Tips to Make Mom Life Easier

25+ Tips to Make Mom Life Easier

tips to make mom life easier

Being a mom is amazing. True.

Being a mom is hard. Also true.

Being a mom is easy. FALSE!

Even on the really good days, easy is not something that comes to mind.

I think every mama out there is open to finding some tips to make mom life easier. 

Do you know what else I think? 

We are all looking for ways to not feel so alone. Doesn’t it feel amazing when a fellow parent shares the same fear or stress that you do?

You instantly feel a little better knowing that no matter how hard it is, there is another person out there going through the same things you are.

Another person that knows you can love parenting while also feeling a deep need to ship your kiddos off somewhere. And then we will miss them 5 minutes after they leave. Mom life is a beast. 

I feel like it is our duty as moms to share any tips we have. I know I am always all ears when someone starts dishing out advice or helpful tips. I may even ask them to pause for one second while I grab a pen and paper. 

This doesn’t mean every tip, hack or piece of advice you hear will work for you. But you never know when one might be a game-changer for your household. 

These tips are not extravagant. They are just simple things that can hopefully make your days go off with fewer hiccups. I would say go off completely without a hitch but we all know that is not possible. 

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Here Are 28 Tips to Make Mom Life Easier

1) Have a Bag Packed

My older daughter is 10 so we are way past the diaper bag phase there. And my 3-year-old is fully potty trained so I don’t really consider her as needing a diaper bag. 

But we still have a bag that is packed at all times ready to go! We call it our car bag. 

Right now our bag has extra clothes, wet wipes, band-aids, tissue, sunglasses, and sweaters. Oh, and there are always a few random toys for busy little hands. (this one and these are big hits)

I change our bag based on the seasons. This makes getting out of the house so much simpler. 

I recently snagged this crossbody tote bag for myself and love it. A backpack bag is another awesome option.

2) Snacks

Kids seem to always be hungry. Especially in the car.

Snacks will save the day! And this also prevents you from eating out. 

It can be tempting to swing through a drive-thru when you sense a meltdown on the horizon. Having a few snacks can save your sanity and save you money!

I love this bag for holding snacks. Then you can easily see what you have and restock as needed. 

3) Mom Snacks

Kids are not the only ones who turn into terrifying monsters when the hunger pains kick in.

There have been many times a granola bar or an apple has kept momzilla at bay. 

Don’t forget about yourself, mama!

4) Easy Dinners

Keep dinners simple. Especially on days when you have a lot going on. 

These easy dinner ideas will get the job done!

5) Snack Plate

I have been giving my daughter snack plates since she started eating solid foods. 

You just pick a few healthy options and a winning meal is served. A common one in my house is grapes, carrots, cheese stick, and crackers. 

I usually let her help me choose what goes on her plate, which she loves. I think kids eat more of what is in front of them when they had a say in it. 

6) Have a Pack of Wipes


One in the house. The car. You get the idea!

Having wipes within reach throughout the day is a necessity for moms. 

7) Quick Clean-Ups

I like to do a few 10-20 minute clean-ups throughout the day. 

That way the end of the day doesn’t roll around and it literally looks like someone was searching for treasure in your house. One word. DISASTER!

And it always surprises me how much I get done in only a few minutes! 

8) Get Outside

If you can.

I know for some people this is vital! I know a few friends who need to get out of the house every single day. 

Getting outside and feeling some fresh air on your face can help you switch gears to a more positive mindset. 

9) Laundry

I don’t mind laundry. You know what I do mind? 

Putting it away. It is the absolute worst for me. 

I have not really found a way to make laundry more enjoyable. OK, I take that back. Wrapping up in a blanket that has just come out of the dryer is one thing I can put in the pro column.

But I do suggest keeping your loads small. I like to do a load every day or every other day. This keeps it from building up into a literal mountain in my laundry room. 

And then putting it away is not nearly as miserable. 

10) Blast Music

Sometimes, I like to blast the music and sing at the top of my lungs. There are times I do this when I am in a great mood and times I do it when I am on the verge of tears. 

But one thing is true whenever I do this. My daughter just stares at me. Sometimes she is smiling and sometimes she is looking at me like I have lost it (which I have sometimes!) 

We need to do things to keep kids on their toes. This is one of those things I do. 

And music, in general, is just one of those things that makes people feel good. There is always music playing in my house. I even leave it on for my dogs when they are home alone. 

11) Sleep is Sacred

Treat it that way, mama!

Do not let anyone else make you feel bad if you need to leave the party early. Or if you can’t make a play date. 

If you have a routine that is working for you, stick to it. 

And this also applies to you! Yes, you can function on just a few hours of sleep. But if there is not a little one interfering with a full night’s sleep, prioritize the heck out of sleep. 

Tired is not really a great look for anyone. 

12) Witching Hour

Do you have a witching hour in your home? You probably do. But you might not call it the witching hour. I have a slight obsession with Hocus Pocus so anything witch-related is right up my alley.

But basically, this is the time when your kids turn into someone else. They may be cranky, extra emotional, or angry. When the witching hour starts, I am on a countdown to bedtime. 

Know when this time is and plan accordingly.

Plan activities or start the nighttime routine to keep things moving along. This helps me not lose my sh*t! 

13) Meditation

My daughter has been going to sleep with meditation for almost 7 years. 

This is a great tool to try if you have a child who has a hard time winding down.

But it is really great for anyone. It provides such a calming and relaxing environment.

14) Lists

Lists. Lists. Lists. OK, replace lists with shots and I am taking a walk down memory lane. Please say you remember that song?!

Moms have a lot going on. We can not be expected to keep everything in order in our minds all the time. 

Clear out your brain a little. Here are some list ideas to try if you don’t know where to start.

15) Calendar

If you have space for one, I highly suggest mounting a giant wall calendar.

It is great for keeping track of appointments, birthday parties, and all the other random things you deal with. 

And this does not only need to be used by you. Other members of your family can be a part of this. My husband knows if he wants something remembered he better write it down!

You have got to check out this jumbo wall calendar!

16) Declutter

Less is more. 

Having an organized home can have a huge impact on your stress level.

Need some tips when it comes to getting this process started? Read all about how to organize your home and keep it that way!

17) Stickers

I do not like to buy my daughter a bunch of random things. But I will always say yes to stickers. They are inexpensive and perfect for keeping little ones entertained. Heck, some days I am fine with my kid covering herself in stickers. 

You gotta pick and choose your battles, right?

*We’re big fans of this reusable sticker pad.*

18) Car Organizer

I like to keep a few books and a toy or two in the car. And stickers of course!

Also, I keep my plastic bags from the grocery store and shove a couple in here for garbage. This way trash doesn’t get shoved in every little crevice of the car. 

This car organizer makes it easier than ever to keep things in your car without creating a mess.  

Check out these water activity pads that are really cool! And these books are favorites in my home.

19) Never Run Out of Coffee

This may seem silly to some. But my coffee lovers out there will understand. 

Coffee is one of those things I look forward to. And when it is not there, I am not always my best self!

20) At-Home Workouts

It would be nice for exercise to make it onto the to-do list. But this does not always happen. 

Maybe this is due to a lack of time or us just putting it off. I am not the biggest fan of working out. 

But I have found something that I actually enjoy and it takes a very small amount of time.

You can find so many workouts on YouTube that are only 10 minutes. It does not get much better than that!

21) Throw Things Away

When those kids are sleeping, throw things away! Well, if it’s not garbage then donating is the better option. But I swear my daughter keeps actual garbage. 

You know what else you can throw away. That picture they drew. Yep. Say good-bye. 

Now, I LOVE to keep things. But I learned very quickly that I can not keep every single thing my child’s hands touch. 

Now that my daughter is in school, I am going to start some kind of binder and keep a few things from every school year. This way I have a few special things saved instead of 27 boxes in the attic that I will pass down to my daughter when she is a grown-up. She won’t want that stuff. 

I know this because my mom is the woman who kept everything from my childhood!

22) Dry Shampoo

A good dry shampoo will get your hair through the day. You know the days I am talking about. The ones where you 100% should have given that hair a good scrubbing. 

But you didn’t, mama. And that is just fine. Hello, isn’t this exactly what dry shampoo was invented for? 

23) Have an Outlet

Read. Listen to podcasts. Draw. Grab yourself an adult coloring book. Meditate. Watch some reality TV.

24) Make Time for Yourself

This goes a little deeper than just reading a book. Although reading is one of the ways I practice self-care

But this is really about not being afraid to say that you need a break. Not feeling any shame in saying that you are going to put yourself first for once. 

25) Cut Yourself Some Slack

We all say this. To other people that is.

We are quick to tell others to not be so hard on themselves. Quick to give reassurance that they are doing a great job. But when it comes to ourselves, we are usually not nearly as kind.

Let’s try to be a little easier on ourselves. 

26) Clean out the Carseat

I know this is awful. But every once in a while, take that thing apart and do a deep clean.

I know I am not the only parent who has found some nasty things hiding in there. 

27) Rotate Toys

Kids have so much stuff! SO MUCH! TOO MUCH!

I like to rotate through things.

On more than one occasion, my daughter has literally thought I bought her something new. 

I also like doing this because it limits the number of things available to make a mess with. 

28) Get Toys That Will Last

Blocks. Ball Pit. Play tent. Tunnels.

Things that will be played with for more than 3 days. And also things that you could pass down to siblings. 

We are all in this together!

I hope some of these tips help you live your best mom life.

Have any tips to make mom life easier? Drop a comment and let’s chat!

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25+ Tips to Make Mom Life Easier

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