The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

This ultimate summer bucket list is full of easy ways to have fun during those beautiful summer months.

Ah, summer. Oh, summer. I love you. Everything about you.

Summer is my favorite time of year. Pretty sure that was obvious. But I just wanted to say it again!

Being able to leave the house without a jacket on is magical to me. Not having to warm the car up. Driving with the windows down.  I could go on and on. This seems sort of like a love letter to summer.

This season only lasts a few months for my family. So bring on all the outdoor activities.

My daughter starts kindergarten this fall. And that is making me a little crazy. Or completely bonkers.  I keep feeling like this is the last summer before everything changes. This mama is having a hard time.

I really want to make sure we slow down. Enjoy summer to its fullest. Be mindful. Put all the electronics away. Soak up every ray of sunshine. You get the idea.

Summer is the perfect time to create long-lasting family memories. Let this list inspire you to go and make some memories of your own!

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Read On For The Best Summer Bucket List Ideas and Have The Best Summer Ever!

1) Have a picnic

This is one that we try to do weekly during the summer months. There is just something about eating outside on a beautiful day.

Grab your picnic blanket and go bask in the sunshine.

2) Go to the beach

The beach is great for building sandcastles! I’m not a fan of sand in all my crevices but I make an exception.

Pack up a bag of beach toys and get going. Oh and of course towels, snacks, and sunscreen!

3) Feed the ducks

We love to do this. Even if it is a little intimidating when it goes from 3 ducks to 47 ducks. And then the geese start coming in.

We actually recently learned that you aren’t supposed to feed ducks bread. So we bring frozen corn and frozen peas instead.

4) Go to the zoo

The zoo is my happy place. My daughter loves it too as long as she has her wagon to ride in and snacks to eat. We always bring a backpack cooler filled with drinks. Staying hydrated is a must.

5) Visit a Farmer’s Market

My favorite market starts in May. It runs every Thursday through the entire summer. And my family is there pretty much every week. I love it because it is free. There are lots of things to spend money on but you don’t have to spend a dime if you don’t want to!

They have live music and show a family-friendly movie. Search for events in your area and you are sure to find something neat.

6) Swimming

The water at the beach is a tad chilly for me. At least until August! My parents have a pool and we love to go swimming over there.

A kiddie pool in the yard works great too!

7) Make s’mores

My daughter always wants to make s’mores. But I have caught on and realized she only eats the chocolate. She gets it from her mama!

8) Fly a kite

Just make sure you aren’t really close to trees! Little hearts could get broken from a lost kite!

9) Run through sprinklers/slip n slide

Think back to your childhood. My summers were spent on slip n slides.

10) Go for a bike ride

Exercise and fun all in one.

11) Mini golf

Mini golf is fun for adults and kiddos.

12) Wash the cars

A soapy and messy good time!

13) Go on a walk/hike

My daughter is not into hiking just yet but she loves going on nature walks.

14) Sidewalk chalk

Grab some chalk and make a masterpiece in the driveway.

15) Go to the park

We love to try and find new parks in our area we have never been to.

16) Go to the drive-in movie theater

The hubby and I are fans of the drive-in. This summer will be our little lady’s first time and we are hoping she gives it a thumbs up. She loves going to the actual movie theater so I’m feeling pretty good about it. Honestly, as long as there are treats everything will be golden!

17) Watch fireworks

18) Go to a carnival or fair

Summer is just not complete without going to a fair and scarfing on a funnel cake.

19) Arts and Crafts

This could be painting. Shaving cream art. So many choices. And the best part is it can all be done outside!

20) Go fishing

My parents live on a small lake and so does my father-in-law. My daughter got her first fishing pole this past summer and she loves it. Maybe this year she will have a bit more patience with it! Or not. Waiting to get a bite is dang hard!

21) BBQ

I love a hot dog on the grill. This is great for a laid back day. Hanging out in the backyard grilling!

22) Play with water balloons or squirt guns

23) Have a theme party

This is a great one for kids and adults. My husband and I have thrown an adult luau party before and it was a blast.

24) Play with a water table

My daughter got a water table three years ago and it is one of the best summer toys around.

25) Play in the sandbox

I can’t remember a time growing up that we didn’t have a sandbox in the backyard. We bought my daughter a sandbox a few years back and it is another one of those great summer toys.

Do you love summer as much as I do?

What’s on your Summer Bucket List?

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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

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