Ways To Make Your Life Better

10 Must-Read Ways To Make Your Life Better

ways to make your life better

Simple Ways To Improve Your Life


Let’s get right down to business here. 

This is all about ways to make your life better.

I don’t know about you, but I consider this topic of the utmost importance.

Have you ever seen a motivational quote or some words of inspiration? 

WOW, dumb question. Of course, you have. 

Probably because it’s everywhere. You don’t have to look hard to find it. 

And you know what else? I actually love it. I’m a fan.

Give me all the “live your best life” decor. 

But when it comes to building and living better lives, positive words or motivational quotes are just a small part of the puzzle. 

Life has (and always will have) so many moving parts.

When it comes to improving anything, we can often be on the search for some very precise instructions or specific steps that will get us where we want to be.

We want the deets. The down-low.

Give us the scoop. Maybe even two scoops.

Basically, just tell us what we need to do now. Please and thank you. Oh, and try to keep it short and sweet and crystal clear of course. 

We are busy people after all. 

While that way may seem appealing, we know it’s not in the cards. 

It looks a little more like this. Here is some information for you. Take what serves you. Apply it to your life in a way that works for you. 

Rinse and repeat until the end of time. (not as glamorous and exciting as a “live your best life” bumper sticker)

When we want something different for our lives in any capacity, it can be scary. It can be overwhelming. But it can also be exciting. And empowering. 

Here’s the only down-low I know for sure. 

No one can do it for you. You are the conductor. The maestro. You’re the main character.

You get to mold your life. How cool!

And you know what else? 

There will most likely come a day when you reflect back and realize you may have cracked the code. Even a little bit. 

That is what it feels like to level up. That is growth.

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Here Are 10 Incredible Ways To Make Your Life Better Starting Right Now

1) Make Yourself a Priority

If we want to even tiptoe around the idea of bettering our lives, we have to start with prioritizing. 

So many of our choices and habits really coincide with prioritizing. (in some cases, a lack of prioritizing)

How many times do we say we wish we could do this certain thing for ourselves or we talk about all the “shoulds” that we should try to do? 

We can talk “shoulds” until the cows come home. But does all this talking help us in any way? (not really)

Gone are the days when we have to sacrifice ourselves for everyone else. 

Guilt is not something we should experience on such a deep level when we choose to take care of ourselves. I know, however, that many of us do deal with this.  I, at least, know I feel this way from time to time.

It takes lots of persistence and loads of practice but I think we should all strive to get to a point where we are at the top of our priority list and we don’t feel an ounce of guilt about it.

(ok, maybe an ounce of guilt will creep in every now and then but for the most part, it needs to be kicked to the curb)

2) Allow All The Feelings

Feelings are not good or bad. Emotions are not right or wrong. 

It definitely can feel that way at times. 

But shoving our feelings down does not help us in any way. In the long run, it actually ends up hurting us. 

When we hold things in or bury any kind of pain or sadness, those things grow inside of us. And they keep growing until we do something about them.

Similar to a huge gas bubble. Despite all your best efforts in clenching, it has to come out at some point. 

I think journaling is a great way to start having deeper conversations with yourself. It’s a release that feels safe.

Grab a journal and start writing. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

You could start with a simple question. How am I feeling?

Writing also has a way of shaking things up and maybe unearthing some things that may have been hidden in the nooks and crannies. 

This makes it the perfect gateway to recognizing that you might need to explore other options to work through things…such as therapy. (which is what happened to me)

BTW: Thank goodness that the stigma surrounding therapy is being chipped away at slowly but surely. It is no longer a word that can only be spoken in whispers. 

3) Clear Your Plate

Life can be a lot. And we can have a lot going on.

Full plates can feel unavoidable. Overflowing plates may feel like our only option.

I am not here to downplay anyone or all the things they do on a daily basis. All the things I bet you do.

But here is something to think about. Would you want your loved ones to live this way? Would you want your kids to live this way?

Being overwhelmed should not be the driving force in anyone’s life. 

It is most likely not possible for you to clear your plate completely, jump on a plane to Aruba, and read books on the beach indefinitely. 

Thankfully, jetting off is not the only option we have. 

Revamp your to-do list. Remind yourself that not everything can be (or should be) on the same priority level.

Take a deeper look at your calendar. 

View your time as a valuable commodity. (because it is)

My husband has a demanding career and he is often working from an entirely overfilled plate. 

Here’s exactly what I tell him. There is no glory in “getting it all done” if doing so makes you consistently miserable. 

This also can relate to who you spend your time with. Take a look at the people in your life.

You are in the driver’s seat in your life. So you do have some control over who you open the passenger door for. 

This means you are 100% allowed to set boundaries. (and we should all set boundaries in all areas of our lives)

Boundaries are tricky. They can be overwhelming and massively uncomfortable. But they are truly necessary. 

This book is stellar. It literally covers everything about boundaries. 

I mean, the entire book is solely dedicated to all the ins and outs and in-betweens of boundaries and how we apply them to our lives.

4) Social Media

Social media is not going anywhere. And for most of us, it’s unrealistic to say we won’t partake in it. 

But I think there is a dark side to social media. I do think it can truly impact our lives in not-so-great ways. And even overtake our lives in some cases. 

When it comes to any platform, here is the best thing you can do.

Calm the noise. Follow fewer people. Ingest less information. (information overload is no fun)

If something causes you to feel bad or sad or jealous, then why go back for more? 

You don’t take a bite of food, say it is disgusting, and then dive in for more. That would be like a form of torture. 

You have a say in what you see and hear when scrolling. Think about that and then adjust accordingly if need be. 

5) Learn

Read a book. (check out my favorite personal growth books)

I also read this one a few weeks ago and it was packed with practical and super relatable life advice. And this one had been on my reading list for the longest time. It did not disappoint!

OK, you don’t technically have to read a book, but I highly suggest it. Mainly because it is my favorite method of learning. (proud bookworm over here)

But the possibilities are endless. 

Listen to a podcast or audiobook.

Check out YouTube. You really can learn almost anything on there.

Search for classes in your area. A seminar. A summit. Ever been to a conference? 

There are so many nuggets of wisdom out there. There is no shortage of valuable information out there waiting patiently to be seen. 

Along with learning, inspiration might tag along as well. That’s a twofer, right?!

**Also, if you want to take it a step further in the learning department, you should check out Coursera. It’s an online learning platform that offers thousands of different courses on basically anything. You can even earn certificates and degrees. 

6) Back To The Basics

Drink water. (this is my favorite tumbler…and while I’m sure it’s not scientifically proven, I am convinced it helps me drink more water every day)

Move your body in some way. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple walk in nature. Or a dance party in your living room to a Kidz Bop CD.  (kidding about the Kidz Bop..my 8-year-old has become obsessed and I’m just along for the ride)

Eat foods that make you feel good. 

Prioritize getting enough sleep. 

This stuff is not rocket science. Yet, these seemingly easy things tend to fall through the cracks. 

Some days I am walking around looking like a dehydrated zombie due to too much coffee and staying up and watching “one more” episode on Netflix. 

This will probably happen from time to time no matter what. (I am human after all)

But I try to think about how my actions and choices and habits align with my life and how I want to feel. 

It’s safe to say that “zombie” is not the look or feel I have in mind most days (unless it’s Halloween).

7) Declutter

I have to admit something. I love to throw things away. Well, I donate if I can of course.

But cleaning things out is my idea of a good time. You got a closet that’s overflowing. I’m your girl. 

I will come over with coffee and snacks and you better be ready for my decluttering and organizational skills to be on full display.

(want to start small… check out this post on organizing your closet)

Enough about me and my unhealthy obsession with this.

There is a point here, I promise. Just stay with me.

Less is more. 

Have you ever experienced buyer’s remorse? (if you haven’t then give us all your secrets ASAP)

Most of us have experienced our fair share of buyer’s remorse and it’s not the best feeling. 

This is not me saying that you shouldn’t get yourself a coffee and some new sandals when you run errands because you don’t need them. This is in no way about depriving yourself just for the sake of having less.

What this is about is being intentional. And not just having a bunch of things around you feel “meh” about.

You definitely deserve better than “meh.”

Cleaning things out is also the perfect mini reset or refresh your life might be in need of. 

Oh, one more thing to think about. 

Less physical stuff will create space. Space for more experiences. Space for you to learn and grow. 

And I have a hunch your life will be filled with more happiness and joy and fulfillment.

8) Think Small

Bigger is definitely not always better. 

When we think of creating a better life, our minds might want to go a little wild. The jump to unrealistic expectations is an easy one to make. 

Little changes add up. Minor tweaks in our habits or routines can make all the difference. 

Now, by little change, I do not mean you should go out and cut your bangs! Well, on second thought, go ahead and cut those babies if you feel called to do so. (they will always grow back)

Small steps lead to big changes. But you have to keep going with the small stuff.

Do you know what will help with this? Celebrating.

Celebrate the small stuff. Celebrate anything and everything!

You don’t have to wait for a “special occasion”.

9) Give Yourself a…

Pep Talk.

Pep talk the heck out of yourself. Do this every single day. 

Talk out loud to yourself. I do this all the time. And it has a way of taking my stress level down a couple of notches.

It’s like venting. (just so happens you’re the only one in the conversation)

Now, I know how nice it is to have a sounding board to talk to. We just don’t happen to always have access to these people. (how dare they have their own lives, right?)

The voice in your head may not always be the kindest kid on the block. Shush her up a little with your own voice. A much kinder, more understanding voice. 

Shoulders down. Take a deep breath. And talk.

10) Life…

Is not a race. 

No need to rush. We can often get stuck in this cycle of chasing the next thing. 

It can feel like we need to get to a certain spot before we can relax and enjoy our lives. This is complete rubbish. Poppycock. BS!

Don’t put happiness on hold. 

Once we get to whatever thing we are currently chasing, something else will inevitably pop up. And the same will happen once we reach that next thing. And so on and so on. 

There will always be something else. 

Give yourself permission to live for today. Appreciate today. 

The present is where your life is happening. Don’t miss it.

Change is slow. It can be painfully slow.

Improving anything takes time. 

Turtle vibes, for sure. 

But isn’t there something beautiful about slow and steady? 

Have any tips on ways to make your life better? Please share!

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10 Must-Read Ways To Make Your Life Better

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