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Family Dinner Menu Ideas

Family Dinner Menu Ideas: 11 Super Simple Tried & True Favorites

family dinner menu ideas

Quick Dinner Ideas For Kids

Need some super simple family dinner menu ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

What’s for dinner? How many times have you heard this question? Maybe somewhere around 4,567,324 times! Accurate?

These family dinner menu ideas are here to save the day! I consider these my go-to meals! Quick, simple, and budget-friendly!

Meal planning is great. I love finding new recipes to try. Looking through cookbooks is one of my favorite things to do.

But sometimes we just need a recipe that requires no thinking. Something that can be thrown together in just a few minutes. No prep time. With these meals, the word recipe is even kind of a stretch!

How To Meal Plan

 How To Meal Plan: 7 Super Simple Ideas To Try

how to meal plan

Meal Planning Ideas

Looking to learn how to meal plan?

Always on the hunt for simple and helpful meal-planning ideas?

You’re in the right place.


How much do we stress about food? (so dang much)

What’s for dinner?

Knowing the answer to this question can take a lot of stress away.

How To Keep Your Home Clutter Free

How To Keep Your Home Clutter Free

how to keep your home clutter free

Clutter-Free Home Tips

This is all about how to keep your home clutter-free. And I don’t know about you but a clutter-free home is my jam. 

Clutter is my arch nemesis. OK… it might not be quite to the arch nemesis level but it definitely ranks high up on the list of things I could do without.

How To Organize Your Home

How To Organize Your Home

how to organize your home

How To Organize Your Home Room By Room

Always wondering how to organize your home?

Are you are in a constant cycle of cleaning things up. Really just moving things around. Trying to make things look as tidy as possible.

Do you ever think that an organized home is about as likely as winning the lottery? That was me.

Up until about a year ago.

My husband and I had decided to move. So, I was going to have to pack up everything in the house! To say I was overwhelmed and terrified is an understatement!

Amazon Kitchen Must-Haves

18 Amazingly Awesome Amazon Kitchen Must-Haves

amazon kitchen must haves

Amazon Unique Kitchen Products

We are about to embark on a journey through some really cool Amazon kitchen must-haves! 

Are you ready for this?!

If you are anything like me, then kitchen gadgets get you pretty pumped up. I’m also a sucker for appliances and anything having to do with organization. 

I also just really love to be in the kitchen. Mainly for eating but I slip some cooking and baking in there every now and then.

Maybe you and your kitchen are BFFs. Or maybe it’s your least favorite room (say it ain’t so). 

Things To Stop Buying To Save Money

9 Things To STOP Buying To Save Money

things to stop buying to save money

Things To Give Up To Save Money

Money. Money. More money. Let’s talk about money! More specifically…let’s talk about things to stop buying to save money. 

Saving money is a universal concept. We have all thought about ways to save money. 

And I know we all spend money. 

Spending money feels good. It’s true. You get a release of dopamine. 

How To Keep Your Home Clean

How To Keep Your Home Clean

how to keep your home clean

Secrets To Keeping a Clean House

Before we dive into some simple (and awesome) tips on how to keep your home clean, let me make one thing very clear.

This is not about having a spotless home every single day. That is just not realistic. 

And another important thing I want to mention is that the idea of a clean home is different for everyone.

Home Organization Ideas

9 Simple & Awesome Home Organization Ideas

home organization ideas

Insanely Helpful Home Organization Products

Ok, it is a new year! This is like a clean slate. One thing that I always think about at the beginning of the year is organization. Enter these home organization ideas that are too good not to check out!

These home organization products are seriously the best. SERIOUSLY! Whoa. All capital letters can give off a yelling vibe to me. Definitely not yelling but there is a heavy dose of excitement. 

Organization is exciting to me. My 25-year-old self might not recognize my 35-year-old self. But she just did not know the sheer joy that comes from an organized home. 

How To Beat The Winter Blues

How To Beat The Winter Blues 

how to beat the winter blues

How To Beat The Winter Blues This Year

I would not say I have mastered the art of how to beat the winter blues. But I have made a LOT of progress in the last few years.

Especially in the last year!

If you are feeling a little down in the dumps when winter rolls around, you are not alone. Winter just has a way of making me feel down in the dumps much more often than usual. 

I think winter gets to me so much because I miss some of the little things that come with warmer weather……..