Tips For Morning Sickness

8 of The Best Tips For Morning Sickness

tips for morning sickness

Ways To Survive Morning Sickness

Ok, let me start this off by saying I wish none of us needed to read about tips for morning sickness. 

But many of us do. That is just the way the cookie crumbled for us. 

And just know that every time I mention morning sickness, I am really referring to feeling like crap basically round the clock. 

Safe to say it would be quite a different experience for most of us if morning sickness just made an appearance in the morning. 

Before I get into any tips, I also feel the need to make one thing very clear.

There is no magic cure for morning sickness.

Even though I know that magic cures don’t exist, I think that is what I was hoping I would find when I went searching for ways to not spend so much time hanging over the toilet.

I wanted to find magic. I was on the hunt for that thing that was going to make me feel human again.

For some women, maybe there will be something that makes them feel significantly better.

That was not the case for me. And it might not be the case for you either.

I see a lot of things that talk about foods or remedies that stop morning sickness. When I saw these things, I would be filled with so much hope. 

That feeling of hope was very short-lived once I had tried all of these things and my morning sickness was still going strong. 

So, I think it really is more about surviving morning sickness.

These tips and ideas helped me do just that. Survive. Make it through. 

And my hope is that they help make life with morning sickness a little more bearable for you too!

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Here Are 8 of The Best Tips For Morning Sickness

1) Ask For Help

I am a stay at home mom and my husband works outside the home. So, I take care of more of the household duties. That is how things work for us. 

But in those first few months of my second pregnancy, it took everything in me to climb out of bed in the morning and brush my teeth. Seriously!

Now, if I am ever feeling a little under the weather in day to day life, I normally push through and keep on keeping on.

That was just not an option this time. I needed all the help I could get and I needed to make sure I was expressing that. 

This is not to say that my husband was just watching me suffer. Absolutely not. But he is not a mind reader. So, if I needed him to take on all the duties that were normally on my plate, I needed to tell him. 

And that is exactly what I did. 

So many times, I feel women downplay how they feel when going through a challenging time.

We tend to say we are fine when we are not. We slap on a smile and say everything is okay. 

Being pregnant can be amazing but it can also be super rough.

Let’s not downplay that! 

2) Sleep/Rest

This is a tricky one. I know. 

We are all in different situations when it comes to careers and our families and how much sleep we can get. 

But during those early months of pregnancy, sleep and rest are so vital.

Go to bed early if you can. Squeeze a nap in if you can. 

And do not feel one bit guilty for kicking your feet up more often than you normally do. 

In the first couple of weeks of feeling really awful, I remember apologizing to my husband a lot. I was sorry the house was not as clean as usual and sorry we were eating a lot more meals that came from the freezer. 

He stopped me mid-sentence one night and said stop apologizing. You are growing a human!

I felt so seen. 

So, here is your reminder that you are growing a human and that is amazing! You deserve (and need) all the extra sleep and rest you can get!

P.S. Get yourself a pregnancy pillow sooner rather than later! I made sure to order one not long after I found out I was pregnant. 

3) Prioritize

I am a list maker. I absolutely love to write out a list every day of things I want to accomplish. 

The list lover in me had to take a backseat during the peak of morning sickness. 

I was barely showering so there was no way the floors were getting scrubbed every Wednesday or the sheets washed every Friday!

Fight the urge to do all the things. 

Morning sickness will hopefully not last your entire pregnancy. That second trimester should bring you some much-needed relief. 

I know it did for me. 

Really prioritize what you need to be doing or getting done over all the things you want to get done. 

For me, this meant prioritizing spending time with my daughter. Instead of using my tiny bit of energy to clean the house, I spent it on her. 

And I also highly suggest spending some time outside every single day if you can. Even if it is cold. 

I live in Wisconsin so I am no stranger to chilly temperatures. But there was something about crisp, fresh air that gave me some much-needed relief. 

At the end of the day, going through morning sickness can really help give you some perspective when it comes to priorities.

I discovered that being behind on laundry and having sticky countertops was not that big of a deal. 

But reading books and playing with my daughter was a big deal. 

On that note, I did get back to cleaning as soon as I was feeling better. What can I say? I love a clean house. 

4) Eat VERY SMALL Meals

I can not stress enough the importance of the word small. 

I kept learning this the hard way. 

The weird thing for me was that while feeling like complete trash, I was also hungry. It is difficult to explain. 

Maybe I just missed food. Ok, who I am kidding. I definitely missed food!

But every time I ate an actual meal, I was sick. Every single time. 

Small snacks throughout the day were the only way I could (sometimes) keep food down.

At one point, I actually wrote out every night what I was going to eat the next day. This was how I stayed on track by keeping a little food in my belly without going overboard. Like I said before, I was flipping hungry. 

It really helped me to be able to look at my dry erase board and see what I was going to eat at what time. I ate about every 2-3 hours depending on how I was feeling. 

On the topic of snacks, let me say something that we all need to hear. Eat what you can! 

Yes, it is important to try your best to eat well during pregnancy (and just in general).

But when you are in pregnancy survival mode, find what works and stick with it. 

My doctor told me to try to make healthy choices but that the baby will take what it needs from me no matter what. 

Also, make sure you are staying hydrated but DO NOT drink too much water at one time. Slow and steady is the way to go. Trust me!

5) Chew Gum

This actually helped me a ton. 

Chewing gum was literally one of the things that helped me the most! Sugar-free gum became my BFF.

I also read a lot about ginger ale or ginger candy. Ginger didn’t really give me any relief but everyone is different so definitely give it a try. 

6) Bedside Snack

A completely empty stomach makes morning sickness even worse. 

If I got up to use the bathroom in the night, I would eat a cracker. And I would eat a couple crackers before I got up in the morning. 

Did this work wonders for me? Nope. But it kept my face out of the toilet for a little while. 

7) Feel All The Feelings 

Morning sickness is dreadful. It sucks. 

Yes, it is exciting to have a little person growing in your belly but that doesn’t make feeling like death any less horrid. 

It is completely ok not to love it. You can be struggling and also extremely grateful. It’s not one or the other. 

I was grateful to be pregnant but also so sad. 

My best friend made me feel better just by acknowledging how I felt. She didn’t try to tell me to look at the positives. She didn’t tell me that things would get better.

Let’s be real, when we are deep in the morning sickness trenches we don’t want to hear that. 

It’s ok not to love it. That’s what I wanted to hear. And I hope those words help you too. 

Yes, I wanted to find some real relief for the way I was feeling. But sometimes all the tips and tricks in the world aren’t going to help much with morning sickness.

It sounds weird to say words helped me feel better but they really did. They helped me mentally and that was huge. 

The physical part of morning sickness is always at the forefront but there is also a massive mental aspect that comes with being sick for an extended period of time. 

8) Talk To Your Doctor

I got to stay home during all of this. I literally can not imagine if I had a job outside the home I had to go to every day.

Women who do that are like superhero status! 

Make sure you are being honest with your doctor. Remember what I mentioned earlier about downplaying things? Try really hard not to do that. 

If the struggle is taking a toll on you, talk to your doctor about that. They will most likely have options to help you. That’s what they are there for.  

Morning sickness will have a different level of impact on each of our lives. 

With my first pregnancy, I felt a little off for a couple of months. But I was still able to go about my day to day life pretty much as usual. This second pregnancy has been much more intense and life-altering. 

Wherever you fall on the morning sickness misery spectrum, I really hope these tips help you find even the tiniest bit of relief. And more than relief, I hope reading this helps you feel less alone. 

Have any tips on morning sickness? Sharing is caring!

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8 of The Best Tips For Morning Sickness

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