What to Write in a Journal

What to Write in a Journal: 21 Ideas to Get You Inspired

what to write in a journal

Creative Things to Write in a Journal

You have a journal. Now what!

No use having a beautiful journey if it is empty. 

Have you ever been at a loss for words? I’m sure we have all dealt with this at some point.

You sit down ready to write and nothing comes out. Crickets!

These ideas are the answer to that problem. We all need a little inspiration from time to time. 

Take these ideas and run with them. Be open to where they take you! 

Here Are 21 Ideas for What to Write in a Journal

1) Recap of Your Day

This is pretty basic and straightforward. 

Write about your day. The highs and the lows. 

This is the time to write down those things that may not have seemed like that big of a deal. Write them down anyway.

2) Random Thoughts

Who doesn’t have random thoughts popping into their head? 

If you keep your journal at home, make sure you take a minute to put these random thoughts down somewhere. I use the notes section on my phone. Then later, you can put them in your journal and elaborate on them a little more. 

3) Goals

This might be my favorite thing to write about. 

Get your goals out of your head and onto some paper. 

When you can actually look at something, it makes it more real. It just feels good to get something out into the world. Even if you are the only one who knows about it. 

4) Frustrations

A good venting session is good for the soul.

This is a great way to decompress. Sort of like emptying your anger tank when it is getting pretty darn close to full. 

5) Ideas

Write those babies down before you forget. 

This does not mean every idea will be gold. Some you may even look back on and have no clue where you were going with it. 

But no harm in writing them down. 

6) Lists

I love a good list! LOVE! (Check out these lists you need to start making)

Books you want to read. Podcasts you want to listen to. Songs that make you feel good! Places you want to visit.

The possibilities are endless. 

7) Poems

Do you have a way with words? Use your journal as a place to hold all your poetry. 

8) Changes You Want to Make

These changes could refer to anything. Changes to yourself. Changes to your home. Anything you can think of. 

9) Quotes

Find some quotes that inspire you! Look at them whenever you need a little pick me up. 

You could even choose a day of the week that you always add a new quote that inspires and motivates you. 

10) Bad Words

This is your space. You want to write some not-so-friendly words down. Go right ahead. 

Heck, write the “F” word a hundred times. 

This might be a good option for those especially rough days. Use your journal as your punching bag. 

11) Moments You Don’t Want to Forget

My favorite journal entry ever is about my husband.

It is from when we were dating. It was just a random silly girl goo-goo la la lovey stuff. But there is one line that is my favorite.

I’m gonna marry him. 

And I did!

12) Jot Down Some Gratitude

This could be one small thing a day! 

Or maybe every Sunday you write down 10 things you are grateful for from the past week. Whatever you want, friend.

Just be on the lookout for things to be thankful for. 

13) Problem/Answer Brainstorming

I am sure every single one of us could think of a couple of issues we are experiencing right now. Small, big, or monumental. 

A journal can be the perfect place for a deep dive into an issue. The icing on the cake is you might come up with an actual solution. 

14) Conversation Preparation

Is there a talk you need to have with someone but it is causing a pit in your stomach? Not sure how to bring it up. 

Grab that journal and do some behind-the-scenes work. 

15) Prediction For the Future

This is just fun. Simple as that. 

It is exciting to picture the future. And it is just as exciting to look back and see if any of your predictions came true. Or if you were completely off base!

16) Something New You Want to Try

Want to try a new restaurant? A new workout class. Maybe a new morning routine. New style?

Write it down. 

17) Lines and Dots

There is no hidden meaning behind this. Just plain old lines and dots. Doodle your little heart out. 

18) Compliment Yourself

Say something nice about yourself.

We can become so focused on the negative things or issues we need to work on. Which is fine to a point. I love personal development. 

But make sure you are also recognizing the positive aspects of yourself!

19) Compliment Someone Else

Write down something good about another person. It could be someone you know or a complete stranger. 

Instead of comparing yourself to someone else or judging someone else, try complimenting. 

20) Random Acts of Kindness

Did you see a random act of kindness that touched your heart? 

Maybe you were the one showing that kindness.

21) Whatever the Flip You Want

Your journal is yours. What you put on those pages is all up to you. There are no right or wrong answers. 

If what you are putting on those pages is helping you in some way, then it gets two thumbs up!

I hope you got a heavy dose of inspiration from these ideas. 

Now, go grab that journal and fill up some space!

Share any ideas you have for what to write in a journal!

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What to Write in a Journal: 21 Ideas to Get You Inspired

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