Unique Gifts on Amazon

12 Fun & Unique Gifts on Amazon For Women

unique gifts on amazon

Unique Amazon Finds

We are going to take a look at some unique gifts on Amazon for women.

And I don’t know about you but I am always on the hunt for unique or cool gift ideas.

You know those things that you just see and automatically a light bulb goes off in your head. You have one of those “this is it” moments.

Like when people find the perfect dress or pair of jeans. 

Sometimes with gift-giving, I think we can overthink it. I know I am a professional overthinker when it comes to… well anything really. I consider it one of my (unwanted) superpowers. 

Here is what I always tell myself. The person I am giving a gift to can (and might) return the gift I give them. Or re-gift the gift I chose. That’s ok.

We want to give gifts that people love, of course. But if we choose a gift and are happy with our choice then that is where our part in the process ends. 

So try to have some fun when looking for gifts for others. (we shouldn’t feel like we are preparing for an exam)

Think about the person you are shopping for. Think about what they would like or want. And think about things that might just bring them some joy. That might be something they wouldn’t buy for themselves or something a little out of the box. 

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Here Are 12 Unique Gifts on Amazon For Women

1) Ceramic Vase


How sleek and modern is this beautiful vase? I feel like it would mesh well with other decor very easily. 

2) Weekender Bag


I am obsessed with this! The wet pocket and shoe compartment are nice touches. This ranks high in the stylish gym bag department. 

3) Ceramic Plant Pot


Know any plant lovers?

4) Tea Kettle


This is oh-so-pretty to look at and is actually usable!

5) Bartender Kit


This would be perfect for anyone who loves to entertain. Or just enjoys the occasional cocktail in the comfort of their own home. 

6) Laptop Shoulder Bag


One of my favorite gifts I ever got (from myself) was my laptop bag. And the best part is I use it constantly.

This laptop sleeve is pretty cool also!

7) Dry Erase Wall Calendar


This wall calendar is the bomb. (do people still say that?)

I especially love that it can be personalized!

8) Wearable Blanket


OK, can you even go wrong when a gift has the words wearable and blanket in it?

9) Portable Outdoor Blanket 


Is anyone down for a picnic? This blanket would come in handy.

10) 3 Layer Jewelry Organizer


I’m a big fan of anything that helps with organization. 

11) 3 Tier Serving Bowls Set


This would be great for anyone who loves kitchen-y things. This bunny cupcake stand is another really awesome option. 

12) Bathtub Caddy Tray


I have given this gift to more than one person. And it was definitely well received!

I hope this list got your gift-giving juices flowing. 

Oh, and let me just add that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a classic gift like a super soft robe or cozy pair of slippers, or a beautiful journal. (my mom got a robe for X-mas last year and loved it)

Have any unique gifts on Amazon for women you would add to this list? I’m sure you do!

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12 Fun & Unique Gifts on Amazon For Women

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