill I die on. 

It’s vital to understand where your partner is coming from, even if you don’t fully agree with it. 

Fighting the urge to be right calls for us to be flexible. And flexibility can go a long way in having a thriving relationship. 

Practice the habit of searching for common ground. Not every disagreement needs to be a battleground. Think of how much time and energy that would use up.

I also want to make it very clear that this is not about rolling over and not expressing your wants or needs. It’s not a fight to the death or hold everything in scenario. 

You and your partner are a team. The more you remind yourself of that, the easier it will become to not get so stuck on being right or things going exactly your way.

Compromise requires some creativity and ongoing effort but it’s one of those things that can really steer your relationship in a positive direction. 

6) Focus on What You Can Control

This one is all about looking inward.

I am sure we have all experienced times when we wanted to change something about our partners. And maybe we even thought we could. 

It is a much better use of our time and energy to work on ourselves. 

When we look inside and give attention to areas we could grow in, our relationships will benefit from that and grow as well. 

I am a huge book lover. Books, of course, don’t have all the answers but they do provide me with a fresh perspective. And perspective shifts can be a powerful tool in every area of your life. 

Here are some of my favorite personal growth books. (these marriage books are great as well)

Simple habits can go a long way in fostering a happy and healthy marriage. And we all want that.

The process of implementing these habits might not be as easy as flipping a switch. It does require some effort. (that’s how it is with any habit in any area of our life)

A happy marriage is not about perfection. It’s about growing and evolving together. It’s about doing the little things.

These seemingly little things can add so much joy and fulfillment to your relationship and your life together as a whole. 

Which of these simple habits for a happy marriage stands out to you?

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6 Simple Habits For a Happy Marriage

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