Top Gifts For Women

18 Seriously Awesome Top Gifts For Women

top gifts for women

Unique Gift Ideas For Women

Let’s talk gifts.

More specifically, let’s talk about some top gifts for women.

How do you feel about shopping for gifts for others?

Do you love it? Hate it? 

Is it fun? Dreadful? 

I happen to love it. But it has definitely not always been that way.

I used to stress over it so much. Almost to the extent that it would interfere with my sleep. (worrying is basically my superpower)

I used to think that I had to find the perfect gift. I used to think that more expensive meant better. And I definitely used to think that not giving the “right” gift was a mistake I never wanted to make. 

Here’s what I now know.

Putting pressure on yourself to find the perfect gift can really suck the fun out of shopping. 

More money spent does not automatically mean a gift is superior. 

And we are all most likely going to give someone a gift that they will return.

So take a deep breath, let the pressure go, and have fun with it. 

The gifts on this list are good. Like really good. 

The women in your life are sure to love these. You also might want to snag a few of these for yourself! (#2 and #15 are in my cart right now)

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Here Are 18 Absolutely Awesome Top Gifts For Women

1) Charcuterie Board Set


2) Backpack/Tote Bag


3) Motivational Calendar


4) Loungewear Set


5) Book


This book is geared toward self-improvement and building tools and skills for overall life improvement. 

Looking for a fun fiction book? This one is a must-read! 

6) Cookbook


7) Adult Coloring Book 


8) Crossbody Bag


9) Travel Jewelry Organizer


10) Planner


11) Journal


12) Wall Planter


13) Yoga Mat


14) Body Vase


15) Bathtub Tray


16) Body Pillow


You definitely DO NOT need to be pregnant to enjoy this bad boy!

17) Bedside Shelf


18) Tea Set


I truly hope you found some really great gifts on this list. And I of course hope you had fun!

Which one of these top gifts for women is your favorite?

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18 Seriously Awesome Top Gifts For Women

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