Ways To Be More Grateful in Life

6 Simple & Powerful Ways To Be More Grateful in Life

ways to be more grateful in life

How To Be More Grateful for What You Have

Let’s chat about some ways to be more grateful in life. 

This is a topic that gets a lot of attention. You have people who swear by this practice. People who feel very strongly that gratitude has impacted their lives in numerous positive ways.

You also have people that may be a little skeptical. They may not be so sold on the benefits of this. And some may even acknowledge that gratitude is a great idea but things get a little dicey when it comes to outcomes or results of actually practicing being grateful.

First off, gratitude is not this magical idea that will make life easy peasy. I think often we see or read things (especially on social media) that promise a certain act or habit will have a massive effect on our lives. 

Anything catchy that promises a quick fix for something is most likely not going to pan out the way you think. 

This is not a black-and-white type of thing. It’s all in the gray areas. 

Can gratitude improve your life and help you gain perspective? Of course.

Is gratitude going to replace every not-so-great thought or emotion you have? Absolutely not. It is not the end all be all for life improvement either. 

However, gratitude has the power to shift the way you view life if you practice it consistently. It can help to adjust the lens in a more positive and productive direction.

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Here Are 6 Must-Read Ways To Be More Grateful in Life

1) Keep a Journal

Positive thoughts or grateful thoughts are lovely. But it has to be more than just thoughts.

Words on paper are powerful. They create something tangible that we can see and look back on at a later date if need be.

Thoughts can be fleeting. And the thing is… we experience so many differing thoughts and feelings throughout our days.

It is very easy only to have the tough times stand out or even replay in our minds on a loop. The good stuff seems to take a backseat or be almost completely overshadowed. 

A journal (like this one) is a place to put these thoughts into the actual world. It makes them real in a way. 

2) Small Joys

It’s great to look forward to something big in your life—a vacation. Fun weekend. Epic party. 

But what about the small things? The things that happen much more regularly yet we may not give them a second thought.  

Noticing and acknowledging the small joys in life is where it’s at.

It’s the perfect way to appreciate and be so much more grateful for the life you get to live daily. (not just a certain date on the calendar you’re waiting for)

3) This AND That

Have you ever expressed frustration or a challenge in your life and then been quick to back it up with a “but” statement?

I am really struggling with my toddler right now but I’m so lucky and I love her so much. My work has been overwhelming lately but I am blessed to be there. Things of that nature.

Try replacing the word but with the word and. This is a much more practical approach.

The truth is that life is hard and there will always be challenges happening. But they happen simultaneously along the good stuff.

We don’t need to downplay one or the other. There’s room for both.

Honestly, being completely truthful about the tough times can help us love and be grateful for what we have. We don’t have to shove down the negative aspects. (this usually has the opposite result of what we were going for anyway)

4) Be Present

Put your phone down. Dance around the living room. Savor each bite of your favorite dessert.

Watch your loved ones delight in the simple pleasures.

Like earlier today, I had the privilege of watching my kiddos go crazy on this inflatable water park. Yes, they still asked me for an obnoxious amount of snacks and bickered with each other more often than I would like. But…

It was a beautiful sunny, hot day here. There was music playing. Our new puppy was right next to me basking in the sun. Soaking these moments and days in is such a blessing.

So often I feel as if I am going through life on cruise control, especially with kids. It’s like you are just trying to get to the next thing. And let’s be honest, there are times when we are in survival mode and need to keep chugging and get to the next thing. 

This is not about being perfect and never taking a second for granted. That’s not a realistic standard. 

But trying to find joy and beauty and be truly present in the simple and sometimes mundane parts of life can be eye-opening. 

5) Be Kind

To others and yourself. 

This in no way means you go through life with a smile plastered on your face.

This also in no way means you do whatever it takes to make those around you happy. (kindness and people-pleasing can walk a fine line) BTW: This book is a must-read if people-pleasing and saying no is a struggle for you. I have read it multiple times. 

Hold the door for someone. Share a few extra smiles. (especially if you see a parent in a store wrangling a child) Say thank you to your partner for something small that might normally get overlooked. Let someone pull out in front of you in traffic. Compliment a random stranger. (or a friend or loved one)

These little things make you feel good. And in turn, this can help you be kinder to yourself. 

Don’t forget that you are awesome and deserve kindness and to be celebrated. (and your efforts and accomplishments should be recognized as well)

6) Limit Social Media

This is huge. Social media has become like this second world that we all live in. And this is not all bad. 

But here’s your nudge to think about the time you spend on social media or any type of technology.

Really think about if it is serving you and your life well. 

Ask yourself some tough questions. Am I spending too much time on my phone? Is my time spent on technology having a negative impact on my life or my relationships?

Remind yourself often that social media is a highlight reel. It is not an accurate representation of someone’s life. It should definitely not be the standard you measure your life against. 

More time spent looking up and living in the actual world will always be a good choice. I virtually pinky promise!

Gaining a more grateful outlook on life is not going to happen overnight. Most things don’t change overnight.

Unless we talk about what my toddler will and will not eat. That changes from meal to meal. 

Gratefulness is one of those things that you have to try and see what it does for you. And in what capacity you can implement it. 

Have any ideas for ways to be more grateful in life?

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6 Simple & Powerful Ways To Be More Grateful in Life

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