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How To Be A More Patient Mom

How To Be A More Patient Mom

how to be a more patient mom

 Oh dang. It happened again.

You responded in a way that was anything but calm. In simpler terms, you lost it.

Your patience tank was running low. You were actually just running on fumes. And now you feel disappointed in yourself. Bring on the guilt.

Ever think about how to be a more patient mom? Is there even a need to ask that. I’m just going to assume the answer is yes.

Parenthood. Talk about being pushed to your limits daily.

How To Be A Present Parent

How To Be A Present Parent: 11 Tips to Start Today

how to be a present parent

Before I dive into all the ways to learn how to be a present parent, let’s start with a question. One that you may or may not have ever asked yourself.

Are you a present parent?

Do you know what I used to think?

Of course, I am a present parent. I am with my child all the dang time. 

How could I not be present? 

30 Daily Choices To Help You Become a Better Mom

30 Daily Choices To Help You Become a Better Mom

30 daily choices

Hey, mama.

Motherhood is hard! This is something we can all agree on. Can I get an amen!

It is stressful and amazing. It can drain you and fill you up at the same time. And it can definitely bring out the best and the worst in us.

We are all out here doing the dang thing. Giving it our best shot. And our best will look different every single day. Some days my best is cereal for dinner, putting on a movie and counting down the minutes until bedtime. 

When Parents Disagree on Parenting Choices

When Parents Disagree on Parenting Choices: 7 Things To Consider

when parents disagree

Do you and your partner ever disagree on parenting choices?

I may be going out on a limb here. But I am going to guess the answer is yes. 

My husband and I are not always on the same page when it comes to our daughter and the decisions we make regarding her. 

So what do we do? Well, let me be honest here. 

Bedtime Routine Tips

Bedtime Routine Tips: 7 Tips To Help Bedtime Go Smoothly

bedtime routine tips

Bedtime can be a beautiful time. Or it can be one of the most hectic times of the day.

Hopefully, these bedtime routine tips will take you a few steps away from hectic. 

When it comes to kids and sleep, the struggle is real. 

Now, we may not be able to make bedtime go off without a hitch every night. But I can guarantee we can make it a little less painful. 

How To Discipline Without Yelling

How To Discipline Without Yelling: 12 Effective Strategies

discipline without yelling

Ever have one of those days where you are just done? DONE!

Of course you have. We all have. 

The days where you are pretty dang sure you must be speaking a different language because there is not an ounce of listening going on. 

Discipline? How do I do that? The idea of how to discipline without yelling seems like an impossible task. 

Ways To Be Kind To Your Child

13 Ways To Be Kind To Your Child

ways to be kind your child

Think of all the things you do for your kids. I’ll give you a minute.

Hot dang, that list is long. Pat yourself on the back.

Now, I have a question for you.

Is one of those things showing kindness?

Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t. No judgment here.

I think a lot of days we go through the motions of taking care of everyone and everything. And things like kindness and patience take a backseat.

Positive Things To Say To Your Child

Positive Things To Say To Your Child

positive things to say to your kids

Do you want to say more positive things to your child? Of course!

We all do.

How do you talk to your kids?

I wish I could say I am always positive and encouraging. But that is not the case. I find myself behind quite the opposite actually.

Enter this list. These are things I am trying to say to my daughter on a daily basis.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to positive things to say to your child!

But these phrases are simple and effective. Powerful words that will make a difference!

Best Learning Tools For Preschoolers

Best Learning Tools for Preschoolers

 Best Learning Tools For Preschoolers

Looking for the best learning tools for preschoolers?

If you’re anything like me, you are always on the lookout for learning resources for your child. 

Is my child prepared for school? This is a thought that keeps me up at night. My husband has had to endure hours of listening to me stress about this. I am constantly asking mothers I know with older children in school to tell me all the DETAILS. Tell me exactly what I have to do to give my kid a jump start.

I know I worry way too much about this. But I can’t even count how many times I have been told by other mamas that kindergarten is the new first grade.