Small Gifts For Women

18 Super Cool Small Gifts For Women

small gifts for women

Small & Inexpensive Gifts For Ladies

This is all about small gifts for women.

And let’s clear something up right from the start. 

A gift being small does not at all mean it is “less than” or not a stellar gift.

Bigger might be better at times. But not when it comes to gift giving.

In fact, I prefer smaller gifts. I have two kids who people love to buy “big gifts” for which means I am constantly trying to organize and declutter.

So I have definitely become a less is more kind of gal. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a small, yet well-thought-out gift. 

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Here Are 18 Awesome Small Gifts For Women

1) Ice Roller


Do not underestimate this seemingly simple gift. It is a winner. 

I have this exact one and use it almost every morning to come alive and reduce puffiness. It is also said to help relieve headaches.

2) Jade Roller


This is another tool for puffiness and releasing tension. But this one is so dang pretty as well. 

3) Headbands


How pretty are these? And they are such a simple and classic piece that can add that little extra touch to any outfit.

These velvet scrunchies are also a great choice. But my personal favorite is these square claw clips

4) Sleep Mask


I don’t think you can go wrong with a gift that encourages better sleep. 

5) Face Mask


You could also go with this foot peel mask! Soft skin everywhere for the win. 

6) Bubble Bath


This stuff is so good. I went through so many bottles when I was pregnant a couple of years ago. 

Also, these shower steamers are awesome for taking a normal shower up a couple of notches. Might not be a spa experience but sometimes you gotta just do what you can with what you got. 

7) Coffee Mug


Know any coffee lovers? (silly question) This beauty would be a great addition to their mug collection.

They would also love this milk frother to make their own cold foam if they are into fancy drinks. (cold foam is expensive at coffee shops)

8) Book


This book is my latest obsession. Perfect for anyone into personal growth. (this one and this one are stellar as well)

If you know someone more into fiction or romance, then Colleen Hoover’s books are the way to go. 

9) Journal


Here is a simple and sleek option that comes in a bunch of colors.

10) Motivational Calendar


I am a sucker for anything motivational. 

I am also a fan of anything with humor which is why I love this goofy wall calendar. 

11) Adult Coloring Book


Never too old to relax and color a dang picture. 

12) Puzzle


I bought this for my mom as a birthday present last year and she loved it.

13) Letter Key Chains


How cute are these?!

14) Necklace 


These are simple but so pretty. 

15) Tassel Earrings


How fun are these?! 

16) Trinket Dish


This would look so nice on a bathroom counter or nightstand. 

17) Hourglass Sand Timer


This would be such a cool piece of room or desk decor. And it is actually useful of course!

18) Slipper Socks


Cozy feet? Who wouldn’t want that?!

These gifts may not be extravagant but I would say they are small and mighty. 

Which one of these small gifts for women is your favorite?

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18 Super Cool Small Gifts For Women

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