White Elephant Gift Ideas

15 of The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

white elephant gift ideas

White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For

If I was writing a list of my favorite things, these white elephant gift ideas would definitely get added to that list. 

Most white elephant gifts are super silly and super impractical. The purpose of them is to make someone laugh. Basically, the entire concept of these gifts is just FUN!

On top of being loads of fun, there is one more thing I love about them. They take the pressure off of gift-giving.

Oh, and many of them are incredibly affordable. Easy on the wallet and sure to please. That’s a win-win! 

These gifts are perfect for family get-togethers, gift exchanges with friends, and even for your coworkers. 

This list of white elephant gift ideas has you covered!

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Here Are 15 of The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

1) Drink Markers


Do you know what is cuter than a llama? 

A tiny llama that sits on the rim of your glass! I could have used these the other day when a few of my gal pals and I were having mimosas. 

2) Funny Kitchen Towels


This is a funny gift that you can actually use. Double whammy!

And this oven mitt is a winner for someone who doesn’t mind a gift that has some not-so-nice language on it. 

3) Squatty Potty


Ok, this gift may bring about some laughs but it also doubles as a useful gift.

This bad boy is actually doctor-recommended!

4) Bicycle Pizza Cutter

I ordered this handy little gift for my husband!

This funny bowl is another great kitchen-inspired gift idea.


5) Toilet Coffee Mug


This one is a tiny bit nasty but still a winner. 

But hey, coffee out of this toilet mug is still coffee!

6) Funny Socks


Who doesn’t love tacos? 

Ok, there probably are a few people that are not taco obsessed. But lucky for them, these socks also come in versions that say beer, bacon, and coffee. 

7) Butt Magnets


Animal butts would be a great little addition to the front of any fridge. 

These also come in cat and dog options!

8) Eyeglasses Holder


I can think of someone who needs this quirky and awesome gift.

It’s me! I need this!

9) Screaming Goat


I got this for my goat-obsessed sister last year and my family still talks about it. 

10) Phone Stand


This monkey phone stand is useful and cute as heck! 

11) Ice Cube Tray


I don’t even use ice cube trays and I want this gift! 

12) Flower Pots


OMG! These are almost too cute for words!

13) Tape Dispenser


When it comes to things every desk needs, this has to be on the list! 

14) Coloring Book 


What can I say? Farting animals are funny!

15) Sloth Wall Calendar


Sloth overload!

Do you have any recommendations for the best white elephant gift ideas? Please share!

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15 of The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

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