Ways To Improve Your Relationship

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Relationship

ways to improve your relationship

How To Keep a Relationship Strong & Happy

This is all about ways to improve your relationship. I bet most of us have thought about this at one time or another.

And while the ideas are pretty simple, it all comes down to the execution.

There is one thing about relationships I know to be true. 

Relationships are hard. HARD! 

My naive teenage self did not know this but 39-year-old me sure does. 

And one other thing I know to be true is that relationships require consistent effort. 

There are times when life is charging forward at full speed and our relationships might take a backseat. They slowly fall lower and lower on the list. 

At some point, they may just fall off the list completely. They are nonexistent on our priority lists.

And I get it. I think most couples have experienced this.

While we may not love and look forward to struggles in our relationships, there is almost always something we can do to get over a hump or just inch a little closer to a better place. 

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Here Are 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Relationship Starting Today

1) Focus on…


My relationship is always in a significantly better place when I make myself a priority. And of course when my husband does the same. 

Things just run smoother. 

Fill your cup in whatever way you can. Find personal joy wherever you can. 

Spending time apart from your partner is healthy. (for both of you)

Leave space for yourself. Always. 

Neglecting to build a relationship with yourself is not the way your relationship grows and thrives. 

(One way I feed my soul is through books. These personal growth books are so good!)

2) Stay Curious

We don’t stay the exact same versions of ourselves. We all grow and change over time.

You, your partner, and your relationship are constantly growing and changing. In big and small ways. 

I have been with my husband for 17 years. And he is very different at 39 than he was when we started dating at 22. (thank goodness!)

One thing we have had to do in our marriage is put in the time and effort to get to know each other again. And this isn’t something you just do once. It is an ongoing process. 

Staying curious about our partners can have a positive impact on all aspects of our relationships. 

Ask questions. Talk and listen and really learn about each other. This is sharing our lives with someone, right?

Yes, some days we are just “doing life” and getting by the best we can.

But we also have to try our very best to make time for the deeper stuff.

3) What’s Your Love Language

This book is just an all-around winner. Any relationship can benefit from this short and sweet read. 

As the title lays out pretty clearly, it is about love languages. 

These are the different ways people give and receive love. 

This book is filled with super cool information. It also provides so much clarity.

You are bound to have an aha moment or two while flipping through the pages. 

Books are awesome tools and resources for our relationships. Take advantage of these resources.

Here are a few other relationship books that are definitely worth a read.

4) Check on Things 

And do this regularly. 

It may not sound romantic to schedule a meeting or weekly check-in but it is something that your relationship will thank you for.

Brushing things under the rug happens. But too many issues under the rug can eventually cause some real damage. 

Nip things in the bud.

*Funny side note: I was in my 30s when I discovered that it was bud and not butt! Oops*

Find small pockets of time to check on each other. To check on your relationship. 

Busy is a term that is thrown around a lot these days. Sometimes I think people think of it as a badge of honor, right? The busier the better.

Now, having a lot on your plate is obviously a very real thing. And there are different seasons of life and different seasons of relationships. 

But our relationships could always use some TLC. Check-ins are a fantastic and pretty simple way to do that. 

5) Stay in Your Lane

Comparison. UGH!

This is a tough one. 

It is so easy to talk about comparison and how we shouldn’t do it. It’s another thing to actually stop comparing.

In today’s world, we have access to so much of other people’s lives. And while we know that the internet is not real life, this doesn’t make us immune to the comparison bug. 

Seemingly perfect relationships (and lives in general) are everywhere we look. This can get our wheels spinning and soon we start to question our relationship. We want it to measure up to the ones we see and feel envious of. 

Power Tip: When comparison seems to be taking over, it may be time for a social media cleanse. Or at least do a serious evaluation of how much time you are spending consuming it. 

The internet can be downright dangerous for our minds.

Here is one thing I want you to always keep in mind. 

Your relationship is a valuable asset. It is important to treat it accordingly.

Have any thoughts on ways to improve your relationship? Share away!

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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Relationship

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