About Me

Hi there! I’m Chelsey. Wife, mama and professional worrier. And now I can add blogger to that. WHOA!

I live in the good old Midwest with my hubby, Josh and daughter Brooklyn. Our sassy queen is 5 going on 15. Real talk, the thought of her teenage years is already stressing me out.

I adore being a wife and mama. But I started to feel like that was what my entire life consisted of. This blog was a way to have something that was just mine. A way to stop singing that darn baby shark some on repeat. Sorry if you’re singing it now!

I love to share. Or as my husband would say overshare! Sorry, not sorry. So, after meeting a fellow blogger and reading another self-help book I stopped making excuses and started writing.

My goal is to create a space for moms to connect, give and receive advice and support and of course share some laughs. Hopefully, those laughs that make you snort(or pee). You do you!

Parenting is not a science. There is no magic formula. But maybe we all have tidbits of information to make the journey just a little easier than Physics.

The same goes for life in general, ladies! I hope to help you become your best self and create your version of an ideal life. 

Grab a coffee(or wine), get comfortable and stay awhile!